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Minutes of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on Monday 6th January 2020

PRESENT: Cllrs Archer, Ashdown, Edwards, Flint, Minter, Oliver, Wright, Williams and Young
Staff: Jo Wills, Liz Folley
Also attended: D/Cllr Lloyd

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Standage, Cllr Gray, Cllr Ridgley, C/Cllr Matelot
2. Absent without apologies: Cllr Rowton-Lee

3. Declarations of Interest: None

4. Public Question Time: 1 member of the public was present.
A representative of the Allotment Society was present regarding the need to replace the current distribution centre. Surveys have been obtained and has confirmed that demolition and replacement is necessary. In order for the allotment society to obtain grant funding the lease needs to be updated and tenure enhanced– The Clerk to look into options. CPC to complete Land Registry. Allotment Society will apply for S106 funds for the survey payments that they have made. Agreed that the Amenities Committee will work on this project.

5. County Councillor and District Council Reports
To receive report from District Councillor Lynn Lloyd - Parking on pavement leaflets seem to be working well, reminder to all to carry them and list when placed on cars. Local Plan 2034 has no movement to date.
To receive report from County Councillor Jeanette Matelot - £1000.00 funding available for cost of traffic surveys and speed signage – The Clerk to complete application.

6. Minutes of the last meeting: Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 2nd December 2019 were approved by Cllr Flint, seconded by Cllr Edwards and signed by Cllr Williams.

7. Minutes of Committees: To note the minutes and consider any recommendation arising from the following committee meetings:
a) Finance and General Purposes Committee held on 9th December 2019
The Clerk requested email suggestions for community safety projects – to be discussed at the next Amenities agenda.
b) Planning Committee held on 16th December 2019

8. Outside Reports
8.1 Cllr Archer attended the OALC meeting on 9th December– notes in minutes file

9. Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.
9.1 Traffic count in village entrances to commence 8th January to 14th January.
9.2 Chamber hire rate for So-Sustainable was agreed at £10 per hour. 1 abstained vote.
9.3 Play Source quote – Conigre swing repair was proposed for approval by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Wright – all in favour.
9.4 Play Source quote and lease discussion – St Andrews play area
Cllr Archer proposed to seek to maintain the lease, seconded by Cllr Wright – all in favour
Cllr Wright proposed to approve repair quote, seconded by Cllr Young – all in favour
Future use of this area to be discussed at Amenities Committee.


Chairman _____________________________________________ Dated _____________

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