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NOTES of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE MEETING held on 11th September 2017 in Henton


PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Haywood, Higgs, Ridgley, Williams

Staff: Liz Folley and Jo Wills

Apologies: Cllr Standage, Watson, Wright


Invitation notes had been posted through the doors of neighbouring properties plus posters erected on the Village Green and posters up in The Peacock.

The Councillors met with 15 members of public, all of reside in Henton.

The main aim of the public meeting was to speak to the residents regarding complaints received about the village green.

Parking on Henton Green.

Residents cutting Henton Green.

Cllr Ashdown explained that the grass areas are cut every fortnight by the parish Council Groundsmen.

All trees in the area are maintained by CPC and all works carried out by our tree specialists.

Members of public present explained their concerns over parking and grass cutting.

The public present were asked to vote:

Parking concerns... should the Parish Council look at posts / boulders or something similar to put along the edge of the green to stop cars parking?

Vote – 12 residents felt this was not necessary as it does not happen too often.

3 residents wanted these options explored.

Grass cutting... the Parish Council has recently requested for a resident not to cut the grass on such a regular basis but to leave it to the Groundsmen to cut. Do the residents wish to continue regular cutting themselves over the forthcoming summer cutting seasons?

Vote - 12 residents were happy to cut and had no issues with assisting with the cutting.

3 residents felt cutting should cease due to environmental issues.

Cllr Ashdown thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Public meeting closed.


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