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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting on Monday 19th October 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Flint (Chair), Edwards, Gray, Minter, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Young
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

3. Public Question time: 1 member of the public was present.
4. To approve the minutes of the following Finance Committee: 21st September 2020
Proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Wright

5. Monthly Finance Reports to be approved:
Bank Statements – Sept – proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Edwards. All in favour.
Petty Cash – September – proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Gray. All in favour.
Budget Update September – proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour

Budget forecast for 2021-2022 – The Clerk will write an article in the Pump asking for community input and to prepare a draft budget for Council to view and comment on.

6. Approval of payments: Proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Edwards. All in favour.
HMRC – Tax & NI 2494.26
Bulk Pay – Salaries 7151.00
OCC Pensions – Contributions 2590.20
Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00
Farol – Kubota and ransom repair 241.20
DF Sales – food waste bags 388.80
Scoop Dotty Dog – dog bin empty 165.00
Microshade – IT services 125.88
Complete Weed Control – weed control 780.00
Lamps and Tubes – festive lighting 8170.61
AJ Heating – WF boiler 85.00
Clarity Copiers – Photocopying 131.87
Rialtas – accounts 312.00
Viking – stationery and WF cleaning items 136.45
TDP – New bench and perch seat 915.01
Bladder Cancer – deposit refund 6750.00
Play Source – rope repair 1380.00
SODC – final dog bin empty 351.90
TV License – WFCH 157.50
Fire Cover Ltd – Extinguisher Service WFCH 57.60
ABS Security – routine alarm service 264.00
Brian Regler – Land registry fee 20.00 – receipt required.

Approval of direct debits: Proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Edwards. All in favour.
Arval Fuel 1-10-20 to 13-10-20 125.50
British Gas – WF electric 221.36
Castle Water – WFCH water supply 5.00
Grundon Waste – waste wheel collection 106.64
Opus Energy – HRR electric 11.27
Lloyds Charge Card 397.66
BT – broadband 144.12
Croner – HR Support 147.47

7. Contracts / Quotations
7.1 Electric charging car points – Community Pavilion
The Clerk to look into funding options and to review regularly.
The Council remains committed to supporting the environmental ambitions, however it was felt now was not the right time. It was agreed to consider at a point where there is growing need and benefit to the wider community as this is a significant investment in the future. It was agreed to periodically review this and understand how technology is developing to support this.
7.2 Boiler for WF – quote for new boiler is approx. £2000.00 – proposed by Cllr Flint and seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.
7.3 Quote from Croner for Health and Safety support was not approved at this time.
7.4 Leak issue with the Velux windows at the Pavilion – a local company to be appointed to investigate and quote for repairs.

Cllr Minter arrived at the meeting.

8. Other Communications and General Purposes:
8.1 Whites Field community hall hire will be used on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November.
8.2 Chinnor Youth Club – a further meeting to be held this week with paid staff to discuss opening in November. If agreed to open a cleaner will be appointed for early Friday morning.
8.3 Grants – 3 applications have been sent out and none yet returned – close date is 30th October.
8.4 Website – a third quote has now been received. The Clerk to chase up the hosting company for traffic information. Cllr Gray to email all a summary and to be decided upon at the next F&GP.
8.5 Update on HR matters – one member of staff is currently on leave due to illness – a phased return will be discussed and light duties considered if needed.

Chairman ________________________________________ Dated __________________________

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