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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 1st August 2016

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Searl, Williams and Young.

1. Apologies: Cllr Wright, Watson, Minter, Bird, and Rowton-Lee. Asst. Clerk Jo Wills
Absent without Apologies: Cllr Atkins
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None
3. Public Question time: 3 members of the public were present.
Michael Tompkins presented his planning application for 20 Thame Road
William Shea presented his concerns regarding the proposed development at 20 Thame Road

4. Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed:
18.07.16 Full Council approved and signed
11.07.16 HR meeting it was agreed to defer this item until the end of the meeting when the public and clerk would be asked to leave.

5. SODC and OCC to answer questions on written reports submitted. Overgrowth on the B4445 footpath was raised and Cllr Wilmshurst will put pressure on for immediate work. Cllr White explained that the decision regarding the application at Mill Lane has been deferred for 1 month to allow for the SODC committee to attend a site visit the next Planning Committee will meet on 10th August. SODC Cllrs have attended a visit at RAF Benson. The importance of responding to the Preferred Option/Local Plan consultation was raised. 5 council projects has commenced today with SODC and Vale with the potential for saving money and to preserve services for the residents. SODC capital grant window opening for 50% match funding. Cllr Haywood requested for localised planning training for the Parish Councillors.

6. Planning Section: it was proposed that Cllr Haywood chair this section
1. Planning applications to be considered:
P16/S2355/HH Rebuilding of garage roof with formation of home office and external access stair at 47 Mill Lane. Recommendation: Approval
P16/S2376/FUL proposed demolition of existing building and the erection of 7 x 3 bed dwellings with associated parking and amenity space at 20 Thame Road. Recommendation: Refusal Over Development - Density too great and too near the boundary Un- Neighbourly –Roof line too high/loss of light Concerns raised with regard to parking in what will be an enclosed space. Concerns with regard to Access onto B444. .Bin collection point will need to house up to 21 bins on recycling day. If minded to approve this application PC would like consideration towards traffic calming and to see a condition placed on the Car Ports in order that they do not get enclosed at a future date.
P16/S2356/LDE certificate of lawful development for: Use class B2 at Crowell Hill Farm, Crowell Hill. Recommendation: No Strong Views

2. Planning Permission granted by SODC were noted
P16/S1158/HH erection of garden store at 9 Church Lane
P16/S1651/HH amendment to previous planning application P15/S2356/HH – two storey and single storey front and rear extension to enlarge the first floor extension at front at Batir Cottage, Lower Road
P16/S1687/FUL replacement and enlargement of agricultural barn at Pond Farm Sprigs Holly
P16/S1959/HH single storey rear garden room and conversion of garage with pitched tiled roof. Additional dropped kerb at 1 Doveleat.

3. Planning and Highways Matters
3.1 P16/S2450/PDH For info only. Erection of conservatory at 16 Rannal Drive: noted
3.2 Consideration to be given with regard to ownership and maintenance of the public open space at proposed Taylor Wimpey Development – P14/S0953/O info emailed 27.7.16. Proposed that the planning working group (8.8.16) look at this in detail and report back to council.
3.3 Report from Cllr Rowton-Lee following his visit to land behind Greenwood Avenue. Quote received from District Valuer for £2500Deferred for meeting 15.8.16
3.4 Agreement to name development of 71-77 Lower Icknield Way - Walnut Tree Close agreed.
3.5 It was noted that two way Temporary Traffic Lights will be in place between 8th August and 4th September on the B4445, Thame Road near the Bellway Development

7. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Searl
7.1 The bills for payment were approved for payment:
SODC Dog Bin Emptying April – June 226.04
R Pickard WF Cleaning – July 55.00
AMF Electrical Projector Installation 40.00
Layton Timber Oak for Windmill 510.00
Farol Ltd Ransommes Tyre Repair 31.20
Allstar Fuel Fuel 19/7 – 26/7 156.86
Allstar Fuel Fuel 4/11 – 11/7 170.84
Tesco Mobile Phone 7.50
PWLB Loan Repayment ( Village Hall) 5834.33
Proposed by Cllr Williams seconded by Cllr Haywood
7.2 To approve Draft lease for Chinnor PC and CCP (Community Pavilion) info emailed 18.7.16 Amendments to be put to solicitor and CCP to approve at their meeting on 10th August.
7.3 Quote from Complete Tree Services was considered and it was agreed that the level 2&3 survey for Trees at Henton should be undertaken at the cost of £145- all in favour
7.4 Quote for £995 was approved for necessary Tree Work at Estover Way to include the felling and grind stumping of the sycamore
7.5 OKL – update on groundwork and topsoil. It was agreed that PC accept the topsoil from Taylor Wimpey- all in favour. Meeting to be set up with White Horse to confirm arrangements

8. Environment Meeting be led by Cllr Higgs
8.1 Cllr Minter to report on update of Chinnor Guide 2016 – front cover, amendments – it was agreed to use a full picture of the church, reduce the train and increase the view of Chinnor
8.2 Training Opportunities – request to attend OALC courses to be considered
8.3 South Central Ambulance to provide CPR training 12th September CCP staff to be invited to attend along with councillors.

9. Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:
9.1 Overgrowth of vegetation on Footpath alongside the B4445 Chinnor – Emmington. OCC has said that there is no money for this work to be done.
9.2 OALC Newsletter has been circulated

10. Meeting dates for your diary:
8th August Planning Working Group Council Chamber – 7.30pm
15th August Full Council Meeting Council Chamber – 7.30pm
5th September Full Council Meeting Council Chamber – 7.30pm



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