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PRESENT: Cllrs Archer, Ashdown, Edwards, Flint, Gray, Oliver, Ridgley, Standage, Wright, Williams and Young. Staff: Jo Wills, Liz Folley
Also attended: C/Cllr Matelot, D/Cllr Lloyd

Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held via Zoom on Monday 4th May 2020

Opening Welcome from Cllr Williams
I would like to record, on behalf of the council, our sincere thanks to all the magnificent residents of our great village who have responded to the Corona crisis. NHS workers, Carers, GNS, Street Friends and other individuals who provide resident and neighbour support. To all our Councillors Parish, District and County not forgetting the local shops and deliverers who have responded so well. Particular thanks must go to our Parish Clerks, Liz and Jo, who throughout this crisis have been formidable. Also my thanks to Lee for his huge efforts keeping our village clean and tidy and all the grass cut and neat. Great respect should be paid to Fiona Mantle who instigated our Emergency Plan, which has proven to be an excellent tool and has been the base for our community support. Thank you.
Last but not least thanks to Liz for setting up the virtual meetings – hopefully we will be able to get around the table once more in the not too distant future.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Minter
2. Declarations of Interest: None
3. Public Question Time: No public were present

4. County Councillor and District Council Reports
Report from District Councillor Lynn Lloyd and Ian White in minutes file
Report from County Councillor Jeanette Matelot in minutes file
C/Cllr Matelot advised on Covid-19 testing centres and procedures for testing.
Waste Recycling centres were discussed – opening dates are being discussed.
Priority fund – money has been given to Sharing Life Trust for the food bank and Red Kite to assist with rent and wages.

C/Cllr Matelot left the meeting.

5. Minutes of the last meeting:
Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 2nd March 2020 were proposed by Cllr Flint, seconded by Cllr Young. All in favour.
To note: The Scheduled meeting for 23rd March 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19 and Lockdown being announced.

6. Minutes of Committees: The following minutes were noted.
a) Planning Committee held on 20th April 2020 - Zoom
b) Finance and General Purposes Committee held on 21st April 2020 - Zoom
c) Amenities Committee held on 27th April 2020 - Zoom

Cllr Ridgley left the meeting.

7. Administration
7.1 With regard to The Local Authority (coronavirus) (flexibility of LA Meetings) (England) Regulations 2020. There is no requirement for the Parish Council to hold an annual meeting. It is therefore proposed that the appointment of Council Chairman, Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman and the committees remain in place until an annual meeting is convened.
Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Young. All in favour.
7.2 One member of Maintenance team is on furlough leave. Noted.

8. Policies – to be approved
8.1 Safeguard and Child Protection Policy – amendments required – to be reviewed again at a later date following Cllr Standage advising of changes needed.
8.2 Virtual Meeting Policy – proposed by Cllr Flint, seconded by Cllr Gray. All in favour.
8.3 Virtual Meeting Procedures – proposed by Cllr Flint, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.

9. Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.
9.1 Covid-19 and Parish response to crisis – update was given from The Clerk:
OCC and SODC are supporting the community well.
CPC are working closely with the Good Neighbour Scheme and referrals from SODC.
The Food Bank donation area is now the Village Centre – donations are going well.
Lloyds Pharmacy have gone back to original hours.
The systems in place and working well.

Chairman __________________________________________ Dated ______________________

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