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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 21st October 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Higgs, Lloyd, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright and Young 

David Joseph and Paul Doyle, Bloor homes distributed their plan for suggested Highway improvements at the junction of Mill Lane, Thame Road and would appreciate feedback within the next fortnight.

They went on to report their progress with work on site Shlaa site 8. Ecology – it was reported that a lot of work has now been completed. Drainage – better understanding of the chalk situation and will be putting a scheme into place when submitting a planning application. Thames Water has confirmed they have room at the treatment works for foul works but it would seem more work is needed in getting foul sewage to the plant. Looking at 75/76 houses a mixture of 2,3, & 4 bedroom. Cllr Higgs arrived at the meeting

Bloor homes were thanked for attending and giving an update to Council on their proposed development.


Public Question time – 15 minutes  

Cllr Wilmshurst informed the council that £74m + £60m savings need to be made. Public meetings are being held and Cllr Wilmshurst expressed his disappointment that none of these are taking place in the South of the area.    

Library meeting is taking place 30th October 7pm at the Library regarding the future and the need to form Friends of the Library group.

Yellow Lines – it was confirmed these will be in place by the end of November

Station Road works – hopefully this will be commenced in January

A34 will be closed at times for major road works at Breadon

Vegetation – Cllr Wilmshurst was asked to look into the issue of cutting back overgrowth.


Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Robin William - RBL & Village Hall

Minutes of previous meeting: 07-10-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Wright


Planning led by Cllr Wright                                   

planning applications were considered:

P13/S3006/FUL Variation of conditions 2 and 4 on planning permission P95/N0493 at The Old Bakery, 18 Thame Road. Approval recommended.

P13/S3080/FUL Demolition of existing two dwellings and erection of two new dwellings at 43&45 Oakley Lane. Approval recommended.

P13/S3082/HH Proposed alterations and erection of first floor extensions. (Amendment to permission P12/S2317) at Drifts, Chinnor Hill. Approval recommended.

P13/S3110/HH Proposed single storey rear extension and partial garage conversion at 18 Middle Way.  Approval recommended.

P13/S3130/HH Single storey front extension at 14 Riders Way. Approval recommended


To note Planning Decisions:

P13/S2445/HH Removal of existing wall and replace with a close board fence with a gate (retrospective) at 12 Oakley Lane.

P13/S2467/HH Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of new single storey rear extension at 18 High Street.

P13/S2577/HH Erection of a single storey rear extension at Bumble Cottage, Henton.      


3. Report from Local Plan steering group was approved and will be forwarded to SODC Planning. This will be filed in the Minutes file.

4. Report from S106 meeting was approved and will be put to SODC officer           


Environment led by Cllr Scarborough                  

1. Play area reports and checks – Cllr Fowler had submitted a report and some further actions would be necessary.

2. Allotment AGM – Cllr Higgs reported that the committee were quite aggressive and angry because the fencing had not been completed. It was explained the work had not been done due to the perimeter not being cleared. There are currently 2 vacant plots and only 1 person on the waiting list. The committee is pushing for plot owners to take responsibility for their plot and be asked to leave if they do not improve on notice. Cllrs. Scarborough, Pickard, William and Higgs to attend a meeting with the allotment chairman.

3. Play area design and quote for Old Kiln Lakes discussed. A meeting with Steve Eyre to be arranged. It was reported that the tarmac drive is now in place. TW to be asked how much it would cost to finish the access and lay the car park surface.

4. Cllr Fowler sent a report stating that a quote for car park markings has been requested

5. Communications working group – actions to be agreed. Comment boxes were not agreed. Newsletter was agreed.

SODC to be asked if the Fish & Chip Shop bin can have a sticker to state no dog Excrement. Clerk reported that this bin is being emptied everyday Monday – Friday.

6. Christmas tree recycling – SODC has once again agreed to offer this service. Posters will be provided and the area will once again be Whites Field.

7. TVP Mid Year Performance report – as emailed was noted

8. Notice of meeting re Chinnor Library 30th October 7pm -  noted


Finance Report led by Cllr Pickard              

To consider all bills for payment

BES  Electricity PC Office 15/9 - 15/10 40.96

RIBA Enterprises Approved Doc M booklet 18.00

Staff October Salaries 5366.66

Fire Cover Ltd Extinquisher Tests /Replacement 378.00

Grundon Waste Wheelers 76.85

Community Heartbeat Defib Cabinet 775.00

Grundon 3rd Party Funding 410.55

Church Hall Room Hire Re: Defib Training 16.50

Music & Sounds PA Hire Re: Remembrance Parade 125.00

Lawrence Landscapes Burial Ground Maintenance Sept 230.40

SLCC (Oxon Branch) P Haywood - conference Fee 15.00

Tiddlypeeps Parish Grant 91.10

1st Chinnor Scouts Parish Grant 400.00

OCC Pension Fund October Contributions 1564.03

Post Office Tax & NI Contributions 1465.63

E Folley Expenses 124.20

M Richardson WF Refurbishment 4753.00

It was noted that it may be more cost effective to replace the extinguishers on an annual basis rather than use the current company. A fire officer may be able to advice.

Bills were approved for payment


2. The budget update was approved

3. Petty Cash payments were approved

4. The bank reconciliation was approved

5. Whites Field community hall refurb update. Following approval of point 5.4 It was agreed to go ahead with the new kitchen.

6. Windmill Funding – Cllr Ambridge reported that he had a meeting with the windmill volunteers. A quote has been received for the sales £ 9140 complete or £7880 with the paintwork to be completed by the volunteer team. The lead time for making the sales is 6 months due to the seasoning of the wood. At this stage the timber would cost £1800 and Cllr Ambridge recommended that this process be started. Approved.

7. The quote for a new blower and hedge cutter at the cost of £496 was approved for purchase    



Verbal Reports and Feedback                                

Councillors outside meetings report: COBRA meeting – it was reported that the Fire Officer congratulated Cllr Mantle on her work with the disaster plan. A few updates will be made to the plan and it will be available on the website.                                               

Village Hall Robin is keen to advance the refurbishment plan. SODC have said that they qualify for the CIF grant. An architect has now been consulted and the accounts will be audited at the beginning of November.

RBL remembrance parade 10th November. Street Marshalls have been secured. Parade will leave Thame Road at 10.30am. Councillors reminded that they are summonsed to attend. Apologies from Cllr. Scarborough noted.

Chinnor Buzz Quiz – Lynn confirmed that enough money has been raised to purchase a defib and asked that the PC raise an order asap. The group will also try and find a volunteer to do the electrical installation.

Cllr Lloyd reported that the planning application on the new property at Henton has not yet concluded and it is likely that an amendment will be submitted.

CPFMC – a question was raised regarding the business plan on new project.

Question was raised as to whether they can put a byelaw in place to stop people letting dogs off their leads.

Request for a bin by the stands.

The committee believe the stands can be moved in front of the car park hedge.

Request for boundary details of patio.

Cllr Pickard has attended the Chilterns conference and will email the report to all council       


General Purposes                                         

Letter from Communities and Local Government noted                                                                      


Clerks Report

1.      The clerk reported a problem with overgrown trees at Rannal Drive/Riders Way.


Meeting dates and items for agenda                       

Full Council meeting 4th November 2013 – 7.30pm start Allotment request for meeting – Cllrs Scarborough, Pickard, Higgs and Williams keen to attend.





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