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MINUTES of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 18th September 2017


PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

Staff: Liz Folley and Jo Wills

Apologies: Cllr Bird


Co-option of temporary Planning Committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Public Question time: 1 member of the public was present.

Objections were noted regarding P17/S2915/RM – Land north of Lower Icknield Way:

Mix of housing and layout is incorrect and does not flow correctly. Over development. Concerns over traffic and parking and access to the main road.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P17/S1867/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Amended Details - Full planning application for residential development comprising 54 dwellings, new vehicular and pedestrian access, internal roads and footpaths, car parking, public open space, landscaping, drainage and other associated infrastructure. (As clarified by contamination study accompanying Agents letter received 19 June 2017 and amended plans and additional information accompanying Agents letter dated 30 August 2017).

Address: Land off Crowell Road, Chinnor

CPC Recommendation: Objection (117537)

Not in the adopted Chinnor Neighbourhood Development Plan. CPC fully support the OCC comments.

Vehicle access dangerous due to increased traffic flow.

Exceeds SODC allocation of dwellings in the draft Local Plan. Over development.

Extends the village boundary to the west reducing the distance to Crowell. The Bellway development opposite does not extend the village boundary because the developed proportion of the site ends in line with the development in Oakley lane.

Adverse impact on the rural nature of the environment and a negative impact on the conservation area.

The layout shown on the outline plan does not provide a sympathetic approach to the village.

We support the housing development officers comments that the mix of housing is not as required.

2.5 storey buildings are not appropriate for the edges of this site and should not be included at all.

In order to preserve the number of parking spaces there should be car ports rather than garages.


Application Ref: P17/S2915/RM

Proposal: Approval for Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscape) pursuant to Outline application (P15/S0154/O) for the erection of up to 89 dwellings with public open space, landscaping, vehicle access and footpath links at Land off of Lower Icknield Way and consent sought for discharge of conditions 1, 6, 9, 14 and 15.

Address: Land north of Icknield Way

CPC Recommendation: Objection (117538)

The design of the estate is not satisfactory because there is no central open space thus giving an appearance of a totally solid development.

Low level street lighting is required because the site is on the edge of the village and impinging on rural areas and is visible from the AONB.

Insufficient landscaping on plans and much more planting is needed. All existing hedgerows to be preserved, particularly the road front hedges.

Street scene of development not at all satisfactory.

External appearance of dwellings not satisfactory – a muted finish is required – traditional brick and flint with dark roofing. Concerns over safety of pond area – fencing must be erected.

Play area required – there is no indication of any play area.

Car ports required instead of garages. Lack of parking spaces a major concern throughout development – the parking provided does not even approach the desired level of 1 space per bedroom.

During construction entirety all vehicles must be on site – no parking on adjacent grass verges.

Flats are unneighbourly and overdevelopment in their current position.

Future management of area is a concern – all properties should be either rented or freehold.

A meeting is suggested between CPC and Bovis Homes to explore a better approach to this development.

Please confirm if SODC are satisfied with conditions – especially foul water.


Application Ref: P17/S2394/A Advertisement Consent Amended Details

Proposal: Amended Details - Proposed signboards, 6m flagpoles and spotlights (as amended plans dated 6-9-17)

Address: Land south of Crowell Road

CPC Recommendation: Objection (117539)

This is a rural area on the edge of the village and prominently viewable form the AONB and therefore signage and light pollution should be kept to a minimum. The use of flags or spot lights in this area is not acceptable.


Application Ref: P17/S2424/A Advertisement Consent

Proposal: V board sign advertising future residential development on land.

Address: Land north of Lower Icknield Way

CPC Recommendation: Approval (117540)

On condition that no more signage is applied for or erected.


Application Ref: P17/S3092/FUL

Proposal: Replace existing building with a portal steel framed building for agricultural storage purposes.

Address: 9, The Green, Henton

CPC Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S3039/HH

Proposal: Proposed dropped kerb and cross-over of public footpath.

Address: Farm Cottage, Oakley Road

CPC Recommendation: No Strong Views

CPC fully support OCC comments.


Application Ref: P17/S2767/FUL

Proposal: Formation of outdoor riding area.

Address: Henton Manor, New Close Farm Road, Henton

CPC Recommendation: No Strong Views

Would like to see the Forestry comments and decisions.


Application Ref: P17/S2953/HH

Proposal: Erection of single storey front extension.

Address: 7 Fox Cover

CPC Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S3130/HH

Proposal: Single storey glazed extension to rear of house.

