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MINUTES of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 20th March 2017

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Bird, Haywood, Rowton-Lee, Searl, Watson, Wright and Young.

Apologies: Cllr Williams, Cllr Higgs, Cllr Minter, Cllr Flint

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Public Question time: 3 members of the public were present

Two members of the Allotment Society were present. Concerns had been raised by residents of Cherry Tree Road regarding vermin sightings – the Allotment Society confirmed that they have not seen any vermin and would require more information about the exact location in order to investigate vermin control –it was also noted that residents have been know to throw food over the allotment site to feed the birds which may also attract vermin. It was noted that a resident has agreed to remove a tree from the fenceline but this will require new fencing to be done. . Environment chair and vice-chair to arrange a site visit. One member of the public detailed the objections on P17/S0643/FUL – being urbanisation of a rural view, not a SCHLAA site, contrary to the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan along with overdevelopment and contrary to policies.

Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed: 06-03-17 Cllr Wright


Planning Section led by Cllr Wright - Planning applications considered:

P17/S0377/HH Single storey rear and two storey side extension at East West Cottage, Wainhill.

Recommendation: Approval: To be noted – condition needed for all construction vehicles to be 7.5T maximum due to single track road and no turning area. Banksman needed as a 200 yard reversal is needed to exit site.


P17/S0643/FUL Erection of 10 dwellings at Land to the west of Thame Road. Recommendation: Objection

Not in SHLAA site

Not in Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

Contrary to Chinnor Neighbourhood plan policy CHC1 (Design is poor), CHH6 (size and type of homes), CHH4 (Allocation of affordable homes for local people) and CHB1 (Loss of business premises)

Overdevelopment – resulting in, amongst others, ridiculously small gardens

Loss of employment area – local garage currently on site

Urbanise rural view which effects view to AONB

Lack of parking – considerably less than 1 per bedroom


P17/S0778/HH New driveway and parking area. New retaining walls. New access to highway. New fences to replace existing hedgerows. Garden office at Paddock View, Henton. Recommendation: Approval

To be noted – new replacement hedgerow required instead of fencing


P17/S0883/HH Two storey rear extension at 38A Lower Icknield Way. Recommendation: Approval


5.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC

P16/S4291/HH Demolition of former 2 storey extension with replacement 2 storey side extension and improvements to existing access at Blandings, Chinnor Hill.

P16/S3540/FUL Alteration works to change 2 x bed dwelling into a 3 x bed dwelling including room layout changes, window / door changes, enlarge garden and retain access over adjacent driveway ( as per parking plan dated 8-2-17) at 1A Oak End Way.

P17/S0100/FUL Erection of two storey 3 bed dwelling – retrospective application following changes to original permissions at 35a Beech Road.


5.2 Planning Refusal granted by SODC

P16/S4027/O Erection of 14 two storey detached and semi detached dwellings at 54 Lower Icknield Way

P17/S0187/FUL Removal of condition 3,10 and 11 of P15/S3425 at Pond Farm, Sprigs Holley


5.3 Planning Matters

5.3.1 Courtesy copy of submitted plans – Campions, Hill Top lane, Chinnor

5.3.2 Cllr Rowton Lee gave a detailed report on new proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

5.3.3 P17/S0001/FUL Amended Details. For Information Only. Revision to planning permission P16/S2376/FUL Amendment by revised site and parking layout plans relocating refuse storage area – at 20 Thame Road.

SODC Officer – Simon Kitson, is making delegated decision of recommendation of Approval.

5.3.4 To confirm 80 dwellings to be street named in new Taylor Wimpey development – Woodgreen Square, Cornfields, Barley Rye.


5.4 Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan – Community Engagement

5.4.1 Cllr Pat Haywood (Chairman of NHP) gave an update – resignation from Peter Brook was noted. Andrea Oughton has agreed to stand in as acting secretary. The Neighbourhood Plan committee to elect a secretary at their meeting on 29th March.

5.4.2 Consultation ends 21-3-17

5.4.3 The appointment of an examiner was discussed – in light of the experience and information available it was agreed to recommend the appointment of the first candidate on the emailed list.


Environment led by Cllr Ashdown

6.1 Annual Assembly – 13th March – Thank you to all for attending – 96 residents attended.

An analysis of the event marketing was discussed and noted that the newsletters and hand-outs were the least successful method of advertising and the most costly.

