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PRESENT: Cllrs Ashdown, Edwards, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright and Williams

STAFF: Liz Folley

Minutes of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on Monday 6th August 2018

Apologies for absence: Cllrs Flint, Ridgley, Young, Watson

Declarations of Interest – none

Public Question Time – 8 members of the public were present:

Members of public were present with regard to the hedgerow at the development North of Mill Lane and the condition that had been placed on it to ensure retention. Concern was raised that this condition has been relaxed and who had the authority to change this procedure without further consultation. Residents urged the council to do what they could to retain this hedgerow as previously promised. Request for an understanding of why SODC seem to be agreeing to the wishes of the developer. Cllr Lloyd stated that she would bring this to the attention of Cllr White to investigate further, but recommended to the residents that a complaint is put through the SODC complaints procedure

Resident expressed his concern about the roundabout and traffic calming consultation that is now taking place with regard to the development at North of Mill Lane.

Cllr Williams stated that all planning matters should be directed to SODC

Resident asked when and at what cost the entrance signs to Chinnor would be changed.

Resident was present with a keen interest in looking at opening up a youth facility for more days and longer periods of time. Cllr Lloyd stated that SODC are currently working with groups who need to expand and to help increase volunteers.


District and County Councillors' Reports

Cllr Lloyd added information about on street parking enforcement. TVP & OCC are currently talking about the business case.


Minutes of the last meeting Cllr Higgs proposed to approve the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 2nd July 2018. Seconded by Cllr Wright . All in favour


Minutes of Committees The Minutes of the following committees were approved for signing

Finance and General Purposes held on 9th July 2018 signed by Cllr Minter

Planning held on 16th July 2018 signed by Cllr Wright


7. Christmas 2018

7.1 To agree on purchase of Christmas tree and locations – meeting has been arranged with contractor to discuss available options for new position – 16th August 10.30am. Clerk to obtain quotes for trees.

7.2 Christmas lights – 2018 is the final year of the current lighting contract.

7.3 Update from committee regarding carol event – organisers have met with the CCP steward.


8. Communications – 8.1 Request for hire of speed watch equipment – to agree charges and hire agreement form. It is understood that volunteers will be trained by TVP and covered under their insurance. Hirers of the equipment will need to take responsibility for any loss or damage.

8.2 SODC Capital grant update –34.815 of the costs for Tennis Club refurbishment have been awarded– proposed that this is referred to F&GP committee to look at in detail and agree the legal arrangements for acceptance of the grant

8.3 Florence Nightingale AGM – 26th September, Aylesbury, 7pm –Cllr Standage agreed to attend.

8.4 Neighbourhood Plan – update from committee and email from resident

8.5 Youth Matters – Discussion paper from local resident was discussed and it was agreed that a meeting will be held with youth club chairman to seek a way forward.

8.6 WFCH – To agree quote for required work and confirm Windmill Café will be opening from 1st September. Quote was accepted for PCJ to commence with work at cost of £ 1,562. Cooker to be purchased and fitted £504.50. Carpet Cleaned £80. Agreed that the clerk should submit an application for funding towards these costs from the OCC Cllr Priority Fund

8.7 BOVIS homes have donated a defibrillator to CPC - recommendation from First Responders that this is given to C&PRR for use on the trains and to ensure an even distribution of available units. Approved

8.8 To agree location for a donated tree from The Woodland Trust as part of the nation's commemoration of the Centenary of the Armistice of WW1 – approved for verge at Golden Hills





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