Address: 3 Church Lane

CPC Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S3219/HH

Proposal: Extensions and alterations including new dormer in front roof slope. Side link extension to entrance. Alterations to existing rear extension. New pitched roof over garage and reduce garage size. Re-tile roof, render walls, replace doors and windows including new openings.

Address: Kynama, Henton

CPC Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S2947/LDP – Certificate of Lawful Development – INFORMATION ONLY

Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension

Address: 80 Station Road


Application Ref: P17/S3132/LDE – Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use - INFORMATION ONLY

Proposal: Certificate of Lawfulness for: 1/ Existing Use of Manor Farm Barns and land as an equestrian livery yard; 2/ Retention of overhead floodlighting for the outdoor arena, in breach of condition 3 of planning permission P00/N0401

Address: Manor Farm, Henton


6.2 Planning Approval decisions made by SODC:

Application Ref: P17/S1116/FUL

Proposal: Demolition of redundant garages and erection of new dwelling (as amended)

Address: Land adjacent to 64 High Street


Application Ref: P17/S2138/HH

Proposal: Ground floor rear extension for dining room with pitched roof, connect to existing extensions on two sides. Remove manhole and relocate to new position outside proposed extension floor area.

Address: 14 Lower Icknield Way


Application Ref: P17/S2023/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 – siting of ménage on ref P15/S3267 (as amended)

Address: Land adjoining Fairwood, Lower Icknield Way


Application Ref: P17/S1496/HH

Proposal: Convert existing car port into living accommodation adjoining listed barn conversion.

Address: Allnutts Barn, Allnutts Farm, Henton


6.3 Planning Refusal decision made by SODC:

Application Ref: P17/S1915/O

Proposal: Erection of 10 two-storey detached and semi detached dwellings with access, parking, landscaping and amenity space.

Address: Land adjoining 54 Lower Icknield Way


6.4 The Planning Inspectorate – Appeal Decision

Application Ref: P16/S4025/O

Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/W/17/3173879

Proposal: Two detached dormer houses, replacing existing demolished agricultural shed

Address: Land adjoin 7 Emmington

Appeal Decision: The appeal is dismissed


6.5 Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 – Decision

Change of Use from B1(a) offices to three self contained dwelling (C3 use) at Robert House, 19 Station Road

Decision: Prior Approval is Granted with conditions.


6.6 Planning Matters

6.6.1 Preliminary ideas from the Diocese of Oxford for the potential redevelopment of the existing Rectory garden area were reviewed. This is a windfall site and scheme number 3 is the preferred option. It is required that the site be developed and used for over 55 years dwellings in its entirety. Parking provision required for shops.

6.6.2 Preliminary ideas from The Peacock, Henton for the potential development of staff accommodation and increase in parking area for use of The Peacock. CPC fully support the ideas.

6.6.3 Tree Preservation order – 17S27 – The Barn House, 46 Lower Icknield Way – Tree Preservation Order came into force on 7th September 2017. Noted.

6.6.4 Tree Preservation order – 17S22 – Land adjoining 54 Lower Icknield Way - Tree Preservation Order came into force on 12th September 2017. Noted.

6.6.5 P16/S3184/FUL – The Barn House, 46 Lower Icknield Way – Appeal ref: App/Q3115/W/17/3179647 – letter of objection has been sent from CPC to the Planning Inspectorate giving objection reasons.

6.6.6 Land at Crowell Road, Chinnor – email regarding construction work commencement schedule – wheel washing of all vehicles to be a priority.

6.6.7 Erection of 2 residential dwellings to be named and numbered: Lamia, 67A and 67B Lower Icknield Way.

6.6.8 Erection of new residential dwelling to be named and numbered: Grove Cottage, 38B Station Road

6.6.9 South Oxfordshire Local Plan – meeting on 11th October – Cllr Haywood and Rowton-Lee to attend.


7 Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

7.1 Update from Cllr Haywood on Referendum Result which was held on 7th September 2017:

Number cast in favour of a Yes - 1744 96%

Number cast in favour of a No - 77 4%

Electorate: 5009

Ballot Papers Issued: 1824

Turnout: 36.4 %

7.3 Update from Cllr Haywood on next steps - Meeting with SODC officers 9th October to go through Plan management. All Councillors are urged to get involved and look at other adopted plans for ideas of how to manage the plan going forward.


8 Road Closure / Road works notifications:

8.1 Outside 40 Oakley Road - 2 way 24 hour temporary traffic signals from 20/09 to 26/09 – Thames Water.

8.2 Benton Drive / Grafton Orchard to be closed for resurface and repair works on 19th October.


CHAIRMAN _________________________________________________ Dated ___________________


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