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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 7th August 2017

PRESENT: Cllr's Bird, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Ridgley, Standage, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young.

Staff: Liz Folley (Clerk), Jo Wills


John Howell MP met the Council at 7pm

Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan was discussed. The plan has the same force of law as the District Council Local Plan and additionally the 3 year land supply. The NP Referendum date has been set for 7th September 2017 and poling cards are currently being sent to electors. The NP will give Chinnor a strong case to protect against future developments. It was suggested that the Neighbourhood Plan review includes more affordable housing which will give an increase in houses to allow first time buyers to get a step on the property ownership ladder. It is a living document and needs to be reviewed and updated regularly.

Following the referendum if the NHP is adopted it becomes part of the SODC Local Plan – except the land supply figure.

Infrastructure issues were discussed in the village now a number of dwellings have permission to be built. It was confirmed that OCC have overall responsibility for all roads and pavements and the best route is to contact C/Cllr Matelot with any issues which need addressing.

Pollution and spaces in local Doctors and schools was also discussed – meetings have been held with these facilities to determine they have space – following on meetings to also be arranged.

Police issues were discussed. The concerns raised were lack of Police presence in this area. It was reported that the rural crime rate figure has actually reduced. John Howell MP is contacting the Super Intendant and has requested an emailed list of suggested improvements for this Parish so they can be discussed and responded too.

Broadband facilities are constantly improving and this is to enable and encourage more people to work from home and thus less traffic on the roads – an ongoing Government initiative.

Thanks were given for John Howell MP for attending the meeting.


Apologies: Cllr Ashdown, Cllr Rowton-Lee

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: 2 members of the public were present.

Residents of Oakley Road are increasingly concerned about the volume and speed of traffic on Oakley Road – the traffic has increased over the past few months. Improvements are needed. The residents were requested to email The Clerk a full list of concerns so they could be forwarded.


Minutes of previous committee meetings were approved and signed by each Chairman:

03-07-17 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Williams

10-07-17 Environment Committee Meeting signed by Cllr Higgs

10-07-17 Full Council Meeting Signed by Cllr Williams

17-07-17 Planning Committee Meeting signed by Cllr Wright

31-07-17 Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting signed by Cllr Flint.


Items from meetings:

Asset Management Working Group members: Cllrs Rowton-Lee , Flint, Bird, Minter, Ashdown and Standage

S106/CiLS Working Group members: Cllrs Wright, Haywood, Bird, Williams, Ashdown and Flint

Proposal from Cllr Flint to change all Committee and Full Council meetings to a 7pm start – seconded by Cllr Minter – all in favour.


Written reports submitted from SODC and OCC: Reports are in the Minutes File.

OCC Grass Cutting Agreement: to be reviewed at the next Finance and General Purposes meeting.


PCSO monthly report

7.1 Confirmation of deployment of SID – training dates to be arranged.


Outside Reports –

8.1 Bloor Home site visit dated 26-07-17 – it was suggested that site visits to be arranged for all developments in order to improve communication.


Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:

9.1 Letter from resident was discussed – its was suggested that we request a full junction assessment from OCC as cars are being parked too close to junctions which is against the Highway code.

9.2 Letter from Hempton Field was discussed – congratulations on their recent awards.

9.3 The Clerk magazine was passed to Cllr Haywood.

9.4 It was agreed that a Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meeting is called for 15th August in order to confirm the publicity and communication for the forthcoming referendum


Members Questions

Cllr Ridgley requested an update on local Policing.


HR Section led by Cllr Young

11.1 Cllr Young reported that the Groundsmen Supervisor has successfully completed his 3 month probation period. All staff are now on the NJC Pay Scales.


Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Flint

12.1 Additional bills were proposed for payment by Cllr Bird and seconded by Cllr Williams:

Microshade – Rental hosting for Citrix £ 123.00

SP Tipping – office blind £ 295.00

G Browns – equipment £ 8.90

RB Pickard – WFCH cleaning £ 50.00

DF Sales – food waste bags £ 367.20

SODC – dog bin empty £ 226.04

Blooberry Design – CNHP website £1200.00


Meeting Dates for your Diary:

14th August Environment Committee 7pm in Chamber

15th August Neighbourhood Plan Committee 7pm in Chamber

21st August Planning Committee 7pm in Chamber

21st August F&GP Committee To follow Planning Committee

4th September Full Council Meeting 7pm in Chamber


Chairman _________________________________________________ Dated ______________________

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