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Minutes of the FULL COUNCIL MEETING held on 24th April 2017

PRESENT: Cllr's Ashdown, Bird, Flint, Haywood, Higgs, Ridgeley, Watson, Williams, Wright and Young.

Apologies: Cllr Searl, Cllr Rowton-Lee

Absent without apologies: Cllr Minter

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Public Question time: 2 members of the public were present

One member of the public presented her objections to P17/S0791 and P17/S1268 – against Neighbourhood Plan Policy for loss of business premises. Also traffic and parking concerns and development size.


Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed: 03-04-17 Full Council signed by Cllr Williams


Council re-structure: Cllr Higgs proposed to accept the formal committee structure with effect from June 2017, seconded by Cllr Young. Cllr Wright proposed to accept the meeting dates. Seconded by Cllr Bird.


Planning Section led by Cllr Wright - Planning applications were considered:

P17/S1138/HH Garage conversion and single storey rear/side extension, new vehicle driveway and new garden shed at 27 Lower Icknield Way.

Recommendation: No Strong Views. Chinnor Parish Council support OCC Highways concerns.


P17/S0791/FUL Conversion of retail unit into 2 no. one bedroom flats at 51 High Street

Recommendation: Refusal – the building in question is situated in Chinnor High Street within the main shopping complex and has been a retail outlet for some considerable time. It is flanked by other retail outlets – Opticians, Hair Dresser, Estate Agents and Solicitors. Close by is a Post Office, Indian Restaurant, Grocery store and Doctors Surgery. There is a parade of 7 shops retailing a variety of commodities. Flats are positioned above the current outlets and shops and there is residents parking on grounds behind the Parade. Outside the parade of shops is a loading bay which is used as a parking area for local shoppers, accommodating up to 16 vehicles including a disabled parking space. Opposite the building in question is a public car parking area accommodating 10 cars, also used by the shoppers. This has a limited parking period of 8 hours from 8am to 8pm and 11 hours from 8pm to 8am. These time periods are currently under review to reduce these time periods.

Given the above the CPC recommendation is refusal as it would result in a loss of not only a retail outlet in a retail area but also the loss of essential parking spaces by the suggestion that the public parking area be used for private residents of the two flats in the application. This is not acceptable as such use could amount to the loss of up to 5 (50%) of the 10 public parking spaces.

Loss of employment a concern: This is contrary to Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Policies regarding loss of business premises. Concerns over compliancy of building regulations in regard to the 1st floor bathroom.


P17/S1179/HH Single storey rear extension at 27 Wykeham Rise. Recommendation: Approval


P17/S1269/HH Removal of existing open porch and construction of an enclosed porch at Chasewater, 87 Lower Icknield Way. Recommendation: Approval


P17/S1101/HH Part demolition of a lean-to boiler room. Construction of replacement structure to connect to existing study. New structure to include rear porch and boot room at Yew Trees, Crowell Hill. Recommendation: Approval


P17/S1116/FUL Demolition of redundant garages, erection of new dwelling at land adjacent to 64 High Street

Recommendation: Refusal – Chinnor Parish Council fully support OCC Highways concerns.

A view from Conservation Officer would be appreciated please.


P17/S1228/FUL Erection of toilet/shower block with chemical disposal point and sewage treatment tank to be used in connection with campsite at Copse Farm, Thame Road, Sydenham. Recommendation: Approval


P17/S1286/HH Demolish garage. Proposed garage at 14 Malyns Close. Recommendation: Approval


P17/S1268/FUL Proposed demolition of two dwellings, kennel blocks, kennel runs and office, and erection of 6 dwellings at Forest Glade Kennels, 3 Chinnor Hill. Deferred until next Full Council meeting.


P17/S1351 – Certificate of Lawful Development – Noted

Convert rear section of integral garage to enlarge living area to 26 Middle Way


7.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC

P17/S0439/HH Demolition of existing garage and erection of new car port/garage and log store at 24 Springfield Gardens.

P16/S4117/FUL Remodel the existing roof to form a new mansard roof with dormer windows, and convert the existing roof void to create six new flats at 40 Oakley Road.

P17/S0378/RM Reserved matters application (P16/S2749/O) at Venus Wood Barn, Chinnor Hill.

P17/S0500/HH Single storey side and rear extension at 17 Millers Turn.


