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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 18th November 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright

Three members of Cemex Properties UK Ltd and Terence O'Rourke gave a presentation to the Full Council regarding site 1 proposal – the field near Crowell side of Chinnor. Since the last meeting a significant number of studies have been carried out regarding the proposed site. The site provides a number of positive points including new access points and keeping the development sensitive to the setting. A copy of the proposed plan is available in the minute file.

Technical background work has been looked into and includes improved cycle access and footpath access.

Road connections would be improved and a travel survey has been undertaken – the affect on the local transport would be seen as minimal. Environment Impact Assessment has been discussed and reports have been formed showing no protected species or trees to be removed – nothing of concern. Archaeology geo physics survey – results waiting. Thames Water has provided quotes for water connections.

A draft master plan was shown – 120 dwellings being a mix of 1-4 bedroom dwellings with strong landscape to include allotments, footpath links, play space and green spaces. A sports pavilion could be included.

Cllr Lloyd asked about parking spaces which would be included as per the guidance ratio.

The house types are currently all 2 storeys and some could be flats – bungalows for elderly could be considered.

Garden sizes on the draft plan have been very generous.

Cllr Wright asked about unallocated land which need maintaining – this site would be included in this for sorting the upkeep on the open spaces out. A Restricted Covenant or Transfer of land could be considered.

Allotment spaces were discussed and would be useful as more space is always required.

Cllr Marlow asked about parking allocations by the proposed sports pavilion, pitches and allotments. As there is room to accommodate more spaces this would be included.

Cllr Wright reiterated that the more parking spaces the better on all local plans due to local congestion.

Cllr Haywood thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Cllr Ambridge arrived at the meeting.


1.      Public Question time – Two members of the public were present.

Also present was Beryl Guiver and Tom Rice from SODC                       


2.      Apologies: Cllr Young, Cllr Bird

3.     Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:

Cllr Fowler: P13/S3299/HH – own property under discussion

Cllr Lloyd – RBL donation,   Cllr Williams – RBL donation


4.      Minutes of previous meeting:  

04-11-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Haywood.


5.      Planning led by Cllr Wright                                

Beryl Guiver gave a report on the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA):

This is set out in the National Planning Policy – in order to prepare this assessment all Oxford District Authorities need to be included. To be included the natural growth in population, migration and then this is combined with an assessment of jobs which are likely to be created in Oxfordshire. A fairly sizeable increase in jobs to be created is thought. This work is currently being undertaken. The results are expected early 2014. The time period for this is 4 years. The expectation on the figure of 159 houses is that it may increase. Once a housing figure is confirmed in early 2014 more information can be given.

The Council were very disappointed to hear the figure of 159 dwellings could increase.

Community Governance Review:  Inclusion of Crowell was discussed. SODC would make the final decision following a full consultation. The Clerk to contact SODC to put forward the proposal. Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Scarborough. All in favour.S106 considerations for future developments – to be discussed at the next meeting.Cllr Wright reported that SODC have confirmed that the relaxation of permitted development rights will commence for the next 3 years. CPC would not be consulted. SODC notify neighbours only.

An office building can also be changed to a dwelling without changing the external appearance.

An agricultural building can be changed to various different usages excluding dwellings – with size limits.

All details are on SODC web site.


5. The following planning applications were considered:

P13/S3299/HH Proposed two storey and single storey extension at 65 Oakley Road. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S3331/FUL Change of use of disused dairy building to residential and change of use of land to form garden at Drovers Farm, Henton. Recommendation: Objection: Inappropriate, over development.

P13/S3355/LB Installation of photo voltaic solar panels at Allnuts Farm, Henton.  Recommendation: Approval

P13/S3362/HH Erection of a front porch at 72 Beech Road. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S3424/HH Erection of a single storey rear extension at 9 Penley Close.  Recommendation: Approval

Courtesy copy of plans – applicant present to answer questions: Proposed machinery / vehicle store and workshop at Thatched Cottage, Wainhill. The main SODC application will be discussed when received. 


Planning Permissions granted by SODC:

P13/S2160/HH Proposed front porch and two dormer windows at 24 Elderdene

P13/S2162/LDP Certificate of lawful development for land at 24 Elderdene

P13/S2726 Part single and 2 storey rear extension, conversion of garage to a study at 5 Willow Road.

P13/S2788/HH Erection of single storey front extension to lounge at 11 Riders Way.

P13/S2807/FUL Amendment to approved scheme PO9/E0145, to plot 1 house type at land at former Chinnor Cement Works, Hill Road.


Planning Refusal noted

P13/S1404/FUL Demolition of existing building and erection of two-storey two-bedroom replacement dwelling and change of use of woodland to residential curtilage at The Old Tabernacle. Spriggs Alley, Chinnor Hill.


