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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held via Zoom on Monday 17th August

PRESENT: Cllr Edwards, Gray, Young, Wright, Williams (chair).
Staff: Liz Folley

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Minter
2. Absent: Cllr Flint
3. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

4. Public Question time: Cllr Ashdown explained the youth club report in relation to item 9.4

5. Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee: 20th July 2020
Proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Williams

6. Monthly Finance Reports to be approved:
Bank Statements – July – proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Gray
Petty Cash – Cash Book July – proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Edwards
Precept and Budget Update July – proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Edwards

7. Approval of payments: Proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Gray
HMRC – Tax & NI 2,386.29
Bulk Pay – Salaries 7,022.91
OCC Pensions – Contributions 2,504.83
Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00
Briants of Risborough – equipment 22.99
Play source – Conigre final repairs 1020.00
Dogs Trust – Waste Bags 120.00
Clarity Copiers – Photocopying 60.94
MLSA – grant 266.54
Microshade – IT services 125.88
SODC – dog bin empty 1 April to 30 June 914.94
Striders up 4 grabs – green waste clearance 350.00

Payments by Direct Debit/SO
Allstar – fuel 30/06 to 13/07 193.97
Allstar – fuel 16/07 to 28/07 153.39
BT – Broadband 106.22
BT – Cloud Phone 177.90
CNG – WF Gas 31.92
BNP Paribas – copier lease 05/08 to 04/11 146.11
Grundon – Waste Wheelers 139.19
Lloyds Charge Card 429.35
Amazon - staples 7.36
Amazon - Prime 7.99
Giff Gaff phones 16.00
SLCC courses 398.00

7. Contracts / Quotations
7.1 To consider quotation and options for fence work at Allotments – further quotes required.
7.2 Traffic Calming – to agree funding of an OCC speed survey in Greenwood Avenue one-way section - £150.00 approx. costs. Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Young.
7.3 To review quotes and propose the following tree works:
• Van Diemens – lime trees £1400.00
• Benton end of Playing Fields £ 595.00
Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Edwards

8. Other Communications and General Purposes:
8.1 To update on memory bench – proposal that the family of Sandy Watson have permission to purchase and place a bench at Station Road/Church Lane and that a location for the family of Andrew Winterbottom is considered opposite the Wee Book Shop. Proposed by Cllr. Gray, seconded by Cllr Edwards.
Proposal that a bench is purchased and dedicated to the community for their support during Covid-19 from CilS funding Proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Young.
Amenities committee to consider location for Covid bench.
8.2 Update regarding 36 Station Road (Wee Book Shop) – Fight Bladder Cancer have some remedial work to complete prior to new tenants who aim to take over 1st September 2020.
8.3 To discuss Whites Field community hall hire and update on hire requests for autumn. It was agreed that due to the increased risk and the extra cleaning that would be required that Whites Field Community Hall is temporarily not available for casual hire until further notice. Windmill Café are currently hiring Friday – Sunday and have taken sole responsibility for the cleaning
8.4 Chinnor Youth Club – to discuss recent meeting and to approve notes from meeting and agree a way forward with salaries and any other ongoing costs. It was agreed that clerk should obtain employment information and be discussed further at the next full council meeting.
8.5 OCC funded bike racks – it was agreed that the racks should be placed at High Street (near Village Centre), Church Road (near Cross Keys Surgery) and at White's Field. If further racks should become available it was agreed that they should be used at The Village Hall and Mill Lane Community Garden.



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