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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 10th February 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Ridgley, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Jo Wills

1. Apologies for absence: D/Cllr Ian White

2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Public Question Time – 3 members of the public were present
The agent for application P19/S4183/FUL was present to observe.
The applicants for P20/S0028/FUL were present to answer any questions relating to the application at Rowan Farm Henton.

4. Minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 13th January 2020
Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Archer. All in favour.
Signed by Cllr Wright.

5. Committee members:
To confirm the resignation from Council of Cllr Rowton-Lee.
Cllr Wright proposed Cllr Archer as Vice-Chairman for the Planning Committee. Seconded by Cllr Ridgley. All in favour.

6. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes
The area of land which was started last spring to make into a turning circle for the waste collection lorries is still on hold as the land transfer agreements are still pending.
A full survey of all utilities is underway (hence the coloured marking all over the area)
CPC are already ensuring the contractors for verge cutting and maintenance are in place ready for the growth season this year, to avoid last year's issues again.
OCC confirmed adoption not yet viable due to Thames Water and Taylor Wimpey delays.
Appeal now open on fencing.

The Carriages
The development is complete with all dwellings occupied.
The play area is very popular and the management company are chased regularly by CPC to empty the litter bin!

Bellway Development, Crowell Road
The development is nearly completed.
Looking to get the main road adopted with OCC shortly – dates to be confirmed.
Looking to pass landscaping and play area over to the Management Company.
Play area is now open. Acoustic fence to railway line is complete. Housing Association plots fully occupied. Aim is to have completed all 120 units by the end of February 2020.
Currently have 86 plots occupied which leaves us 34 remaining.
Currently completing the build on the last 14 units which face the large Public Open space which will be the last area to be completed at the end of March 2020.
Site compound and construction access is due to be removed shortly. This will allow Bellway to complete the final elements on Crowell Road (for example the road 'gates' coming into Chinnor).
Sales Centre reverting to quad garage shortly. Sale moving into Plot 120 (house facing Crowell Road).

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane
Last roof trusses will be on in two weeks. Just under half of the site is occupied.
Play area snagging has been done, they are just waiting for the ROSPA safety inspection sign off, which is due this week. Then the play area will be opened.
Aim is to finish the majority of building works by the end of March leaving internal finishes and the open spaces and community garden to finish through April.
Footpath alongside development - Weather dependent it should be all done this week. It is a hoggin path as per the spec on approval.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way
Completed 67 plots with 8 at roof level, 6 at oversite and 6 plots not yet started.
Expected completion date is currently October / November 2020 but this could change...
58 occupied dwellings currently.
Open space / play area and pond area will be constructed in August / September time.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane
The area should have been adopted by OCC by now, but our understanding is that it has not yet been adopted. OCC have recently been meeting Bloor and the contractor on site to finalise a few details and areas which are not completed well!
ECL, the contractors for roads / pavements and open spaces are back on site finishing off remedial repairs – more to be done and possible traffic lights looming but no dates yet advised – watch this space for more information as and when we know. The adoption cannot take place until OCC are happy with ECL finishes and to date they are not.
1) New wooden bollards to replace the old back ones in the old junction have been requested
2) Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park has been requested
3) Requested pathway link from car park to new pathway has been requested by CPC
4) Update on hedgerow and netting which all needs a tidy up and netting removed
5) General tidy up of open space and removal of stones and level - replace with top soil

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue
Persimmon homes won an appeal in 2018 to erect up to 140 dwellings rear of Greenwood Avenue, plus demolition of two current houses to allow access.
The Reserved Matters application for 132 dwellings (which is the finer details of the development including dwelling design, style and landscaping) was received in December 2019, following an open meeting they held for residents to view the plan prior to submission.
CPC commented on the plan with numerous objections, which were passed to SODC.
We now wait for SODC to make the final decision on this detailed application.