Report from Local Plan steering group:  a meeting was held on Monday afternoon with the Steering Group including Parish Councillors, Beryl Guiver and Tom Rice from SODC. All information is currently in question due to the SHMA. Constant contact will be made until early 2014 when more details will be available.             


6.      Environment led by Cllr Mantle             

1. Play area reports and checks – repairs have been completed and are looking really good.

2. Allotment meeting – Cllr Pickard, Williams and Higgs were present. Cllr Higgs reported that the fencing needs repairing and quotes to be obtained. The Clerk has since received an email from the allotment committee who feel the fencing is adequate following an inspection, and boundary clearance would be a large task and a waste of money – it would be preferred to spend the fencing budget on the driveway and doing minimal fencing repairs work.

Grant applications would need to be sought for the driveway repairs. Accounts would be requested.

It was felt the meeting was very useful and to have continued meetings to keep in contact.

From the fencing budget the loose fence wires could be repaired.

Currently there are 109 allotments and the Society pay £510 per annum for rent. In the lease the fence is the responsibility of the Council but the driveway the responsible of the allotments Society.

Cllr Scarborough and Cllr Higgs to site visit the area and discuss scalpings on the driveway from Station Road as a temporary measure.

3. Play area update re Old Kiln Lakes – grant may be awarded by Living Life Trust for £10,000.00 and a revised quote has been requested to include groundwork's and extra pieces of equipment.

4. Christmas tree / light installation update will be 27th November – switch on 1st December.

5. Have your say on the future of the Chilterns – council will not respond but individuals may do so.

6. Decision on bin outside fish and chip shop, Lower Road – not to be moved and to be monitored and emptied frequently. Vote 5 in favour of keeping it in its current location, 3 against, 2 abstained.                                            

7. Report from Parish Council surgery held 16-11-13: Cllr Wright, Williams, Bird, Mantle and Haywood present: Good turnout from Councillors present. Only 5 members of the public came along to meet the Councillors. Another surgery to be held in February / March.

8. Update on defibrillator for Chinnor – the Village Centre unit is now working and the access code can be obtained from the Ambulance Service. The box has been received for the unit at Whites Field.

Communication to get one at the Co-Op and Doctors surgery is still ongoing.


7.      Finance Report led by Cllr Pickard                    

The following bills for payment were approved:

Proposed by Cllr Ambridge, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

Oxfordshire Playbus – Grant donation                                                £    450.00

Sow n Sow – flower beds                                                                   £    290.00

Central Bedfordshire Council - plan inspection fee                               £    720.00

Post Office – CIR                                                                            £  1438.20

OCC Pension Fund                                                                          £  1564.03

Grundon Waste Management – bin empty                                         £      93.72

David Empringham Woodworking – Windmill                                      £  1476.00

Blanchfords – padlock, paintbrush etc                                               £    109.98

Complete Weed Control – weed killing                                              £    744.00

Fire Cover Ltd – WFCH inspection                                                     £    994.80

PCMS – Design Services                                                                  £24450.00

Chilterns Conservation Board – grant                                                £      50.00

Royal British Legion – poppy wreath                                                  £      50.00

Thames Water – office water                                                            £      27.75

SODC – Cert of Lawful Development – machinery store                        £      74.25

Bulk Payment – salaries                                                                  £  5319.26

BES Electrical – Office                                                                      £      43.82

BES Gas – Office                                                                             £    131.25

Thames Water – Playing Fields                                                         £    307.83

Thames Water – WFCH                                                                    £    118.94

Lloyds Bank Credit Card – bins, leaf blower, hedge cutter                     £    649.94

Arval Fuel – 14-10-13 to 24-10-13                                                    £      97.27

2. Cllr Haywood proposed to approve the budget update, seconded by Cllr Fowler

3. Cllr Pickard proposed to approve payments from Petty Cash & Imprest, seconded by Cllr Ambridge

4. Cllr Pickard proposed to approve bank reconciliation, seconded by Cllr Wright

5. Report from HR meeting – notes from the meeting in the minutes file.

It was agreed to implement the 1% salary increase to staff on the NJC payscales with effect from 01.04.13 proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Haywood. All in favour.

6. £125.00 donation and thank you letter from Chinnor flower show for ABH.



8.      Verbal Reports and Feedback                            

Cllr Fowler, Cllr Wright, Cllr Haywood and Cllr Pickard all attended the AGM for Jack and Jill Pre-school.

Remembrance Day was well attended and the community service was attended by over 2000 residents.

Cllr Haywood attended the Community Bank opening in Thame at the Town Hall.



9.      Meeting dates and items for agenda                   

1. Community Project meeting – 19th November 7pm

2. Budget meeting – 25th November 7pm

3. Full Council meeting 2nd December 2013 – 7.00pm start:

      Chinnor Says No More will give a presentation at 7pm.




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