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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 8th June 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Ridgley, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills.
Also present: D/Cllr Ian White

1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Public Question Time – 2 members of the public were present regarding objections to the planning application for 33 Cowleaze.
D/Cllr White reported on new procedures at the SODC Planning Department and the current decision that Council will not be invited to Planning Committee if their recommendation differs with the Planning Officers.

4. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 11th May 2020
Proposed by Cllr Ridgley and seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

5. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes: No change on land transfer and turning circle issue to date.
Grass cutting not regular at this time due to staff shortages.
OCC road adoption – ongoing.
Recent meeting held via zoom with residents – concerns raised regarding highway adoption, street lights, litter bins, open space area, wildlife protection and the care home land – all being investigated by The Clerk.

Bellway Development, Crowell Road: The hoggin path around the drainage pond is wet and the ground workers will raise this section. Question over the old access road closure date.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane: Signage issue continues – it was replaced and then removed again by developer!! Waiting response from developer as to way forward.
Update from The Clerk regarding the pending open space garden area.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way: Open space / play area and pond area will be constructed in September time, all being well.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane: Ongoing items still waiting an answer...
• Poor state of new pathway being investigated
• New wooden bollards to replace the old back ones in the old junction
• Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park
• Hedgerow needs a tidy up - we are advised that all netting now removed
• General tidy up of open space and removal of stones and level - replace with top soil

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue: Waiting on SODC decision on amended plans.

6. Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P20/S1607/FUL
Proposal: Erection of a wooden store
Address: 38 Station Road
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169684

Application Ref: P20/S1584/HH
Proposal: Proposed two-storey and single storey side and rear extensions to existing house
Address: 5 Wykeham Rise
CPC Recommendation: No Objection with comments
The Velux side window should be obscured glass
Please ensure all light and parking regulations are met. 169685

Application Ref: P20/S1616/HH
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension to existing annexe
Address: Millweye House, Henton
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169686

Application Ref: P20/S1618/FUL
Proposal: Demolition of single storey attached garage and construction of new two storey side attached dwelling.
Address: 33 Cowleaze
To note – objection letters as previously emailed
CPC Recommendation: Objection
Producing 2 sub-standard dwellings which are not in keeping as the rest of Cowleaze consists of detached or semi-detached dwellings with no terraces and of poor design.
Parking facilities at both properties appear to be below minimum size..
Introduces a dangerous corner between Cowleaze and Robins Platt.
Access to rear parking space may cause difficulties to residents of Robins Platt.
Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan: Policy CH GP2 - Protection of Habitats of Significance - Ensuring that there will be no loss to existing trees and hedgerows. There is a large tree within the proposed build that would be removed if planning approved and local objections point to habitat loss to local species. 169687

Application Ref: P20/S1378/HH Amended
Proposal: Two storey extension (As per arboriculture info submitted 20 May 2020, amended plans submitted 21 May 2020 and amended tree protection plan submitted 27 May 2020).
Address: Duck Cottage, 3 Station Road
CPC Recommendation: No Objection

Application Ref: P19/S4079/DIS
Proposal: Discharge of conditions 5 - dwelling mix; 6 - ground levels; 7 - travel plan; 9 - vehicular access; 12 - drainage strategy; 13 - surface water drainage; 14 - tree protection; 15 - landscape management; 16 - noise mitigation; 17 - odour and pollutant mitigation; and 18 - air quality on application ref. P16/S3284/O (Additional drainage information received 14 May 2020) Outline planning application for erection of up to 140 dwellings, new public open space, associated landscaping and site infrastructure. All matters reserved.
Address: Land to rear of Greenwood Avenue
CPC Recommendation: Objection with comments
Support objections raised by Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway
Please refer to recent Appeal Dismissed against Traylor Wimpey for the acoustic fencing at Old Kiln Lakes. Similar protection would be required here.

Application Ref: P20/S1351/HH
Proposal: Single storey rear extension.
Address: 65 Hedgerley
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169689

Application Ref: P20/S1738/HH
Proposal: Single storey oak framed outbuilding to house indoor swimming pool plus associated plant room, home gym and changing room.
Address: Henton Manor New Close Farm Road Henton
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169690

Application Ref: P20/S1522/HH
Proposal: Two storey rear extension
Address: 3 Middle Farm Close
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169691

Application Ref: P20/S1468/DIS
Proposal: Discharge of condition 4 (materials) and 9 (landscaping) on planning application P19/S1634/FUL. Erection of single storey 2-bedroom dwelling
Address: 22 Oakley Lane
CPC Recommendation: No Objection with comments
Concerns over dangerous construction site – fence panels have been removed to allow access to heavy machinery which has now damaged the pedestrian pavement. Access point dangerous for visibility and damaged highway / pavement a huge concern. OCC are aware.

Application Ref: P20/S1412/HH
Proposal: First floor rear extension, car port and chimney flue to side elevation.
Address: 71 Cherry Tree Road
CPC Recommendation: No Objection with comments
Ensure that satisfactory provision has bene made to access the rear of the property.
Ensure that satisfactory bin storage facilitiesare provided. Loss of driveway a concern due to lack of parking. Ensure that legal levels of parking are provided on site. 169692

Application Ref: P20/S1822/HH
Proposal: Proposed part 2-storey part single storey side/rear extension
Address: 7 Lacemakers
CPC Recommendation: No Objection 169693

Application Ref: P20/S1472/DIS Amendments
Proposal: Discharge of Conditions 3 - tree protection plan of Planning Permission P19/S3202/HH.(as amended by drawing received 3 June 2020). (Alterations to roof of existing rear extension; single-storey extensions to rear and flank of existing rear extension; associated works to retain raised garden areas).
Address: 5 High Street
CPC Recommendation: No Objection

7. Planning Approvals made by SODC were noted
Application Ref: P20/S0887/HH
Proposal: Demolition of existing outbuildings. Erection of single storey side/rear extension
Address: 5 Greenwood Avenue

Application Ref: P20/S0832/LB
Proposal: Repairs to damage caused by vehicle impact.
Address: 4 Lower Road

Application Ref: P20/S0130/HH
Proposal: First floor rear extension
Address: 47 Elderdene

Application Ref: P19/S4183/FUL Amended Details
Proposal: Erection of 2 dwellings (revised plans received 21st January 2020 reducing the scale of the proposed buildings, attaching them and amending other aspects of the design)
Address: Manor Farm House, Henton

Application Ref: P19/S4105/FUL
Proposal: Retrospective planning application to retain replacement factory building as constructed with additional landscaping.
Address: Chinnor Turf and Paving Suppliers, Bartons, Springfield Gardens

Application Ref: P19/S4471/LDE – Certificate of Lawful Development
Proposal: The use of a mobile home has been more than 10 years the extension to the mobile home is over 4 years old.
Address: Chinnor Turf and Paving Suppliers, Bartons, Springfield Gardens

Application Ref: P20/S1297/HH
Proposal: Double storey and single storey rear extensions and associated internal alterations
Address: 25 Wykeham Rise

8. Correspondence
8.1 CPC will write a letter of support for DfT funding of Chinnor Railway extension to Aston Rowant.
8.2 Temporary Road Closure notice were noted:
• 9th July – Chinnor Hill Road
• 10-12 August - Chinnor Hill Road
8.3 Two new dwellings in Manor Farm, Henton to be named Manor Farm Way. Noted.
8.4 Highway update – waiting on the quotes for traffic calming measures and then these can be reviewed.
8.5 29 The Avenue, Chinnor - P20/S1237/FUL – officer recommending the application for approval is a great disappointment.

Chairman ____________________________________________ Date_______________

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