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Minutes of the meeting of Chinnor Parish Council held on 5th February 2018 at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber, Community Pavilion

Present:Cllr's Ashdown, Bird, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Ridgley, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Watson, Williams (chairman), Wright and Young.

C/Cllr Matelot

Officers: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

Apologies for absence: Received from Cllr Wright and D/Cllrs Lloyd and White


Declarations of Interest – None


Public Question Time – There were no members of the public present


District and County Councillor Reports written reports were circulated via email prior to the meeting.

Cllr Matelot spoke about the OCC budget 2018/19 and stated that each cllr will have 15k to spend on local highways and community projects

Cllr Matelot stated that her 5k allowance for 2017/18 has been allocated to the Red Kite Centre and the PC for the speedwatch equipment.

Cllr Matelot will obtain costs for Highways maintenance that can be considered from the grant allocation

Cllr Matelot will be attending a meeting on 6th Feb with OCC highways officers Tracy Morton and Mark Francis.

Minutes of the last meeting – the minutes of the Council meeting held on 8th January 2018 were approved as a correct record and signed by the chairman.


Minutes of Committees

Finance and General Purposes – 15th January 2018 approved as a correct record and signed by Cllr Flint

Planning – 22nd January 2018 approved as a correct record and signed by Cllr Rowton-Lee

Environment – 29th January 2018 approved as a correct record and signed by Cllr Ashdown


Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present

PCSO Report - Clerk to check contract end details.

Clerks & Councillors Direct Newsletter - noted

Damage to MUGA & Half Pipe Skate ramp – reported that request for replacement fencing panel for the MUGA has been requested. No action required for the Half pipe

Community Pavilion to submit planning application for additional floodlights to existing columns - noted

Neighbourhood Plan – amendment to commence and meeting to be confirmed.

Windmill – Asset Management group to attend site meeting 18th February

Highways Meeting 6/2/18 – Cllrs Wright, Ashdown, Haywood and Williams to attend

Tree Planting 10/2/18 - Cllr Williams to attend

Scout Event 11/2/18 hospitality stop at Hill Road Rec – noted


Confidential Business Exclusion To exclude the public and the press from the remainder of the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 as matters which will be discussed are considered to be confidential – no matters to discuss.



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