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PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

Also present: D/Cllr Lloyd

Staff: Jo Wills

Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 15th October 2018


Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan – 2018 Review - SODC reported on updated Ministerial statement. See CNHP minutes for more details once approved at the next meeting.


Apologies for absence: D/Cllr White

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: 1 member of the public was present.



Current situations

Bovis Homes – A road closure has been advertised for 22nd October – more details to be obtained as CPC has not been officially advised of this.

A2 Dominion – A recent accident has been reported by our PCSO – Sunday hours were being worked (out of planning conditions) and one member of the site staff had a life changing accident – TVP and H&S were on site and have investigated. D/Cllr Lloyd to ask Planning Enforcement regarding the working hours.

Bloor Homes – No news to date on the Mill Lane road closure dates.

Bellway Homes – Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Williams reported on recent site visit and relayed concerns over pedestrian access and pathways – now improvements are in hand.

Taylor Wimpey – Nothing to report to date.

Claremont House - It is understood no flats are yet sold.

Dimbles Gate – Alleged breach reported - SE18/579 – Access not improved (condition 10), no bin store, gates not approved and cycle parking not present (condition 11). Enforcement have looked into this and have closed the case as they feel no breach of planning conditions has been made.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P18/S2618/FUL

Proposal: Two temporary dwellings in the form of mobiles homes on site at Manor Farm Barns, Emmington. The buildings are being used to house builders and security staff undertaking the building works on site under planning P06/E0525/LB

Address: Conker Corner, Emmington

Recommendation: No Objection

Comments: A time limit required to be set to ensure the temporary nature – end of build would be a suitable time limit.


Application Ref: P18/S3149/HH

Proposal: Replacement of existing rear extension roof and new single storey rear extension. Removal of frontage hedge and creation of 1 x car parking space to front of property.

Address: Cromwell Cottage, 50 High Street

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P18/S1759/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Erection of 9 dwellings and re-siting of employment use on site (as amended by plans received 31 July 2018 proposing wildflower meadow and landscape planting, and plans received 6 August 2018 extending internal access road to enable large vehicles to turn, widened access onto Thame Road and associated revised building layout including relocation of Plot 1 further to the north west, and air quality report received 3 September, and tree removal info recd 21-9-18)

Address: Land west of Thame Road

Recommendation: Objection

This site is not in the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan.

It would add to the already over subscribed quota of housing for Chinnor.

The main road is already a very busy route and adding more to this would be detrimental.

The junction still appears inadequate.


Application Ref: P18/S3294/HH

Proposal: Demolition of part of existing garage roof and rear single storey extension and replacement with partial garage conversion with increased roof height and new single storey rear extension plus various external elevation alterations.

Address: 44 Oakley Lane

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P18/S2042/HH Amended Details

Proposal: Single storey side extension (as amended by drawings received 28 June 2018). Now going back to original drawings.

Address: 7 Chiltern View

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P18/S3194/RM

Proposal: Reserved Matters application following Outline approval P16/S0699/O for the erection of a detached dwelling with garaging and associated amenity space and separate garage and pedestrian access for No.1 Lower Icknield Way. All matters reserved except for access. Consent sought for: Approval of the siting, layout, appearance and scale of one detached two storey dwelling. Outline application was not an environmental impact assessment application.

Address: Land rear of 1 Lower Icknield Way

Recommendation: No Objection


Certificate of Lawful Development

Application Ref: P18/S3222/LDP

Proposal: Proposed single storey front porch extension

Address: 12 Doveleat


Application Ref: P18/S3258/LDP

Proposal: Create a new access

Address: Shaws Field Farm, Chinnor Hillill


7. Planning Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P18/S2766/HH

Proposal: Proposed single storey side extension, loft extension and fenestration alterations to existing dwelling.

Address: 22 High Street


Application Ref: P18/S2466/HH

Proposal: Demolition of two outbuildings. Erection of a new garage building and new pavilion building for a gym and tea room. Hard landscaping is proposed to create paths linking the new buildings with the main house and improve the surface of the driveway from Chinnor Hill. Improvements to the gated access from Chinnor Hill are proposed in the form of a new timber gate in the existing location.

Address: Jacobs Ladder, Chinnor Hill


Application Ref: P18/S2143/HH

Proposal: HH application for full width rear extension at ground floor and half width extension at first floor with associated roof and fenestration alterations. Demolition of existing garage at rear, new 3 bay garage to front and repositioning of existing gates.

Address: 71 Lower Icknield Way


8. Planning Refusal given by SODC:

Application Ref: P18/S2275/FUL

Proposal: Modifications to the approved agricultural barn including a reduction in height, reposition and retrospective permission for access track. (Revised location plan dated 8-8-18)

Address: Land associated with Bridleway Barn, Spriggs Alley


9. Appeal decision and current appeal details

9.1 APP/Q3115/W/17/3192374 – land rear of 59-63 Lower Icknield Way for erection of 7 dwellings. Appeal Decision – Appeal allowed and planning permission granted.

Following this decision D/Cllr White and CPC have written to MP to request the decision be called in for questioning – a reply has now been received and the Secretary of State is unable to help and the Inspectorate stand by the decision made.

9.2 Appeal Hearings for Cala Management Ltd for erection of 54 dwellings at land off Crowell Road and also Persimmon Homes for demolition of two dwellings (17-19 Greenwood Ave) and erection of up to 140 dwellings at land south of Greenwood Avenue.

Final summary day - in the Chinnor Community Pavilion at 9.30am on 26th October 2018

9.3 APP/Q3115/W/18/3201940 – land south east of Doveleat – erection of up to 51 dwellings

Appeal to commence in the Chinnor Community Pavilion at 10am on 11,12,13,14,17,18 December 2018. Cllr Wright, Williams and Ashdown to attend each day and all other Councillor's to attend as often as possible.


10. Planning Matters

10.1 P16/S0604/AG – Sydenham PC concerned over intended domestic use – they have reported to enforcement. Noted.

10.2 CNHP – the committee to advise a date for a next meeting soon.



Signed_______________________________________________ Dated ____________________

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