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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 9th November 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Ridgley, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Jo Wills.

1. Apologies for absence: D/Cllr White

2. Declarations of Interest: None

3. Public Question Time – 2 members of the public were present and detailed their objections to a Planning application regarding Springfield Gardens. The main objections related to main drainage and also parking and the covenant on the dwellings regarding commercial status.

4. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 12th October 2020
Proposed by Cllr Ashdown and seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

5. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes: No change on land transfer and turning circle issue to date.
OCC road adoption – ongoing.

Bellway Development, Crowell Road: Update on public open space: Remainder of planting to be carried out over November. Visitor parking area for show home now closed off and flower tubs located.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane: Lease complete regarding Community Garden. Work in the area has begun. New bench on order by CPC for this area.
The landscaping works by A2 Dominion are not complete – the planting will be done at the correct time of year. Mill Lane road signage – arrows the wrong way... OCC advised.
Live cable concern to be addressed.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way: Open space will be completed in November / December time, delayed.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane: Ongoing items for completion once UKPN have repaired street lighting...
• Remedial works still need to be undertaken.
• Bollards are on the remedial list.
• Soft landscape area out the front of no.7, declined putting another footpath in.
• Poor state of new pathway being investigated
• Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue: Reserved Matters application awaiting decision – reduced to 116 dwellings. Planning Officer is recommending approval – SODC Committee to decide end of November – CPC to attend.
Currently Oxfordshire Ecologists are digging 14 investigation trenches and then refilling.
The amount put forward for deed of variation is £74500.00


6. Planning applications to be considered:
See rolling report attached.
SODC are not supplying paper copies now so all must be viewed online prior to the meeting.
Please log onto www.southoxon.gov.uk and type the application reference number in the search box to pull up the plan details.

7. Planning Decisions made by SODC
See rolling report attached.



8. Correspondence
8.1 To note the letters from Thames Water:
Thame Road – concrete in the pipes being cleared this week.
Church Road – drains blocked by lime scale back up
John Howell MP is happy to meet with CPC and TW via Zoom – dates to be arranged.
8.2 Addition of property name – The Lake House, 14 Chiltern View. Noted
8.3 SODC proposed changed to introduce a maximum 2 hours stay at the High Street Car Park southoxon.gov.uk/parking. Consultation open until 19.11.20
CPC to respond regarding the practicality of this and also a question relating to Planning decisions made over the past few years on the High Street listing this parking area as usage for flats to be developed – now they cannot park there. Is this parking limit day time only?

9. Traffic and Roads
• 18th November to 20th November – Sprigs Holly closed for fibre optic cable laying
• 23rd November to 27th November – Sydenham Road closed for construction of island
• 23rd November to 27th November – Chinnor Road, Towersey closed for fibre optic cable
• 30th November to 2nd December – Manor Road, Towersey closed for fibre optic cable

10. Enforcement cases
OCC Enforcement EN.0011/17 - Mound of spoil and rubble at land at Lower Icknield Way
Removed from OCC listing – contacted enforcement to ask why???
SE19/486 – 24 Ravensmead – Lost at Appeal APP/Q3115/D/19/3228355
Removed from SODC listing – contacted enforcement to ask why???
SE20/33 – Land to rear of 20 Church Road - Without planning permission, the material change of use of land from parking to a mixed use of parking and storage.
Investigation begun
SE20/196 - Field to the rear of Kestrel Cottage Sprigs Holly - Without planning permission the material change of use of land from agriculture to business use. Investigating
SE20/91 – Land north of Icknield Way - Breach of the conditions attached to P19/S0910/A
SH20/019 – 92 Oakley Road – High hedge complaint. Monitoring
SE19/573 – Land at 67 Lower Icknield Way - Breach of condition 9 of P16/S3471/FUL – road completion. Monitoring
SE19/374 – Public right of way - Without permission the obstruction of a public right of way contrary to approved plans for P14/S1586 & P14/S0953. (Bellway and TW). Monitoring
SE19/179 – 40 Oakley Road – breach of condition 4 of permission P16/S4117/FUL – loss of car park spaces due to bin store being built. Enforcement written to occupants. Monitoring
SE19/84 – land adjoining 7 Emmington – Without planning permission the material change of use of land to storage of building materials. Monitoring

Chairman________________________________________ Dated ____________________

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