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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 14th September 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Jo Wills.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Archer, Cllr Ridgley, D/Cllr White
2. Declarations of Interest – None
3. Public Question Time – No public were present

4. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 10th August 2020
Proposed by Cllr Ashdown and seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

5. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes: No change on land transfer and turning circle issue to date.
OCC road adoption – ongoing.

Bellway Development, Crowell Road: The hoggin path has been raised to avoid puddling. The kerb stoning along the edge of the main road has been completed.
Small remedial jobs completed. Issue with substation alarm ongoing – UKPN are investigating.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane: Leases ongoing to sign regarding the pending open space garden area. Gates not being installed in the front. Tree down and blocking perimeter path along with resident throwing over grass cuttings over fence – A2 contractor has been requested to clear asap. NK Homes have not yet signed off the development so A2 are still responsible. Landscaping still required to be completed – monitoring.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way: Open space / play area and pond area will be constructed in September time, all being well.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane: Ongoing items still waiting an answer...
• No specific date for adoption available yet
• Remedial works still need to be undertaken.
• Bollards are on the remedial list.
• Soft landscape area out the front of no.7, declined putting another footpath in.
• Poor state of new pathway being investigated
• Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue: Reserved Matters application – a revised application has been submitted to SODC – reduced to 116 dwellings.
Slow worm translocation work has begun – low level fencing erected and Ecologists on site.



6. Planning applications to be considered:
See rolling report attached.
SODC are not supplying paper copies now so all must be viewed online prior to the meeting.
Please log onto www.southoxon.gov.uk and type the application reference number in the search box to pull up the plan details.

7. Planning Decisions made by SODC
See rolling report attached.

8. Correspondence
8.1 To note email from SODC Planning Officer regarding P20/S2497/N1A - Robert House, 19 Station Road, Chinnor:
It is a material planning consideration that on 1st August 2017 the Council granted prior approval P17/S2105/PDO for an identical conversion from office to residential. The only difference between that prior approval notification and the current one is that the parking plan that was required to be submitted prior to commencement of P17/S2105/PDO has been submitted with the current notification. We have consulted the OCC Highway Liaison Officer and they have raised no objection to the proposed change of use and specifically the submitted parking layout. Consequently, whilst officers understand the parish council's concerns, under these circumstances, the refusal of prior approval on parking/traffic grounds would not be reasonable and sustainable at appeal. I also wish to make you aware that as this is a prior notification that has to be determined within 56 days of registration, it is not subject to the same planning committee referral provisions as set out in our constitution and therefore will be determined by officers under powers delegated to the Head of Planning.
CPC to write a letter to Adrian Duffield.

8.2 Email from Planning Officer regarding the acoustic fencing application for OKL by Taylor Wimpey:
Thank you for your consultation on the above application, I have reviewed the details in the report and verified the particulars of the previous application from 2009. I am satisfied that the proposed fence meets the requirements required for the proposed acoustic fencing and recommend that it is installed as described in the Noise.co.uk report for 19867A-1 dated 19 September 2019 Regards Trevor Dean Chartered Environmental Health Officer South Oxfordshire District Council
In light of this, I am now minded to recommend approval of the application and hope to see the situation resolved in the not too distant future.
I have noted an inaccuracy on the existing block plan provided, which currently notes the fence at 2.4 metres high. At my request an amended plan has now been submitted noting the fence as, 2.547m BSW Warrior Fence (as per the elevations and acoustic report submitted).
I have just now requested the plan is uploaded and have formally re-consulted all parties for a period of 14 days. I am now hoping to achieve a revised decision date for the application of 1 October 2020.
CPC to enquire who wrote the report detailed above.

9. Traffic and Roads
9.1 Station Road works ongoing – no confirmed completion date yet.
9.2 Church Lane closed – laying of ducting from 21st October to 23rd October 2020.

10. Transport
10.1 All the new bus time tables have been published on their respective web sites.
Now all the bus companies have all published the new timetables they are now committed to provide the service. Hopefully the public will now use the new services?

Chairman _______________________________________ Dated ____________________

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