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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on Monday 1st July 2019

PRESENT: Cllrs Ashdown, Edwards, Flint, Gray, Minter, Oliver, Ridgley, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright, Williams and Young

Staff: Jo Wills

Also attended: D/Cllr Lloyd


Apologies for absence: Cllr Archer, C/Cllr Matelot

Declarations of Interest: None

Public Question Time: No public were present.


Committee Vacancies:

Planning Committee – 1 vacancy –Nominations: Cllr Ridgley was proposed by Cllr Flint and seconded by Cllr Rowton-Lee. All in favour.

Finance and General Purposes – 1 vacancy - Nominations: Cllr Archer and Cllr Gray

Vote by show of hands: Cllr Archer = 1 vote, Cllr Gray = 10 votes, 1 abstained.

Cllr Flint proposed Cllr Gray following the vote result, seconded by Cllr Edwards

10 in favour, 2 abstained.


District and County Councillors' Reports:

OCC and SODC monthly reports are in the minutes file.

Minutes of the last meeting Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 3rd June 2019 were proposed by Cllr Flint and seconded by Cllr Standage. All in favour.


Minutes of Committees Minutes of the committee meetings were approved:

Finance and General Purposes Committee held on 10th June 2019 signed by Cllr Flint

Planning Committee held on 17th June 2019 signed by Cllr Wright

Environment Committee dated 24th June 2019 signed by Cllr Ashdown


Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

Climate Working Group – initial meeting is 29th July – 7.30pm in the Council Chamber – all invited to attend. This meeting is the initial meeting and terms of reference, budget requirements etc will all be discussed at this meeting.

WFCH – kitchen being painted this week in washable paint.

Reminder – Didcot training on 6th July - Daryl, Debra, Dave, Sue, Sharon

Skate park – locations were again discussed. The focus of preliminary investigations will proceed with the land at Old Kiln Lakes – a date not yet arranged for the skate park company to visit site. Once this initial visit is concluded CPC will look at results of location findings and discuss again.

HR meeting scheduled for 29th July has been cancelled.


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