Howarth Homes development, Lower Icknield Way
This application went to appeal as it had planning permission refused.
The proposal from Howarth Homes is to build 60 dwellings.
The type of appeal was a written appeal and CPC wrote a letter of objection, which was registered with the independent inspector on 12th December 2019.
Appeal Inspectors Decision – Appeal dismissed and planning permission not granted


7. Planning applications considered:
Application Ref: P19/S4183/FUL Amended Details
Proposal: Erection of 2 dwellings (revised plans received 21st January 2020 reducing the scale of the proposed buildings, attaching them and amending other aspects of the design)
Address: Manor Farm House, Henton
CPC Recommendation: Objection
Cramped form of development which is not appropriate to the surroundings. Detrimental impact on the rural setting
Damages the view from the footpath and AONB areas
Intrusion on open countryside
Objections remain the same as before on this amended application

Application Ref: P20/S0067/HH
Proposal: Convert the garage into a living space, placement of garden shed and change of landscaping on the front of the drive and house.
Address: 1 Dimbles Gate
CPC Recommendation: Objection
Please see conditions on approval P17/S0001/FUL: - as quoted:
"The garage accommodation hereby approved shall be retained as such and shall not be adapted for living purpose. Reason: In the interests of highway safety and to ensure the provision of adequate off-street car parking in accordance with Policies T1 and T2 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011."
CPC objects to this application as all parking arrangements agreed on approval must be retained.
"The landscaping scheme detailed within the approved landscaping plan (PL-112A) shall be implemented prior to the first occupation or use of development and thereafter be maintained in accordance with the approved scheme. Reason: To help to assimilate the development into its surroundings in accordance with Policy CSQ3 of the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy 2027 and Policies G2, C9 and D1 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011."

Application Ref: P20/S0028/FUL
Proposal: Removal of Condition 7 of Planning Permission P06/E0123/O in respect of the occupation of an agricultural dwelling and the change of use of agricultural barns and associated curtilages to commercial use involving Class B2 (General Industrial use) and Class B8 (General Storage use). Letter of objection from neighbour was noted.
Address: Rowan Farm, Henton
CPC Recommendation: No Objection
Comment: Please enforce condition 7.5 – landscaping condition as per the supporting statement. Vote: 5 in favour, Cllr Oliver abstained the vote.

Application Ref: P20/S0056/HH
Proposal: Vary condition 5 (to allow garage to be demolished after new one completed rather than before) on planning P17/S1286/HH. (Demolish old garage and erect new garage).
Address: 14 Malyns Close
CPC Recommendation: No Objection

Application Ref: P19/S4471/LDE Certificate of Lawful Development For information
Proposal: The use of the mobile home has been more than 10 years the extension to the mobile home is over 4 years old.
Address: Chinnor Turf and Paving Supplies

8. Planning Decisions: Permission Granted by SODC
Application Ref: P19/S3408/FUL – Amended Details
Proposal: Variation of Condition 5 (hours of deliveries) of application P93/N0291 (Single storey shop and store extension) - to change the delivery hours (revised planning statement received 19th December 2019 to revise the proposed Sunday delivery hours to 10am to 4pm).
Address: Co-Op Chinnor

Application Ref: P19/S4119/HH
Proposal: Proposed first floor side extension, single storey rear extension and single storey front porch extension, garage conversion, and fenestration alterations to the existing house.
Address: 1 Benton Drive

Application Ref: P19/S4391/HH
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension. Proposed single storey front porch. Garage conversion into bedroom space.
Address: 4 Springfield Gardens

Application Ref: P19/S4233/HH
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension (replacing existing conservatory), front porch extension and fenestration alterations to existing house.
Address: 33 Van Diemens Close

Application Ref: P19/S4150/LDP
Proposal: Proposed single storey side extension
Address: 47 Oxford Down

Application Ref: P19/S0024/FUL
Proposal: The Barn House - partial demolition, rear extension and conversion of garage roof with dormer. Erection of 7 dwellings (as amended to reduce the number of dwellings and to alter the layout and design of the development)
Address: The Barn House, 46 Lower Icknield Way
Cllr Wright reported on Planning Committee attended on 03-02-2020

9. Planning Decisions: Permission Granted by OCC
Application Ref: R3.0118/19
Planning application by OCC for permission: proposed retention and continued use of prefab units T2 (E232A) and T3 (E232) for a further temporary period of 5 years at Mill Lane School.

