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Minutes of the FULL Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 22nd April 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Bird, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright and Young.

Public Question time – Three members of the public were present.

Apologies: None                                                        

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:           

Cllr Haywood – Cheques for payment – St Andrews Church refund

Cllr Fowler – Petty Cash payment for fuel.


Minutes of previous meeting                                   

08-04-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Haywood

Proposed by Cllr Fowler and seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.


Thames Valley Police Report                                  

To review PCSO activity report – attached in the minute file.


Planning – led by Cllr Wright                     

1.      To consider planning applications:

P13/S0388/HH  Amended DetailsRemoval of existing roof. Erection of first floor extension plus additional rooms in the roof, single storey rear extension, replacement windows/doors, render and cedar cladding to existing external walls at Whitebeam in Henton. Letters from neighbours were taken into consideration. The property owners were present at the meeting and addressed the committee and answered Councillors questions. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S0920/HH Enclosed link between house / garage at Hill Foot Cottage, 2 Chinnor Hill. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S0837/HH Demolition of outbuildings. Proposed extensions and alterations, erection of garages, store, loose boxes and home office at New Close Farm, Manor Road. Recommendation: Approval

2.      Planning Permissions were noted: P13/S0162/HH Application and Amended Details Erection of a two storey side extension and single storey front extension at 13 Foresters

3.  Housing Distribution Meeting – 24th April – Cllr Wright and Pickard to attend.

4.  Community Led Planning Group – an update was given by The Clerk regarding the closure of the group. Thanks to all the committee involved.  


Environment – led by Cllr Scarborough   

1. Play area reports– we now have 3 quotes for new play areas in Old Kiln Lakes.

2. Skate Ramp relocation – relocation to Hill Road Rec to begin on 1st July. The Clerk to chase OCC Highways to ensure all signage in place before this date.  It was agreed to ask the youths to design some posters for the road to slow cars down. OCC advice to be given before these are connected. Works have begun on the barrier and steps.

3. Christmas Lights 2013 – the contract ended in 2012. Cllr Marlow and Haywood to meet to discuss and arrange appointments with contractors.

4. Update on Henton drainage concerns – The Clerk reported that meetings have been held regarding damage to the village green which will be restored by Thames Water soon. Now the water levels have subsided the tankers should reduce by number now. Flooding issues were addressed and reported. More meetings to be planned to discuss a way forward to ensure this does not happen again.

5. Update on tree issue in Estover Way following site visit – Cllr Lloyd reported on the meeting which was regarding the land ownership issue which the tree stands on. Highways have agreed to pay for the pruning of the tree over the Highways. Complete Tree Services have surveyed the tree and it does not need to be felled – it is a Sycamore tree. The resident to investigate the land ownership.

6. Request for litter bin at Crown flower bed – Cllr Haywood proposed, seconded by Cllr Mantle. The bin we already own to be located in the area to save purchasing a new bin.

7. Fish and Chip van have requested, from SODC, a Thursday and a Monday night. Some of the Council expressed concern for the local businesses with an increase in hours.                         


Finance Report – to be led by Cllr Ambridge       

All  bills for payment were considered.

Proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Lloyd.

British Gas Business – Gas at WF 31-12-12 to 21-3-13               £  746.99

Blanchfords – equipment (paint, timber, scalpings)                     £    35.68

RBS – End of year visit                                                                £  591.42

St Andrews Church – refund                                                       £  462.00

Grundon – Waste wheelers empty 7-3-13 to 28-3-13                  £    71.48

Door Security Systems – Music system at youth shelter repair    £  162.00

Inject Media – web site                                                                £3636.00

Post Office Ltd – CIR                                                                  £1456.25

OCC Pension Fund                                                                       £1564.03

Bulk Payment – salaries incl youth leader                                    £5331.71

BES – electric for office 15-3-13 to 15-4-13                                £    40.83                    

2. Cllr Wright proposed to approve the budget update. Seconded by Cllr Pickard.

3. Cllr Scarborough proposed to approve payments from Petty Cash. Seconded by Cllr Higgs

4. Cllr Pickard proposed to approve the bank reconciliation. Seconded by Cllr Williams.   


Verbal Reports and Feedback                                

Councillors outside meetings report –

Windmill report from Cllr Ambridge was noted. It was confirmed by Cllr Ambridge that the land and windmill is owned by the parish Council. The Clerk looking into insurance. To be investigated and added as an agenda item following this meeting. Open day is 12th May – everyone welcome.

Cllr Mantle reported on a meeting with South Central Ambulance Service regarding public access defribulator. One to be installed at the Village Centre – two other locations to be sought if enough funds can be raised. Once installed free training will be given by the ambulance service so they are able to use the equipment. An initial meeting to be arranged. Cllr Mantle explained how the process will work. A donation towards the project to be discussed at the next meeting.

Cllr Young attended the CPFMC meeting and the Clerks letter to the Chairman was discussed regarding Trustee issues. The Trustees will remain as at present.


General Purposes                                         

1. Community Pool Opening – 6th May – Cllr Fowler invited everyone to attend.  


Clerks Report                                                           

Extension of license until 1am for Village Centre picnic ball – marquee event. Noted.

The Temporary event notice to be applied for by Cllr Young.

Youth Club – ready to advertise for extra member of staff. Noted.The Village Centre are looking to extend the building – the applicant was discussed.


Items for next agenda                                              

1.      Next meeting date 13th May 2013  - Annual Parish Council meeting

2.      Next meeting date 20th May 2013

Defrib donation, Windmill




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