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PRESENT: Cllrs Archer, Ashdown, Edwards, Flint, Gray, Minter, Oliver, Ridgley, Standage, Wright, Williams. Staff: Jo Wills, Liz Folley

Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 2nd December 2019


Apologies for absence: D/Cllr Lloyd, C/Cllr Matelot, Cllr Young

Absent without apologies: Cllr Rowton-Lee


Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: 1 member of the public was present.

Youth engagement event at Mill Lane School was reported. The year 6 students were very keen to learn about Parish Council and the role they serve.


County Councillor and District Council Reports

Report from County Councillor Jeanette Matelot – in the minute's file.


Minutes of the last meeting: Cllr Flint proposed to accept the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 4th November 2019. Seconded by Cllr Ashdown. Signed by Cllr Williams.


Minutes of Committees: The following minutes were noted:

a) Finance and General Purposes Committee held on 11th November 2019

b) Planning Committee held on 18th November 2019

c) Environment Committee (Amenities) held on 28th October 2019


Working group reports

8.1 Working group of Greening Policy – Cllr Oliver reported on a productive and successful meeting. Also it was reported that 50 trees have now planted on Hill Road Recreation area.

8.2 Working group of Assets Group – Cllr Flint reported on the recent working group meeting and progress with the Condition Surveys to date. Cllr Archer requested another copy of the Asset list.

8.3 Youth Engagement – Cllr Standage reported on recent engagement with Mill Lane School and proposed that this group works closely with School Councils and community groups but does not progress any further at this time with a separate youth council. All agreed.


Budget and Precept for 2020-2021

Part funding agreement for PCSO was fully discussed. Cllr Ashdown proposed to continue funding, seconded by Cllr Flint. Vote – 2 for proposal, 9 against.

This means the contract for part funding of PCSO will be cancelled in line with contract conditions.

Budget 2020-2021 was fully discussed. Cllr Flint proposed to accept the budget, seconded by Cllr Wright. Vote – 9 for proposal, 1 abstained and Cllr Archer voted against the proposal stating his reason as insufficient time to fully evaluate.

Precept 2020-2021 was discussed. Cllr Flint proposed to accept the Precept at a figure of £321,488.00 meaning a Band D property would pay £121.70. Seconded by Cllr Wright. Vote – 10 in favour and Cllr Archer voted against the proposal.


Outside Reports

9.1 Jack and Jill pre-school AGM attended by Cllr Standage – in minutes' file.

9.2 Library coffee morning welcoming new residents attended by Cllr Williams

9.3 OCC Transport meeting attended by Cllr Archer – in minutes' file.


Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

11.1 Allotment requirements were reported by the Clerk. Cllr Flint proposed to begin the legal process of a 25-year lease with conditions and also commence the land registry process. Seconded by Cllr Ashdown. Vote – 9 in favour and 2 abstained.

11.2 St Andrews Play area – meeting arranged with SOHA on 16th December at 10am to discuss lease between CPC and SOHA – Cllr Ashdown and Williams to attend.

11.3 The Clerk confirmed the Christmas opening and procedures.

11.4 High Sheriff Awards for the year 2019-2020 – the nomination was agreed.

11.5 Tennis Club S106 money – it was agreed that the clerk should sign the SODC papers for release of all the available funding for the tennis club refurbishment project.

11.6 PCSO Have your Say on 7th December at 10am in the Village Centre.

11.7 Neighbourhood Plan Review consultation ends 4th December.

11.8 Thames Water meeting – 3rd December – reminder for anyone wishing to attend.


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