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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 6th February 2017

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Bird, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Rowton-Lee, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young.

Also present: D/Cllr Lloyd

1. Apologies: Cllr Flint and Cllr Searl

2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

3. Public Question time: 3 members of the public were present
One member of the public explained the changes made to P17/S0100/FUL and why the planning application has been made again as a retrospective application.

4. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed:
23-01-17 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Williams

5. Report from County Council and District Councillors:
Written report submitted by D/Cllr Lloyd and White


6. Planning Section led by Cllr Wright - Planning applications considered:

P17/S0100/FUL Retrospective Erection of two storey 2/3 bedroom dwelling with car parking and amenity and 1.8 boundary fence – not built in accordance with plans at 35a Beech Road.
Recommendation: No Strong Views – Technical matters to be resolved by SODC

P17/S0187/FUL Removal of condition 3, 10 and 11 of P15/S3425/FUL to allow for the retention of The Old Tabernacle building and related landscaping.
Replacement and re-siting of the existing dwelling at the Tabernacle including the re-use of an established rural building (volume of proposed dwelling reduced, roof pitch lowered and dimensions added as shown on plans and letter dated 10-12-15) at Pond Farm, Sprigs Holly.
Recommendation: No Strong Views – Technical matters to be resolved by SODC

P17/S0143/FUL New compliant ramp with two steps up to finished floor level at Bourne Memorial Methodist Church, Station Road. Recommendation: Approval

P17/S0123/FUL The siting of three pinewood lodges and associated parking for holiday let purposes at Upper Farm, Henton. Recommendation: Approval

P16/S4291/HH Demolition of former 2 storey extension with replacement 2 storey side extension at Blandings, Chinnor Hill. Recommendation: Approval


6.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC:
P16/S3956/HH Full height extension to side and single storey extension to rear of existing end terrace property. Demolition of existing single garage and adjoining car port at end of garden and building new double garage at 28 Malyns Close.

6.2 Refusal of Planning Permission decision by SODC:
P16/S4025/O Revised outline application with all matters reserved for two detached dormer houses, replacing existing demolished agricultural sheds at land at 7 Emmington.

6.3 Planning Matters
6.3.1 SE17/35 Alleged breach of erection of 2m fence adjacent to the highway at boundary of Hill House, Chinnor Hill – enforcement to arrange a site visit.
6.3.2 Withdrawn application – P16/S3719 Land adjacent to 64 High Street – demolition of garages and construction of new dwelling.


7. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Minter
7.1 The bills for payment were proposed for approval:
SLCC – 2017 Conference for Liz to attend £ 272.20
Turney Groundforce – Ransom key replacements £ 122.05
Lyreco – Ink for office printer £ 480.00
RB Pickard – WFCH cleaning £ 74.99
Blooberry Design – NHP website and collateral £ 960.00
Dog Trust – dog waste bags £ 60.00
G Browns – Kubota RTV repair £3960.00
Arval Fuel – DD – fuel £ 25.89
Arval Fuel – DD – fuel £ 26.48
CNG –DD - Gas supply for WFCH £ 154.33
Public Works Loan Board – DD - 213 07230 £5750.85
Tesco Mobile – DD – Groundsmen phone £ 7.50

7.2 The Clerk reported that 12 applications had been received for the vacancy for the new Groundsmen Supervisor position – interviews to begin soon.
7.3 The Council discussed the quote from Curtis and Sons re new fencing and tarmac repairs at Conigre play area – the height of the higher fence was a concern so more information is needed on options of a higher fence.
7.4 Cllr Wright proposed to accept the quotes for play area repairs by Playdale Playgrounds at a value of £15114.42 – these repairs are needed following the annual inspection. Seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour. The works to be completed before Easter hopefully.
7.5 Cllr Bird proposed to accept the quote from Complete Weed Control for two weed killing treatments in 2017. Seconded by Cllr Haywood. All in favour.
7.6 Cllr Searl to report on Christmas light donations for 2016-2017 – deferred to next meeting.


8. Environment Committee led by Cllr Higgs
8.1 Cllr Higgs to contact Alan Brawn regarding advice needed on location and species of three trees to be planted following the felling of three on the Playing Fields / Conigre boundary.
8.2 Cllr Higgs reported on a positive meeting with Biffa / SODC regarding litter in the Parish – litter bins to be monitored as a number of them are being used for domestic or commercial waste. SODC to put signage on problem bins and CPC to advertise the bin laws via social media and the Pump pages.
8.3 Annual Assembly – 13th March – all voluntary groups in the village to be invited and groups who have requested a grant from CPC. All Councillors are requested to attend.
8.4 The Clerk gave an update on parking restrictions in High Street / Church Road.
8.5 The Clerk confirmed the coffee machine and grinder ahs been removed for sale from the Pavilion bar area.


9. Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan led by Cllr Haywood
9.1 Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan – consultation begins on 7th Feb 2017 for six weeks.


10. Clerks Report - items not needing notice of decisions:

10.1 Construction plans for Mill Lane development by A2 Dominion are not yet confirmed.
10.2 Outside Reports noted – Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme and Community Action Day.
10.3 Saving the Red Kite Children's Centre – info for next meeting available from the office.
10.4 Clerks and Councils Direct magazine was passed to Cllr Wright.

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