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Minutes of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 19th September 2016

PRESENT: Cllr's Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Minter, Rowton-Lee, Searl, Watson, Williams, Young.

1. Apologies: Cllr Wright, Cllr Bird, Cllr Ashdown.
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

3. Public Question time: 4 members of the public were present.
One Governor from St. Andrews School reported on the recent communication regarding the Bellway Homes consultation for 27 dwellings off of Springfield Gardens. Cllr Williams explained that a planning application has not been received yet.
The owner of the previous Chevron site on Thame Road displayed the proposed amendments to the application for dwellings and business premises on the land. All comments from CPC and neighbours have been considered in the amended plans.

4. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed:
05-09-16 Full Council Meeting – signed by Cllr Williams

5. Planning Section led by Cllr Rowton-Lee
1. Planning applications to be considered:
P16/S2376/FUL Amended Details Proposed demolition of existing building and erection of 6 dwellings with parking and amenity space (as amended by plans dated 31-8-16 – reducing the number of dwellings, omitting former windows, varying ridge heights and number of bedrooms) at 20 Thame Road. Recommendation: No Strong Views – Refuse location and size of bin store to be clarified, along with access concerns.
P16/S2856/HH To add extra bedrooms and service spaces to the existing house, modify part of existing house. Re-site artist studio to improve working conditions. Convert the original artist studio into a new entry area and add an additional atelier/living room and deck. New entry route for vehicles on site and car ports at two locations at Hill House, Chinnor Hill.
Deferred until next meeting – need to clarify the residential / commercial use as concerns raised on increased traffic is a commercial area plus the landscaping has diminished – need to clarify the proposed landscaping / planting programme.
The Clerk to clarify these points with SODC and request an extended reply date to consultation.
P16/S2830/HH Conservatory to rear of property at 16 Rannal Drive.
Recommendation: Approval
P16/S3033/HH Single storey side extension at 8 Chiltern View. Recommendation: Approval
P16/S3055/HH Replace side extension with a new single storey side extension at 9 Cleavers.
Recommendation: Approval

2. Planning Permission granted by SODC
P16/S2355/HH Rebuilding garage roof with formation of home office and external access stair at 47 Mill Lane.
P15/S3559/FUL Roof conversion to create additional floor to accommodate 6 residential units, inclusion of dormer windows and alterations to existing roof, replacement of external fittings and amendments to entrance points (as amended parking area 14-1-16) at 40 Oakley Road.
P16/S1803/HH Erection of single storey front extension, first floor rear extension, alterations to existing side extension and formation of front parking (as amended 10-8-16) at 35 Beech Road.

3. Planning and Highways Matters
3.1 Report from Cllr Rowton-Lee regarding plot of owned land behind Greenwood Avenue – the possibility of using the land as a communal play area was discussed or the commercial viability of land. It is approx. ½ acre in size with access rights from SOHA. It was agreed to defer this item to the end of the meeting once the public leave.
3.2 Report from Cllr Searl following SODC committee meeting re: P15/S4131/RM. To review revised plans from Taylor Wimpey. Recommendations from Cllr's Searl, Haywood and Ashdown that CPC take on management of open land at this site. It was agreed to defer this item to the end of the meeting once the public leave.
3.3 Report from Cllr Haywood following meeting re OCC Traffic – copy in the minutes file.
3.4 SE16/456 Alleged breach investigation – installation of air conditioning units without planning permission at 2 Thame Road. Noted.

6. Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Searl
6.1 Payments were proposed for approval by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Young:
Risborough Service Centre Ltd – VC Mini bus grant £ 135.00
RJ Lewis – Internal audit £ 258.00
Prudential – AVC £ 150.00
Post Office Ltd – PAYE £2008.52
OCC Pension Fund £2104.70
Complete Tree Services – Estover Way tree works £1194.00
Fire Cover Ltd – WFCH and machinery store extinguisher check £ 120.60
AJ Heating – WFCH boiler service £ 80.00
Grundon Waste – waste wheeler empty £ 90.52
Microshade VSM – Office system £ 123.00
Bulk Payment – DD £6102.15
Arval Fuel – DD – 31-8-16 to 6-9-16 £ 114.32
CNG – DD – WFCH gas supply for Aug 16 £ 20.34
Lloyds Credit Card – safety boots, office equipment £ 26.04

6.2 Cllr Young proposed to approve the monthly financial reports, seconded by Cllr Williams
6.3 OKL – the top soil deliveries have begun and are progressing, weather permitting.
6.4 Flower beds, war memorial and tubs – planting required – £150.00 budget was approved.
6.5 NHP has successfully had a grant approved from Big Lottery Funding for £10,000.00
6.6 Cllr Williams gave a report on the Parish Council Surgery held on 13th September 2016 – 5 Councillors attended and 8 members of the public arrived. Main topics were Henton Green and speeding along the B4009 and other roads in Chinnor. PCSO White also attended to answer the speeding questions. Henton residents to be receive a follow up letter to confirm the situation.
6.7 Conigre Play Area refurbishment has begun – progress has been slow but the expected completion date is 1st October 2016.

7. Chinnor Community Pavilion (CCP) to be led by Cllr Young
9.1 Lease of premises – lease has been signed and is with the Solicitors.
9.2 Update on meetings and snagging list progress with PCMS / Princebuild – The Clerk confirmed Princebuild is due 26th September to begin works.
9.3 Princebuild Energy report on electric meter and feed-in tariff – on-going regarding electric meter. CPC to write to St Andrews School as one of their trees is blocking light to the solar panels and needs cutting back.

8. Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:
Outside reports were noted.
Bellway Homes consultation – please can everyone attend,
Defib training was a huge success – thank you to those who attended. Pads and batteries have been checked and new items ordered as needed.
A car has been parked on Lower Icknield Way grass area – the cones have been removed – a Bellway Homes sign written car – The Clerk to locate owner and request it be removed.

9. Meeting dates for your diary:
John Howell MP Community Pavilion 26th September at 10am
1st October 2016 CPC Surgery Village Centre – 10.30am to 12
3rd October 2016 Full Council Meeting Council Chamber – 7.30pm
17th October 2016 Grants Committee to meet Council Chamber – 7.00pm
17th October 2016 Full Council Meeting Council Chamber – 7.30pm

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