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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Oliver, Ridgley, Standage, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Liz Folley
Minutes of the AMENITIES COMMITTEE held Monday 26th October 2020

1. Apologies for absence: Jo Wills (Deputy Clerk). Cllr Edwards

2. Declarations of Interest – Cllr Ridgley declared an interest for Item 10.1

3. Public Question Time – one member of the public was present to represent C&PRR and stated their interest in getting involved with Youth Activities in the hope to engage and build a relationship with young people from our community

4. To approve the minutes of the Amenities Committee: 28th September 2020
Proposed by Cllr. Standage, seconded by Cllr Oliver. All in favour.

5. Footpaths and Open Spaces including sport field and pitches:
5.1 Nothing to report

6. Allotments
6.1 Update regarding Mill Lane Community Garden – grass cutting / grant application – request was received for our groundsman to mow the newly laid turf but this has since been withdrawn as our equipment would not be suitable for the first cut. Submission of grant application is expected
6.2 Chinnor allotments:
• Boundary Fencing – failing at Willow End – funding approved– work pending contractors to advise date.
• Boundary Fencing – Further failings found at Section backing onto Cherry Tree – quote to be obtained.

7. Play Areas
7.1 St. Andrews play area – we need to organise a meeting with SOHA regarding the lease – date to be arranged. Public opinion to be sought.
7.2 Conigre – Fencing damaged to rear of Band House, Lower Road – quote to be obtained.

8. Youth Matters
8.1 Youth Club – Update following recent meetings. Youth Club will re-open on the 12th November for a minimum 4 week trial period. Format will be different and very controlled. Youth Club have worked on a risk assessment to keep everything in line with Covid requirements. Clerk to meet on site with Youth Club Leaders and Windmill Café to agree shared usage. Cleaner will be sought to work after youth clubs session and prior to café opening on the Friday.

9. Environmental Policy
9.1 Electric charging points. Disappointment was displayed with regard to the F&GP response for this project. Proposal that this cost is put into the budget for financial year 2021/22 was approved (NB Full Council to approve budget at Dec/Jan meeting)
9.2 Policy in pictures – distributed to all in the Pump and copies available at CPC to collect. Positive feedback this publication has been well received.
9.3 To review the action points which need consideration or actioning. Nothing to discuss at this time.

10. Special Projects
10.1 Request from CYFC ref "gold wall" on WFCH to celebrate the anniversary of the club. It was proposed that permission be granted with conditions to be met to ensure that PC has no liability in the event of loss or damage.
10.2 To report on final plans for Remembrance Day 2020. There is a timed schedule (Saturday 7.11.20) for those people who wish to lay wreaths at the War Memorial and representatives from local community groups have been invited to attend the Sunday Church Service (Sunday 8.11.20). The church can host 50 people in total. Residents encouraged to stand on their doorsteps to observe the 2 minutes' silence at 11am - 08.11.20
10.3 Report from Cllr Standage regarding request for memorial stones to be decorated by children for Remembrance Day 2020. Really nice idea but it was agreed it was too late to organize. Cllr Standage will look at this for next year.

11. Trees
11.1 Cllr Oliver to report on tree planting. Request for donated trees and locations were agreed.
11.2 To report that request for tree to be planted in the Playing Fields in memory of Nicki Seymour has been withdrawn.
11.3 Approved Tree works pending –
• Henton green – numerous trees – 28th October for 4 days
• Van Diemens Close – 9 lime trees reduced – 27th October – 4 days
• Annual hedge cut – update on progress due to wet conditions, some hedges were unable to be cut due to access from the sports fields. 2 complaints were received from residents with concern that their cars had been covered in debris. 1 resident complained about the debris left under the hedge at Estover Way.
11.4 To purchase tree with donation following the felling of a tree at the allotments. It was approved to take Cllr Oliver's advise and purchase a Prunus Kanzan which will be planted near the Conigre Play area.

12. Chinnor Emergency Plan (Covid-19)
12.1 Update on Street Friend volunteer scheme – 12 more volunteers needed to cover remaining roads, so then every road has 2 or more SF allocated.
12.2 Update on Covid-19 actions following recent Government advice. No changes to discuss at this time.


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