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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting 23rd October 2017

PRESENT: Cllr Flint, Minter, Young, Wright & Williams

Staff: Liz Folley


Apologies: Cllrs Standage & Bird

Co-option of temporary F&GP Committee members to be agreed: proposed that Cllr Haywood is temporarily co-opted to the committee


Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:


Public Question time: No public present


Monthly Finance Reports

5.1 Bank Statements as at 30.09.17 – proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Williams

5.2 Petty Cash – Cash Book September – proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Minter

5.3 Budget Update September – proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Young.


Invoices for payment were proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Young:

Matt Gomme – annual hedge cutting £ 360.00

TV License – WFCH £ 147.00

Lamps and Tubes – year 2 of 3 of Christmas light rental £3357.60

Lyreco – copier ink £ 480.74

Farol Ltd – Kubota tyres £ 397.80

Motec – Kubota lamp £ 30.00

MD Rockell – allotment gate £ 625.00

OCC Pension Fund £2375.80

Post Office Ltd – PAYE £2369.99

Prudential – AVC £ 150.00

Grundon Waste – empty waste wheelers £ 95.28

SODC – dog bin empty – July to September £ 226.04

Microshade – Citrix rental £ 133.14

CNG – DD – WFCH Gas supply for September £ 33.98

Arval Fuel 3-10-17 to 12-10-17 £ 139.71

Arval Fuel 15-9-17 to 27-9-17 £ 118.75

Bulk Payments Salaries £6655.37

Lloyds Bank – Credit Card – bench and bags £ 548.28


Quotes for consideration:

7.1 Quotes for two new blue notice boards for Chamber were considered and agreed to purchase from Lyreco at £65 each

7.2 Quotes for CPC office storage furniture were considered and agreed to purchase from Ikea. Cllrs Flint & Young agreed to help with picking up the items. It was agreed that the IT group should assess further needs in regard to electronic storage of data.


Financial Matters

Asset Management – Brunel House, 36 Station Road – visit to be arranged Tuesday 31st October at 7pm to be arranged with tenant.

Aim to visit community pavilion by the end of November 2017

Community Infrastructure Levy update

Monies received - 5/5/17 £2,079 P16/S0574/FUL – 77 Lower Icknield Way

£1,801.80 P17/S0100/FUL- 20 Thame Road

Monies due £2462.85 P16/S4117/FUL – 40 Oakley Road

£10,890 P16/S2376/FUL - 20 Thame Road

Working group to look at these amounts in greater detail at their meeting on 30th October

BDO Notice of Conclusion of Audit has been received with no outstanding comments to consider. Chairman thanked the clerk for her continued work.

Draft budget 2018/19 – discussed and approved subject to review of PCSO payment to take place November and SODC tax base information.

Cllr Haywood requested that the PC inform the allotment of rent increase and the money that has been spent on improvements.


Other Matters

9.1 To approve new Trustee for the Chinnor Community Pavilion – it was recommended that Michael Deval should be proposed for this position proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Williams


Clerks Report Thank you letter from Village Centre for their grant – noted




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