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PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

Staff: Jo Wills

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held in the PARISH CHAMBER, COMMUNITY PAVILION, CHINNOR on Monday 19th March 2018


Apologies for absence: Cllr Bird

Declarations of Interest – Cllr Rowton-Lee regarding P18/S0495 – withdrawn application.


Public Question Time – No public were present.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P18/S0751/HH

Proposal: Erection of new oak framed orangery extension

Address: 46 Station Road

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0738/HH

Proposal: Garage conversion and single storey rear/side extension, new vehicle driveway and new garden shed

Address: 27 Lower Icknield Way

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0015/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Provision of a pitched roof and modifications to the agricultural barn previously approved under application P16/S1687/FUL (retrospective). Amended plans and supporting information received 27 February 2018).

Address: Land associated with Bridleway Barn Sprigs Holly Chinnor Hill

Recommendation: No Strong Views


Application Ref: P18/S0496/HH

Proposal: Single storey flat roof extension at the rear of the property and a new porch to the existing front entrance on the side of the property

Address: 11 Malyns Close

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0479/HH

Proposal: Amendment to previous planning permission P16/S0768/HH to include extending forwards front wall to side extension to form bedroom 2 and new main entrance and front porch.

Address: 5 Leyburne Gardens

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0575/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Address: 34 High Street

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0667/HH

Proposal: Single storey oak framed outbuilding to house indoor swimming pool, plus associated plant room and home gym.

Address: Henton manor, New Close Farm Road, Henton

Recommendation: Approval


Certificate of Lawful Development - noted

Application Ref: P18/S0630/LDE

Proposal: Retrospective application for certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of the converted garage as a subsidiary building to the main residence.

Address: Ash Wain Cottage, Wainhill


Withdrawn Application –noted

Application Ref: P18/S0495/FUL

Proposal: Siting of two shepherd huts in orchard between March and October each year to provide additional Seasonal bed and breakfast accommodation.

Address: Thatched Cottage, Wainhill


6. Planning Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P17/S4473/FUL – Amended

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (Approved Plans) of planning permission P16/S1486/RM, to replace approved plan 04 Rev A with plan 04 Rev B. Application for Reserved Matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for two detached 5-bedroom dwellings following outline planning permission P15/S0283/O (both dwellings positioned further forward and Plot 2 moved further from boundary with No.51 and reduced in depth as shown on amended plans received 2nd August 2016).

Address: 47 & 49 Oakley Lane


Application Ref: P17/S4327/HH Amended Details

Proposal: New second storey over garage extension for additional bedroom, walk in wardrobe and en-suite. (as per additional plans 16-01-18 and 08-02-18)

Address: 42 The Avenue


Application Ref: P18/S0026/HH

Proposal: Single storey side and rear extension. Move dropped kerb.

Address: 2 Golden Hills


Application Ref: P17/S4358/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear and side extensions (replacing existing garage) and fenestration alterations to existing dwelling

Address: 30 Rectory Meadow


Application Ref: P18/S0318/HH

Proposal: Erection of rear extensions following demolition of conservatory

Address: 65 Cherry Tree Road


Application Ref: P18/S0299/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extensions in order to split the current living area into a separate lounge and dining room.

Address: 37 Kiln Avenue


7. Planning Refusal by SODC

Application Ref: P17/S4139/O

Proposal: Erection of 10 two-storey detached and semi-detached dwellings (All shared-ownership) together with access, parking, landscaping and amenity space.

Address: Land adjacent to 54 Lower Icknield Way


8. Appeal Notification

Application Ref: P17/S2351/HH

Appeal Reference: APP/Q3115/D/17/3190124

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Address: Lower Farm House, 38 Lower Road

Appeal Start date: 8th March 2018

Written representations: before 12th April 2018


9. Planning Matters

9.1 P17/S3916/FUL – A2 Dominion site – a revised plan to be submitted soon. Developers have agreed to meet CPC once the revised plan has been seen by CPC under consultation.

9.2 P17/S2915 – Bovis Development on Lower Icknield Way – Email from SODC Planning Officer following concerns and resident complaints regarding hedge removal of site confirming this was allowed, as stated in the approval conditions of the development.

9.3 Following on from last Planning meeting ref: P18/S0316/PDH and P18/S0318/HH –applications for same property – email explanation from Planning Officer was noted.

9.4 Email from resident re concerns over traffic on Estover Way – request for action has been sent to OCC Highways to request double yellow lines. .

9.5 To advise concern with regard to SODC Planning Application consultations and the different wording used by SODC on paper copies and website forms causing confusion - ongoing.

9.6 Request from residents to consider 'No construction traffic' signage at Mill Lane has been forwarded to OCC Highways and SODC Planning.

9.7 Tree Preservation Order 18S03 – The Barn House, 46 Lower Icknield Way – effective 130318

9.8 It was agreed for each Councillor on Planning Committee to look into, and gain information on the details of each development – currently 5 ongoing in the Parish. Details of each one to agreed at the next Planning Committee.

9.9 Each councillor to view Henton green and also New Farm Close to view damage to both road and green caused by heavy vehicles.


10. Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

10.1 The Councillors viewed and agreed approved minutes from the CNHP meeting – ref: Review of Plan dated 15-02-18 and 01-03-18.

These minutes are on the website under 2018 Plan Review.

Cllr Williams explained that following a recent meeting a professional has been appointed to work on the Plan under the review.



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