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Minutes of the Planning Committee held on Monday 18th June 2018

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

Staff: Liz Folley Also Present: D/Cllr White


Apologies for absence: None

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Declarations of Interest – None


Public Question Time – 10 members of the public were present.

3 people spoke about P18/S1674/O – demolition of the kennels. A neighbour expressed his concern with the problems that he had encountered whilst a working kennel was in operation due to the noise, rodents and smells. He had a recording of the noise problem and stated that SODC had issued a noise abatement order. The neighbouring resident welcomed the change of use to residential.

Resident put forward her objection to this application on the grounds of light pollution, level of hedge and that 2 storey properties are an intrusion in an AONB. Concern was also raised with regard to the provision of an information board and bench but not parking to access this facility.

The planning agent for this application spoke briefly about the current design. The hedge would be on a tradition bank to contain gardens. With regard to AONB he believed the development would improve visual impact and the noise level would be reduced. There would be a reduction in car visits to an awkward access from the main road.

3 residents were present to express their concern regarding the sewage pumping station at Mill Lane/Estover Way and the increase in waste that it will be dealing with due to the housing developments. They have regularly had problems with sewage entering their homes and have been told by visiting engineers that the pump is at capacity. They have asked that CPC support the residents to ensure that adequate measures are in place and to find out if 'lock down' pumping facilities are being used at new sites and that times of release are coordinated.

Request that council puts a condition on major applications in residential areas that the reversing bleeps are not used on vehicles.

Concern was raised with regard to the definitive footpath at the development North of Mill Lane it is believed to be blocked.

2 residents were in attendance to request cpc support for appeal - APP/Q3115/W/17/3192374 – P16/S4079/O Land rear of 59-63 Lower Icknield Way


Planning applications to be considered:

Application Ref: P18/S0061/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Change of use of the existing building from an office (B1) to a children's day nursery (D1) at 57 Lower Road. Insertion of internal stud partition wall to grade II Listed portion of the property and minor external works (fencing and landscaping) within the curtilage (amended site / parking plans dated 31-05-18)

Address: 57 Lower Road

Recommendation: Objection

Whilst it is recognised that there is a need for such facility this is the wrong location

Insufficient parking on site and off site for both staff and customers

B4009 is a busy road and already congested with parked vehicles and not suitable for drop off.


Application Ref: P18/S1674/O

Proposal: Demolition of existing kennels, related structures and both existing dwellings. Redevelopment of site to provide 5 dwellings, with access.

Address: Former Forest Glade now Chinnor Hill Kennels, 3 Chinnor Hill

Recommendation: Objection

Not in keeping with Neighbourhood Plan Policies - Page 65 & 66

CHR1Protection of existing retail facilities

CHB 1Protection of existing employment premises


Application Ref: P18/S1872/HH

Proposal: Proposed extensions and alterations

Address: The Wicket, Henton

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P17/S3916/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 1 – approved plans of planning permission P17/S0808/RM. Application for approval of reserved matters siting, scale, layout, appearance and landscaping pursuant to outline planning permission P16/S1468/O for 76 dwellings

Address: Land North of Mill Lane

Recommendation: No Objection

Certificate of Lawful Development


Application Ref: P18/S1731/LDP

Proposal: Erection of swimming pool building

Address: 46 Elderdene

No comment


6. Planning Permission Granted by SODC and noted

Application Ref: P18/S1214/HH

Proposal: Two-storey side extension and single storey front extension to existing dwelling

Address: 44 Malyns Close

Application Ref: P18/S0901/HH

Proposal: Renovation of existing outbuilding, retaining existing footprint and using new materials to match the existing dwelling plus side extension forming new sun room.

