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Minutes of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 5th December 2016

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Rowton-Lee, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young.

1. Apologies: Cllr Searl, Cllr Bird

2. Police Community Support Officer Partnership –
Inspector Harling attended the meeting to discuss future funding of the PCSO for the Chinnor Parish. The Councillors present had the opportunity to ask questions about the hours the PCSO spends in the Community and how the time is spent.
The Clerk to arrange another meeting with TVP to discuss positive ways forward to enable more visual presence of a PCSO in the village.

3. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

4. Public Question time: 1 member of the public was present to give his views on the PCSO funding and how he feels we are not getting a good service at the present time.

5. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed:
21-11-16 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Williams

6. Report from County Council and District Councillors:
Written reports submitted and in minutes file.
C/Cllr Wilmshurst to investigate the bridge damage over the railway and ask the area steward why OCC have not yet repaired the broken fence.
D/Cllr Lloyd to speak at the SODC meeting regarding the 101 TVP service.

7. Planning Section led by Cllr Wright - Planning applications considered:
P16/S3858/LDP Certificate of Lawful Development
Proposed loft conversion including flat roof rear dormer with hanging tile to match the main roof, removal of chimney stack / internal breast and new ground floor window at 4 Greenwood Avenue. Recommendation: No Comments to be made.
P16/S3823/HH Extensions and alterations at 16 Oakley Road. Recommendation: Approval

7.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC were noted:
P16/S3127/HH Amended Details 2 storey extension and insertion of a window and 2 rooflights
in side elevation at 13 Oakley Lane.
P16/S3253/HH Proposed division of second bedroom to from third bedroom with additional window in rear elevation at 27 Siareys Close.

8. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Minter
8.1 The bills for payment were approved by Cllr Williams and Minter:
Building Perspectives – Senior QS Services £ 588.26
Lyreco – ink cartridges £ 537.72
Complete Tree Services – Van Diemens tree £ 1860.00
Rosehill Instruments – Silver Band Grant £ 1000.00
Matt Gomme – hedge cutting £ 360.00
SODC – Dog bin empty July to September £ 226.04
R Pickard – WFCH cleaning November £ 75.00
AMF Electrical – MUGA lights £ 35.00
Safe and Sound Playgrounds – wet pour repair (RoSPA) £ 780.00
Proludic – Conigre play area (Withheld £4000.00) £43848.82
DF Sales – food waste bags £ 612.00
John Merrill – OKL art project – Fabrication , engineer £12000.00
Caloo Ltd – Youth Shelter side panels (RoSPA) £ 234.00
Arval Fuel – November £ 25.23
Arval Fuel – November £ 67.19

8.2 Youth Shelter – White's Field location –removal of side panels was confirmed as complete – the sides were removed as just removing the Perspex would of left sharp edges.
8.3 Play area update – Conigre mound – works to commence by Proludic very soon to ensure all RoSPA recommendations are fulfilled and the mound reduced to the correct height.
8.4 Quote from Complete Tree Services – fell 3 x Ash by fence of Conigre play area - £930.00 was discussed – need to investigate the tarmac repair costs before we can proceed.
8.5 Quote from Complete Tree Services –group of cypress on Station Road / Church Lane junction - £395.00 was approved for work to commence. . Cllr Rowton-Lee to investigate the ownership of piece of land near the cypress trees which also needs attention at £295.00.
8.6 Partnership funding for PCSO – a meeting to follow with TVP regarding the use of the PCSO in the community and how this can be improved – funding decision deferred.
8.7 Cllr Young gave a full report from the recent HR Committee meeting – a job application to be written and advertised early January for the replacement of Richard Folley. The HR Committee also discussed the recent RoSPA report and will be meeting staff to discuss this.
8.8 Draft Budget for 2017-2018 to be approved at the next CPC meeting.

9. Environment to be led by Cllr Higgs
9.1 Jack and Jill signage for White Field car park entrance– Cllr Higgs to arrange a meeting.
9.2 Christmas Eve Carols – Risk Assessment complete. Road Closure signs to go up.
9.3 Tree Preservation Order 16S16 – trees at The Barn House, 46 Lower Icknield Way.
9.4 OCC to supply 1 tonne of salt for the village to be delivered to the Pavilion car park area.
9.5 Salt bin at Hill Top Lane junction – OCC can supply and fill for £250.00 – not approved.
9.6 Improving connections between Chinnor and the Ridgeway National Trail. Noted
9.7 Trees in rear of Van Diemens – works are now complete.

10. Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:
10.1 Co-option application – no applications for vacancy received to date.
10.2 Office hours and staff working hours over Christmas were confirmed.
10.3 Cllr Haywood to gave a report on the NHP Final version meeting – the 12th December CPC meeting to discuss the document has been cancelled – a date tor rearrange to be agreed.
10.4 Cllr Watson gave a report on parking by the shops on Church Road – a number of cars are being parked over night and staff parking in this area too. SODC are suggesting the parking limit on High Street car park is reduced to 2 hours (currently 8 hours).

11. Outside reports
• Persimmon Homes meeting – dated 22-11-16
• Bellway Homes meeting – dated 28-11-16

12. Meeting dates for your diary:
15th December Miracle Play site visit – OKL 1pm in OKL play area
16th December Richard Folley leaving CPC
19th December Full Council Meeting 7.30pm in Council Chamber
19th December Christmas Social Following CPC meeting –Pavilion

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