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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 5th September 2016

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Bird, Flint, Haywood, Minter, Rowton-Lee, Searl, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young. D/Cllr Lloyd, D/Cllr White.

1. Apologies: Cllr Higgs, C/Cllr Wilmshurst
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Non

3. Public Question time: 2 members of the public were present.
Compliments were given to the welcome flower tubs at the village entrances.
Comments were made over planning application P16/S2684 – St Andrews Road.

4. Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed:
15-08-16 Full Council Meeting were signed by Cllr Williams

5. Report from County Council and District Council
Written reports from C/Cllr Wilmshurst and D/Cllr's Lloyd and White are in the minutes file.
D/Cllr Lloyd and White answered questions on SODC Planning, 5 year land supply and supporting the Chinnor situation on recent housing issues.

6. Planning Section led by Cllr Wright
1. Planning applications were considered:
P16/S2808/HH Erection of single storey side extension to existing porch, with new roof over both existing and extended porch at Tawny Cottage, 22 High Street.
Recommendation: Approval
P16/S2389/FUL Erection of agricultural machinery / hay store at Home Farm, Henton
Recommendation: No Strong Views
P16/S2567/O Outline planning application for the erection of sixteen two storey, detached, semi detached and terraced dwellings with reserved matters approval sought for access and layout at land adjoining 54 Lower Icknield Way.
Recommendation: Objection
1) Overdevelopment – cramped form of housing particularly along the access road. Solid row of plots 12-16 have adverse affect on AONB. Density not in-keeping with adjacent area of Wheatfield's. Entire area is over developed and not in-keeping.
2) Additional access onto Lower Icknield Way is dangerous considering all other access points currently in use plus future developments already approved having access on to an already busy road. A new access point would be another unnecessary hazard.
3) Minimal car parking is a major concern. Developments should always have car ports and not garages as a garage is not big enough for modern size vehicles so is not used and so a massive loss of parking is immediate. Car Ports are required in all new dwellings.
4) If minded to approve a condition must be that no construction vehicles ,staff cars or commercial vehicles and vehicles of any type are parked or unloaded on Lower Icknield Way at any time. Onsite parking for every vehicle must be available at all times.
P16/S2684/FUL Construction of 12 standard parking bays and one disabled bay in front of dwellings at 8-22 St Andrews Road.
Recommendation: No Strong Views
1) Use of car park must be organised by SOHA. Signage required to be sought by SOHA to advise that no commercial vehicles can be parked in the bays at any time or overnight.

2. Planning Permission granted by SODC
P16/S2001/FUL Re-surface existing tarmac pathway with new bonded aggregate surface at St Andrews Church, Church Road.
P16/S2160/FUL Modification of condition 2 on P15/S3267/FUL amended orientation of stable block and hard standing at land adjoining Fairwood , Lower Icknield Way.
P16/S2219/HH Demolish garage. 2 storey gable and extension at 31 Middle Way.

3. Planning and Highways Matters
3.1 P16/S2450/PDH Withdrawn application – 16 Rannal Drive, erection of conservatory – application withdrawn by applicant. Noted
3.2 P15/S4131/RM SODC committee meeting on 7th September – re land adjoining Greenwood Avenue. Cllr Searl to attend.
3.3 Invitation to participate in County Traffic / transport meeting on 6th September in County Hall – Cllr Haywood to attend.

7. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Searl
7.1 The bills for payment were approved for payment:
Engrave Bricks Ltd – Imprest Account – Pavilion bricks £ 269.79
Mr S Lupton – Eastover Way clearance works £ 35.00
John Merrill – OKL £2500.00
Andrew Ashcroft Planning – NHP £3224.20
Mudway Workman – Marquee hire £4795.20
ABS Security – machinery store alarm service £ 108.00
P.C Woodward – Marquee security £ 700.00
Regler and Company – Lease of premises £1212.00
D F Sales – food waste bags £ 367.20
Esri Uk – NHP £ 123.00
Complete Tree Services – Tree works £ 522.00
Safe and Sound Playgrounds – repair works £ 576.00
R B Pickard – WFCH cleaning £ 70.00
Helpful Hiring's – hedge trimmer hire £ 49.50
Thames Water – DD – WFCH water £ 126.61
Wireless Logic –DD – tracker SIM £ 5.64
Arval Fuel – DD – fuel £ 73.15
Arval Fuel – DD – fuel £ 121.82
Tesco Mobile – DD - Groundsmen mobile £ 7.50

*British Gas – Pavilion electricity 4 May to 2 Aug £ 151.06
This is not to be paid until The Clerk has confirmed the payment is full and final.

7.2 High Street – Bus Shelter needed for Red Lion stop –quotes to be obtained.
7.3 Shire Leasing PLC – Avaya IP Office Telephone System – cost reduction. Noted
7.4 Vice-Chair of F&GP - Cllr Minter was proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Searl. All in favour.
7.5 Applications for co-option to fill vacancy to be received by 7th October
7.6 Grant applications – all applications to be submitted for review by 14th October 2016
7.7 Cambridge and Counties Bank – interest rate reduced to 1.25%. Noted
7.8 OKL –Taylor Wimpey has verbally confirmed that deliveries of top soil should hopefully begin mid September – approx. 180 vehicles will deliver the required amount of top soil.

8. Environment Meeting led by Cllr Ashdown
8.1 Parish Council Surgery Dates – reminder - 13th September and 1st October.
8.2 August Marquee – review of 2016 marquee and update given on donations to date.
8.3 Henton Green –The Clerk reported on Henton Green issues – to be monitored.
8.4 Old Kiln lakes – request for more dog waste and litter bins by the lakes area was declined as the land is in ownership of Taylor Wimpey so CPC cannot supply and empty bins. Taylor Wimpey to be contacted to request that they make provision for bins.
8.5 Update on 2016 Guide – distribution to be towards end of October 2016 by Royal Mail.
8.6 Newsletter for September was approved for printing and distribution next week.
8.7 Chinnor War Memorial & Henton War Memorial – awarded listed building status- Grade II
8.8 Conigre Play Area refurb – date for work to start has been delayed expected to commence 12 September
8.9 Cllr Haywood reported on recent resident meeting regarding shrub and flower bed on Oakley Lane. It was agreed to return bed to grass area – the CPC Groundsmen to do the work.
8.10 Request from Chinnor Youth Club for position of outdoor table tennis table – location to be discussed and agreed once suggestions from Youth Club are submitted.

9. Chinnor Community Pavilion (CCP) led by Cllr Bird
9.1 Lease – Cllr Bird is waiting for corrected version and has agreed to sign on behalf of CCP.
9.2 Snagging list progress with PCMS / Princebuild – on going.
9.3 Princebuild Energy report on electric meter and Solar Panel repair is expected.

10. Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:
Outside reports – Noted
John Howell MP meeting – 26th September at 10am in Community Pavilion
Good Neighbour Scheme AGM is on 8th September 2016 at The Village Centre
Defib and CPR training is to be held on 12th September 2016, 7.30pm at the Pavilion.
Whites Field car park – signage to be made to advise motorists that the gate will be closed every night at 10pm. All users to be reminded that the gate must be locked after use.

11. Meeting dates for your diary:
7th September CNHP Council Chamber – 7pm
19th September Full Council Meeting Council Chamber – 7.30pm

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