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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee on Monday 10th August 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Williams, Ridgley, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Jo Wills.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Wright, D/Cllr Ian White
2. Declarations of Interest – None
3. Public Question Time – No public were present

4. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 13th July 2020
Proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Ridgley. All in favour.

5. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes: No change on land transfer and turning circle issue to date.
OCC road adoption – ongoing.

Bellway Development, Crowell Road: The hoggin path to be raised to avoid puddling.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane: Signage issue resolved!
Leases being prepared to sign regarding the pending open space garden area.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way: Open space / play area and pond area will be constructed in September time, all being well.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane: Ongoing items still waiting an answer...
• No specific date for adoption available yet
• Remedial works still need to be undertaken.
• Bollards are on the remedial list.
• Soft landscape area out the front of no.7, declined putting another footpath in.
• Poor state of new pathway being investigated
• Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue: Reserved Matters application – a revised application to be submitted to SODC in the next few weeks – hopefully this might address a lot of the objections on the previous version.
Slow worm translocation work has begun – low level fencing erected and Ecologists on site.




6. Planning applications were considered:
See rolling report attached.
SODC are not supplying paper copies now so all must be viewed online prior to the meeting.
Please log onto www.southoxon.gov.uk and type the application reference number in the search box to pull up the plan details.

7. Planning Decisions made by SODC
See rolling report attached.

8. Correspondence
8.1 12 Pilmore Meadow to now be named Olive Tree House.
8.2 CYFC considering installation of ball stop fencing / netting at the bottom of White's Field which would be 20ft high and 50ft wide. CPC approve in principle as long as it is environmentally friendly and raised 2-3ft from ground level to allow smaller creatures under.

9. Traffic and Roads
9.1 Station Road – From Crown pub down to Lower Road - 24-hour closure from 4th August for up to 7 weeks for gas repair works – OCC and TVP aware of required parking restrictions for High Street and Church Road during this closure. The Clerk to report on recent meeting with the contractor to agree parking restrictions.
9.2 Hill Road closed 10-12 August – for Thames Water
9.3 Church Lane closed – laying of ducting from 21st October to 23rd October 2020.


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