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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright, Young

STAFF: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

Also present: D/Cllr Lynn Lloyd


Minutes of the meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 4th March 2019


Apologies for absence: Cllr Williams, Cllr Minter

Absent without apologies: Cllr Ridgley


Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: 2 members of the public were present

The request for electric charging points for vehicles was noted. This to be added to the next Finance agenda for full discussion.

An invitation to attend Climate Energy on 19th March in the Pavilion.


District and County Councillors' Reports

Report from SODC is in the report file.

Report from OCC is in the report file.

D/Cllr Lloyd reported that the SODC Local Plan should be at referendum by the end of the year – exact timescales to be detailed soon.


Minutes of the last Full Council meeting:

Cllr Rowton-Lee proposed to approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 4th February 2019. Seconded by Cllr Flint. Signed by Cllr Wright.


Minutes of Committees were approved as a correct record:

a) Finance and General Purposes held on 11th February 2019 signed by Cllr Flint

b) Planning held on 18th February 2019 signed by Cllr Haywood

c) NHP Review – minutes 11 – 4th February 2019 signed by Cllr Ashdown


CPC Elections – May 2019

7.1 Nomination papers now available. Delivery to SODC between 26th March / 3rd April 2019.

7.2 Meet your Councillors sessions arranged – to confirm attendance:

Saturday 2nd March – Village Centre – successful event with many residents.

Sunday 10th March – 2pm – Community Pavilion

Friday 22nd March – 11am - White's Windmill Café


August Marquee events

8.1 Applications closed – all applications submitted were successful and will be contacted.

8.2 Cllr Standage to apply for TENS license

8.3 Security – Cllr Higgs to contact last year's security to gage interest for another year.


Christmas – festive lighting 2019

9.1 Quote from Lamps and Tubes for a 3 year hire contract was proposed by Cllr Higgs and seconded by Cllr Flint. All in favour.


Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

10.1 Cemetery Development Services –The Clerk to arrange a meeting to discuss.

10.2 Cllr Standage reported on a successful Youth Council meeting – possibility of organising a launch event in the marquee – the age range to be for secondary school children.

10.3 Skate Park – Following recent damage it was sadly agreed to now remove the current skate ramp which is located in Hill Road Recreation area. Photos of half pipe to be taken prior to demolition to record damage and state of equipment. This was a very hard decision to make but sue to safety reasons is the only viable option.

Cllr Haywood proposed that CPC actively seek a new site for a new skate ramp and funding for the equipment. Seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour.

10.4 CPC asset development plan – Cllr Flint reported on the current plan. To be added to the next Finance agenda for progression of each section.

10.5 Parks Pocket Plus has awarded CPC a grant of £25,500.00 for the refurbishment of Conigre play area safety surface – rubber mulch is being considered and contact with the contractor will be made soon to secure the pricing ready for order.

10.6 Annual Report booklets are now complete for the Assembly on 2nd April.

10.7 The tennis club refurb begins on 11th March – partial closure of Pavilion car park for equipment and materials.


Chairman _______________________________________________ Dated __________________

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