Address: High Acres, Hill Top Lane

Application Ref: P18/S0834/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Address: Paddock View, Henton

Application Ref: P18/S0878/HH

Proposal: 2 storey side extension. An alternative scheme to application P16/S1509/HH

Address: 6 Estover Way

Application Ref: P18/S1040/HH

Proposal: 2 storey side extension

Address: 40 The Avenue

Application Ref: P18/S1235/HH and P18/S0106/PDH

Proposal: Erection of conservatory

Address: 96 Station Road

Application Ref: P18/S0751/HH

Proposal: Erection of new oak framed orangery extension

Address: 46 Station Road

Application Ref: P18/S0575/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Address: 34 High Street

Application Ref: P18/S0667/HH

Proposal: Single storey oak framed outbuilding to house indoor swimming pool, plus associated plant room and home gym.

Address: Henton manor, New Close Farm Road, Henton

Application Ref: P18/S0386/HH

Proposal: Conversion of rear end of integral garage to dining room with door to existing lounge area (retrospective)

Address: 5 Siareys Close

Application Ref: P17/S4376/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 11 – Ecology Report on application P17/S0574/RM

Address: Land at Crowell Road

Withdrawn Application –noted

Application Ref: P18/S1133/O

Proposal: Outline application for single dwelling with all matters reserved

Address: Land adjacent to 41 High Street

Certificate of Lawful Development - noted

Application Ref: P18/S0630/LDE

Proposal: Retrospective application for certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of the converted garage as a subsidiary building to the main residence.

Address: Ash Wain Cottage, Wainhill

Application Ref: P18/S0126/LDE

Proposal: Lawful occupation of The Cottage (labelled B on PL-09) as a residential dwelling

Address: Sunley Bank, Red Lane

Application Ref: P18/S0125/LDE

Proposal: Lawful existing operational development as shown on plans PL-01, PL-02, PL-03, PL-04, PL-05, PL-06, PL-07 and PL-09. To achieve lawful certificate for the erection of extensions to the main house, garage/workshop erection or alterations, erection of tool shed and kennels, erection of log store, pool house, green house and shed, creation of a swimming pool, and creation of a tennis court.

Address: Sunley Bank, Red Lane


Appeal Decision

Application Ref: P17/S2351/HH

Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/W/17/3190124

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

The Planning Inspectorate Decision: Appeal A and appeal B are dismissed.


8. Planning Matters

8.1 Courtesy copy of application for Sunley Bank, Red Lane - noted

8.2 Update on emerging SODC Local Plan – as emailed 7-6-18 - noted

8.3 Notice of road closure for Carnival parade – 7th July 13.10 to 13.30 – High Street - noted

8.4 Update on alleged breach of conditions by Bloor Homes for occupancy prior to road works – still under investigation.

8.5 Resident email regarding concerns over pumping station – agreed that CPC should contact Thames Water and demand further information on their impact study and action plan for coping with further demand.

8.6 Footbridge at Station Road – to be noted that OCC are going to widen the verge on the north side to make it a footway as an interim measure and remove the old bridge for repair as soon as UK Power Networks have removed their supply from it. Frustration and despair noted from residents at the disruption that this has caused and the extensive time to make repair.

8.7 To note that Nichols King developers is using Harris Fencing temporarily but have stated that they will need to use Hoarding for H&S reasons they will be inserting 'windows' at points.

8.8 Bovis has also stated that they need to use hoarding in the first stages of construction due to the proximity of the main road and for H&S and security reasons.


9. Appeals pending

9.1 Persimmon Homes and Cala Homes – appeal starts 26th June, 10am, Community Pavilion.

Cllr Wright will be making representation on behalf of PC and Cllr Ashdown will be presenting in respect to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllrs Wright and Williams will be meeting D/Cllr White to prepare written representation for the following two appeals.

9.2 APP/Q3115/W/18/3201940 – P17/S2324/O – erection of up to 51 dwellings – land south east of Dovelat. Written representations to be agreed and submitted.

9.3 APP/Q3115/W/17/3192374 – P16/S4079/O – erection of 7 dwellings – Land rear of 59-63 Lower Icknield Way - Written representations to be agreed and submitted.


10. Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

10.1 Minutes of meeting dated 6-6-18 noted and approved

10.2 Agreement for NHP website and FB page update waiting for further instruction from planning consultant.




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