10. Appeal Cases Ongoing and Decision made

Retrospective permission for a fence along the boundary of Kiln Avenue.
Written representation to be sent before 25th February 2020

Appeal Inspectors Decision – Appeal dismissed and planning permission not granted
APP/Q3115/W/19/3239407 - Erection of 60 dwellings with associated access at 79A Lower Icknield Way - P18/S1004/O

Inspectors Decision – Appeals all dismissed and both enforcement notices upheld.
Inquiry was held on 21st January in the Chinnor Community Pavilion.
APP/Q3115/C/18/3209600 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209599
APP/Q3115/C/18/320719 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209720
Alleged Breach: Without planning permission, the erection of a timber building and timber decking in the approximate position edged green on the plan at 67 Lower Icknield Way
11. SODC Enforcements – ongoing and being monitored
SE19/664 – Oak Hill Park, Crowell Road
Breach of condition 15 of planning permission P17/S4376/FUL (implementation of travel plan - cycle parking). Officer not yet assigned.

SE19/646 – The Old School House, 72 Station Road
Without planning permission, the erection of a skate ramp with a raised platform.
Officer not yet assigned.

SE19/636 – 10 Church Lane
The erection of an outbuilding not conforming to permitted development rights.
Investigation underway.

SE19/573 – Land at 67 Lower Icknield Way
Breach of condition 9 of P16/S3471/FUL – road completion
Ongoing, working with OCC Highways.

SE19/493 – Land north of Mill Lane
Breach of conditions on P17/S3916 – levels. Ongoing

SE19/374 – Public right of way
Without permission the obstruction of a public right of way contrary to approved plans for P14/S1586 & P14/S0953. (Bellway and TW) Ongoing

SE19/84 – land adjoining 7 Emmington – Without planning permission the material change of use of land to storage of building materials.
PCN served, planning application for temporary storage expected.

SE19/179 – 40 Oakley Road – breach of condition 4 of permission P16/S4117/FUL – loss of car park spaces due to bin store being built. Enforcement written to occupants
Planning Application withdrawn – In arrangements with land owner at rear to buy land for more parking. Once legal matters completed another application will be submitted.
Without more allocated parking spaces the planning officer cannot support

12. SODC Enforcements – cases closed or passed to application stage
SE19/608 – Hempton Cottage, Henton
Allegation is that the extension not built in accordance with approved plans P19/S1659/HH – insertion of roof lights
A non-material amendment application has been submitted P20/S0172/NM.

SE19/605 – Bloor Homes, Mill Lane
Development not in accordance with approved landscaping plans – removal of hedgerow and erection of close board fence.
No breach of planning control. The hedge was not marked for retention.

SE19/490 – 20 Thame Road
Breach of condition 7 of P16/S2376/FUL (removal of trees shown to be retained).
Application P20/S0067/HH submitted

SE19/346 - Without planning permission the material change of use of land from agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and residential use at Rowan Farm, Henton.
Ongoing. Also see P20/S0028/FUL

SE19/167 – 18 Woodgreen Square – without permission the sub division of property to create a separate residential flat.
File closed. No separate unit formed.

13. Planning Matters
13.1 Withdrawn planning application: Noted
P19/S4366/N4B - Change of use of an agricultural barn to form one dwelling
Barn at Manor Farm Chinnor

13.2 Withdrawn planning application: Noted
P19/S3184/FUL – Construction of a bin store
40 Oakley Road

13.3 Notice of Confirmation of Modification Order - Noted
Restricted Byway no. 51 Modification order 2019

13.4 Independent examination letter of CNHP was noted.
This letter has been uploaded to the NHP and CPC website.

13.5 The Clerk to contact OCC CIL for highway improvement in the following areas:
• Mill Lane – speed measures
• Thame Road footpath
• Lower Icknield Way path to Henton junction
• Pathway to Crowell

CHAIRMAN _____________________________________ DATED__________________

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