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Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 21st August 2017

PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chair), Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown and Higgs.,

Staff: Liz Folley

Apologies: Cllr Bird


Co-option of temporary Planning Committee members to be agreed: It was proposed and agreed that Cllrs Minter and Standage join the committee

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Personal Interests noted: Cllr Williams – P17/S2324/O and Cllr Rowton-Lee P17/S2599/HH


Public Question time: 20 members of public were in attendance.

Resident from Doveleat represented many in attendance and outlined their objections to application P17/S2324/O

Resident expressed her concern with regard to current developments and the increased volume of sewage which will go through the pumping station at Mill Lane. Residents are already experiencing problems with raw sewage when the pump is unable to cope. Although a Grampian order is in place this does not include any pumping station upgrade. Apparently Thames Water has undertaken a Sewage Impact Study but this has not been made available to the residents or SODC. Help with obtaining information and clarification is required.

Brian Fagan addressed the committee with regard to forming a Traffic sub committee as per the email that has been sent to all councillors.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P17/S2324/O

Proposal: Outline planning application with all matters reserved (apart from access) for the erection of up to 51 dwellings and associated infrastructure and works.

Address: Land south east of Doveleat


Recommendation: Objection


Application Ref: P17/S2599/HH

Proposal: Erection of a porch

Address: Lower Wainhill Farmhouse, Wainhill


Recommendation: Approval subject to condition being made to limit transport to 7.5 tonnes or below - No Turning in lane for vehicles – All parking must be on site – Lane and access must not be blocked


Application Ref: P17/S2495/HH

Proposal: Retrospective application for the erection of a timber garden shed on a concrete base to the rear of the existing double garage.

Address: 7 Hernes Oak


Recommendation: No Strong Views – Technical matter with regard to height


Application Ref: P17/S2856/HH

Proposal: Demolition of existing structure and erection of two-bay detached garage

Address: Trackways, Chinnor Hill



Recommendation: Approval

Application Ref: P17/S2796/HH

Proposal: Erection of single store outbuilding to form garden machinery store

Address: Henton Manor, New Close Farm Road, Henton


Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S2688/HH

Proposal: Erection of conservatory to the rear elevation of the existing dwelling

Address: 5 Church Lane


Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S2913/FUL

Proposal: Demolition of two barns, conversion of traditional timber framed cowshed with extension to form 3-bedroom dwelling and the erection of garages, and access over permissive way". New roof and timber cladding together with bin store to existing pump house and realignment of permissive way.

Address: The Stone House, New Close Farm Road, Henton


Recommendation: Approval


6.1 Planning Permissions granted by SODC

Application Ref: P17/S1999/HH

Proposal: Remove roof light and insert dormer, Purlin to remain

Address: 33a High Street


Application Ref: P17/S1980/HH

Proposal: Demolition of existing garage, erection of proposed ground and first floor side extension and single storey front porch.

Address: 12 Flint Hollow


Application Ref:P17/S1946/HH

Proposal: Existing storage and plant room to be refurbished and converted to gym/pool house. New external swimming pool. New gate piers to access drive. Erection of new garage with multi use room in roof space.

Address: The Stone House, New Close Farm Road, Towersey


Application Ref: P17/S2001/O

Proposal: Erection of detached dwelling and associated garaging

Address: 1 Manor Farmhouse, Henton


Application Ref: P17/S2207/HH

Proposal: Erection of single storey front extension

Address: 11 Hunters Point


6.2 Planning Refusal decision made by SODC:

Application Ref: P17/S1630/HH

Proposal: Erection of 1.8m fence replacing existing fence in same location (as amended 6-8-17)

Address: Hill House, Chinnor Hill


6.3 Planning Matters

6.3.1 Withdrawn application – P17/S1998/HH – single storey rear extension at 61a Oakley Road - noted

6.3.2 SE17/415 Alleged Breach – Non compliance of condition 22 of permission P15/S0779/FUL (construction traffic management) at Mill Lane. Enforcement office has attended site and confirmed that there was no breach of condition.

6.3.3 Notification that conversion of offices to 20 new flats will be known as: 1 to 20 Claremont Place.

6.3.4 Notification that separation of business address from residential address resulting in two individual addressed to be known as:

Chinnor Turf and Paving Supplies, Springfield Gardens, Chinnor

Bartons, Springfield Gardens, Chinnor

6.3.5 Email from resident regarding drainage improvements to the Mill Lane pumping station. Resident to be encouraged to contact the MP. Council will also bring this matter to the attention of MP. Contact to be made with Thames Water. Meeting to be set up with the County Council.

6.3.6 P17/S1116/FUL Land adjacent 64 High Street. SODC officer will be recommending approval of this scheme. Confirmation required that the PC intends to maintain its objection rather than allowing this to be determined under delegated powers. The Council agreed that they could no longer refuse on material matter and therefore reluctantly agreed that they should submit No Strong Views.


7 Highways - Traffic and Transport

7.1 To discuss and agree training dates for the SID – 24th August at 1.30pm - encourage willing volunteers to attend.

7.2 Letter from resident with concerns regarding traffic on Oakley Road. This email has been forwarded to OCC Highways. It was agreed that an urgent meeting is required with OCC and our County Councillor to address all Traffic concerns.


8 Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

8.1 Letter from Brian Fagan to be discussed. It was agreed that this matter should be further discussed at the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

8.2 Update on Referendum and progress of website etc – Cllr Haywood reported that leaflets were scheduled for delivery to every household on Sunday. Posters and banners should be ready this week and will hopefully flood the community. Help is needed for promoting the NP at the Beer Festival and Flower Show


9 Temporary Traffic Light Notifications

21.8.17 – 25.8.17 Mill Lane

22.8.17 Thame Road, just past Sydenham Junction (Thames Water)

29.8.17 – 30.8.17 Keens Lane


CHAIRMAN ________________________________________ DATED ____________________

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