6.2 Reminder... meeting arranged for 27-3-17 at 7.30pm in Chamber re on-going issue with tree in alley.

6.3 Update on Old Kiln Lakes – play area start date delayed until end of March due to saturated land.

6.4 August Marquee – events to be held in the marquee are confirmed as:

Tuesday Marquee erected Tennis Club race Night

Wednesday Pulse Children's Club CFC Quiz Night

Thursday Pulse Children's Club Senior Citizens luncheon fundraising quiz

Friday Pulse Children's Club Fight Bladder Cancer Quiz around music and food

Saturday Beer Festival Beer Festival

Sunday Combined Church Vacant slot

Monday Annual Flower Show Annual Flower Show

*The Village Centre withdrew their application for the Friday night event.

6.5 White's Field – signage – Cllr Ashdown reported on recent meeting re signage location which was agreed – quotes to be obtained for a large sign detailing all activities in the area.

6.6 Request for siting of apiary - St Andrew's has agreed to have one in the Parish Burial Ground

6.7 Tree Preservation Order 16S13 – Order confirmed on 2-3-17 – trees on land behind Greenwood Avenue

6.8 CYFC is taking responsibility for repairing all damage to grass / path at White's Field following recent football matches.

6.9 The sports wall on White's Field is in need of urgent attention due to brick erosion – it was agreed that for H&S reasons Harris fencing should be erected whilst we await quotes for repairs.


Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Searl

7.1 The bills for payment were approved. Proposed by Cllr Rowton-Lee and seconded by Cllr Ashdown

The bills for payment to be approved:

The Village Centre – NHP traffic meeting dated 7-11-16 £ 17.00

AMF Electrical – WFCH electrical works £682.00

Eyre and Elliston – WFCH electrical works £825.36

Thames Valley Police – Q4 PCSO funding £4258.25

NALC – Cllr Young and Haywood – NALC conference £ 180.00

Chinnor Web Design – New laptops and installation £1225.00

Grundon Waste Management – waste wheeler empty Feb 17 £ 94.42

PCJ – WFCH plaster repairs £ 333.42

Prudential – AVC £150.00

OCC Pension Fund £1826.56

Post Office – PAYE £1837.91

S Ashdown – cllr allowance £ 298.52

N Flint - cllr allowance £298.52

P Haywood - cllr allowance £ 298.52

S Higgs - cllr allowance £ 298.52

R Minter - cllr allowance £ 298.52

R Searl - cllr allowance £298.52

C Rowton-Lee - cllr allowance £ 298.52

S Watson - cllr allowance £298.52

Tesco Mobile – Maintenance Operative mobile £9.50

Arval Fuel – March 17 £50.91

CNG – Gas supply for WFCH Feb 17 £92.94

Bulk Payments – Salaries £5088.21

Castle Water – Thames Water – WFCH 1-11-16 to 14-2-17 £124.06

Castle Water – Thames Water – Pavilion 1-11-16 to 14-2-17 £  822.28


7.2 Financial Reports Month 11 proposed by Cllr Rowton-Lee and Seconded by Cllr Wright.

7.3 Quote from Complete Tree Services regarding works needed between school and Pavilion was discussed – it was agreed to contact OCC/St Andrew's School regarding payment of works needed on a tree in their land and also contact the Solar Panel company for figures of lost revenue.

7.4 Chinnor Neighbourhood Police Team – Patrol Plan – The Clerk to invite the Inspector to a council meeting to engage and communicate with regard to PCSO commitment to the community. .

7.5 Proposed merger of Wellington House Doctors Practice and Trinity Health was noted.

7.6 Thank you letter and update from Alan Brawn regarding Thermal Image grant was noted.


Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:

8.1 Review of council structure and procedures to take place.

8.2 Date for Planning meeting to review some of the current major plans prior to council approval arranged for 22nd March at 6pm

8.3 Historical papers regarding Emmington has been left at the PC office – Cllr Haywood and Cllr Watson to sort through and take to Thame Museum if appropriate

8.4 The new fencing for the Playing Fields purchased by CFC is expected to arrive Tuesday 21st March.

8.5 SODC Planning Committee to discuss Lower Icknield Way application (number 67) to be held on 29th March.


CHAIRMAN _____________________________________________________ DATED __________________

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