7.2 Planning Matters

7.2.1 Parish Transport rep group – 30th June – Mr John Diffey to attend on CPC behalf.

7.2.2 A meeting will be arranged to discuss development detail with Bovis Homes (Lower Icknield Way)

7.2.3 Cllr Williams reported on a recent community emergency meeting held on 19th April 2017 organised by a resident concerning the amount of emerging development.

7.2.4 Notice of Appeal – APP/Q3115/W/17/3168335 P16/S2567/O – land adjoining 54 Lower Icknield Way – erection of sixteen two storey dwellings. All representations must be made by 26th May 2017. The Planning Committee to discuss representations for submission.

7.2.5 Street names were discussed for development off Thame Road (Chevron site) agreed to be named Dimbles Way (taken from the 1819 Freeholdlands map)

7.3 Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan – Community Engagement meeting is scheduled for this week.

7.3.1 Cllr Haywood gave a full update – Public Consultation responses are now viewable online.

Conclusion of examination with inspector should be 17th May.


Environment led by Cllr Higgs

8.1 Update on OKL play area – reduced quote is noted – works ongoing and nearly finished.

8.2 Update on Conigre play area – few items to complete which will be completed soon. Slide to be repaired.

8.3 2017 Christmas Cards – it was agreed not to offer a card shop service this year due to space issues.

8.4 2017 St Andrews Christmas Tree Festival – it was agreed not to participate in this event with a CPC tree.


Cllr Wright proposed Cllr Williams to lead the Finance and General Purposes Section. Seconded by Cllr Watson.


Finance and General Purposes led by Cllr Williams

9.1 The bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Flint and seconded by Cllr Ashdown.

British Gas – final electric bill (old machinery store) £ 210.40

ABS Security – Machinery store alarm £ 240.00

G Browns – replacement key £ 6.86

Briants – new fence posts £ 95.51

RPC – Padlock and key cutting £ 59.89

J Merrill – OKL £ 3000.00

OCC Pension Fund £ 2338.75

Post Office Ltd – PAYE £ 2309.32

Prudential – AVC £ 150.00

Ternex – Windmill grant £ 1031.40

LABC – Building excellence awards reservations £ 408.00

Blooberry Design – Drone filming £ 528.00

Grundon Waste – waste wheeler empty £ 116.29

Microshade – Citrix £ 123.00

Liners, bags and Sacks – clear bags £ 122.18

Farol Ltd – New tyre £ 108.00

Arval Fuel – DD – 3-4-17 to 13-4-17 £ 158.88

Bulk Payment – DD – Salaries £ 6566.01

PWLB – DD - Loan repayment £10110.91

CNG Gas – DD - WFCH for March 17 £ 80.30

Zurich Municipal – Annual Insurance Premium 17/18 £ 4563.53

9.2 Financial Reports Month 12 were proposed by Cllr Haywood, seconded by Cllr Young.

9.3 Chinnor Community Pavilion – Latent Defects meetings are ongoing to get issues finalised.

9.4 OKL / Whitehorse Construction schedule of works was works – remaining S106 funding to be spent to complete edging and surfacing – The Clerk to instruct for stage 1 finishing works to commence. Further quotes will be required for the next stage of required works.

9.5 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – explanation and procedures were discussed and noted.

9.6 Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021 – noted.

9.7 Cllr Williams proposed to approve PCJ quote for sports wall repair - £4030.00, seconded by Cllr Bird.

9.8 Wet pour repair in St Andrew's Play area - £1541.00 – proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Higgs.

9.9 Curtis and Son quote for new fencing and pathway in Conigre play area perimeter – proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Bird.

9.10 The Clerk gave a full update following recent workshop theft. Three items of machinery were stolen. Agreed that the replacement equipment should be ordered from Briants. Council to review security measures.

9.11 Distribution of funding from Mill Lane Joint Users Hall – Letter from Brian Buckingham was discussed. Cllr Ashdown proposed to accept the distribution of funds as suggested, seconded by Cllr Haywood.

Vote – 4 in favour, 1 against, 5 abstained. Chairman vote in favour of proposal.


10 Clerks Report

10.1 Parish Council Annual Meeting – 22nd May – The Clerk advised format of meeting.


CHAIRMAN ___________________________________________ Dated ______________________

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