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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 18th November 2019

PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chair), Williams, Ridgley, Rowton-Lee, Ashdown, Oliver and Archer

Staff: Jo Wills

Also attended: D/Cllr Ian White

Apologies for absence: None


Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: 7 members of the public were present

1 member of the public spoke regarding the appeal for erection of 60 dwellings on Lower Icknield Way for Howarth Homes – a number of objections regarding this development were reiterated. D/Cllr White to investigate why the appeal is of written form and not public appeal hearing. Residents are highly concerned about the volume of traffic now entering / exiting Lower Icknield Way.


To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated:

21st October 2019 were signed by Cllr Wright



Current situations

Bovis Homes – Nothing new to report

A2 Dominion / NK Homes – Pedestrian barrier on Mill Lane now re-instated. Concerns over wooden bollards on Mill Lane now completed. Repairs needed on grasscrete blocked area. Footpath concerns – overgrowth, flooding and grass cuttings dumped – Alan Brawn to report.

Bloor Homes – Repair works to pavements underway – landscaping making slow progress – the half-moon area to now be turfed. ECL should be finished with the remedial works by Friday. ECL have got to plane and relay the surface course in the Oxford Down due to ponding - 22nd November.

Bellway Homes – Nothing new to report

Taylor Wimpey – The Carriages – Ongoing concerns with TW management company.

Taylor Wimpey – OKL – CPC waiting on paperwork for land ownership agreements before the turning circle roadworks can be completed. Solicitors appointed (TW paying legal fees)

Persimmon Homes –Reserved Matters application not yet submitted to SODC. The construction Management Plan is available to view although CPC are not consulted on this so no opportunity to object at this time.

Resident comments sent to the Planning Officer following the open meeting plus The Clerk has spoken to the Planning Officer regarding our concerns over the plans shown.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P19/S3202/HH

Proposal: Alterations to roof of existing rear extension; single-storey extensions to rear and flank of existing rear extension; associated works to retain raised garden areas. [Variations following the grant of Permission P18/S3149

Address: 50 High Street

CPC recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P19/S3408/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 5 of application P93/N0291 (Single storey shop and store extension) - to change the delivery hours.

Address: Co-Op, 36 Oakley Road

CPC recommendation: No Objection

CPC would prefer to confirm that Sunday deliveries would start at 10am (not 8am as stated) and finish at 4pm latest. The Monday to Saturday proposed times are agreeable with CPC.


Application Ref: P19/S3222/HH

Proposal: Renovation and extension to the existing house, to provide a covered link to a home office/study. The proposed works include treating the external facade and new windows/doors to the house, including a new window on the East facade.

Address: 18A Lower Road

CPC recommendation: No Objection

Concerns raised over loss of parking – please confirm that the garage will remain as part of original dwelling and not a separate annex.


Application Ref: P19/S3216/HH

Proposal: Single storey extension to create a WC and larger hallway. Extension to lounge.

Address: 2 Millers Turn

CPC recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P19/S4010/LB

Proposal: Intruder alarms to be attached to the exterior north facing wall and also to the west facing wall facing the road.

Address: Poppy Cottage, Henton

CPC recommendation: No Objection



Planning Decisions: Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P19/S2693/HH

Proposal: Single storey side and rear extension as an alternative to approved P18/S2986/HH

Address: 32 Rectory Meadow


Application Ref: P19/S2841/HH

Proposal: Half width rear extension at ground floor and 1.2m extension at first floor with associated roof and fenestration alterations. Demolition of existing garage at rear, new 3-bay garage to front and re posting of gates.

Address: 71 Lower Icknield Way


Application Ref: P18/S3819/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 1 on P17/S2915/RM as amended up to 02-10-19

Address: Land north of Icknield Way


Application Ref: P19/S2815/HH

Proposal: Proposed new front porch

Address: 4 Van Diemens Close


Application Ref: P19/S2684/O

Proposal: Construction of a barn using existing materials and change of use of land to residential garden land.

Address: The Old Rectory, Emmington


Application Ref: P19/S4008/LDP – Certificate of Lawful Development

Proposal: Convert existing garage to living accommodation

Address: 11 Greenwood Meadow



Planning Appeals – ongoing

Written representation to be received by 17th December 2019


Erection of 60 dwellings with associated access at 79A Lower Icknield Way


D/Cllr Ian White to recommend to the Secretary of State that this appeal be pulled in and stated as a public appeal due to the volume of developments.

Cllr Archer looked at all of the corresponding documentation which contains several out of date elements.

Cllr Wright reported on the Neighbourhood Plan status for protection of further development.


Inquiry date 21st January in the Chinnor Community Pavilion.

APP/Q3115/C/18/3209600 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209599

Alleged Breach: Without planning permission, the material change of use of the land from agriculture to use as a domestic garden at 67 Lower Icknield Way

Written Representation sent 30th May 2019


Inquiry date 21st January in the Chinnor Community Pavilion.

APP/Q3115/C/18/320719 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209720

Alleged Breach: Without planning permission, the erection of a timber building and timber decking in the approximate position edged green on the plan at 67 Lower Icknield Way

Written Representation sent 30th May 2019



Planning Appeal – Decisions

APP/Q3115/W/19/3233822 – Appeal Dismissed

Proposal: Erection of car port to existing garage at 77 Mill Lane for the erection of a carport

Application Ref: P19/S1527/FUL


APP/Q3115/W/19/3228355 – Appeal Dismissed

Proposal: Retrospective application for erection of 1.8m fence at 24 Ravensmead

Application ref: P18/S3201/HH


APP/Q3115/W/19/3227208 – Appeal Dismissed

Demolition of the existing garage and the erection of a pair of single storey two-bedroom semi-detached dwellings with access, parking and amenity space (amended plans received 10th October and 14th Nov 2018 revising the parking and turning provision within site) – 46 Elderdene. Application ref: P18/S3046/FUL



SODC Enforcement cases – under investigation or being monitored

SE19/490 – 20 Thame Road

Breach of condition 7 of P16/S2376/FUL (removal of trees shown to be retained).

Investigation underway. Site visit completed discussion about appropriate remedy ongoing.


SE19/493 – Land north of Mill Lane

Breach of conditions on P17/S3916 – levels.

Investigation underway, ongoing


SE19/374 – Public right of way

Without permission the obstruction of a public right of way contrary to approved plans for P14/S1586 & P14/S0953. (Bellway and TW)

Site Visit due. You may want to raise this with OCC rights of way they have powers to remove obstructions on rights of way. Officer Zoe Spring. We have visited the site and spoken to the Site manager who confirmed that the fencing was erected for health and safety reasons. The works are due to be completed Feb 2020.


SE19/346 - Without planning permission the material change of use of land from agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and residential use at Rowan Farm, Henton.

Site visit completed. We are collecting further evidence to clarify the situation.  Ongoing.

This investigation has broadened from the allegation made. We are working with an agent address the wider use of the property.

Officer Tim Nicholson.


SE19/179 – 40 Oakley Road – breach of condition 4 of permission P16/S4117/FUL – loss of car park spaces due to bin store being built. Enforcement written to occupants 20-5-19

A retrospective planning application has been submitted P19/S2595/NM. It is waiting to be allocated to an applications officer. Any further enforcement involvement is on hold pending the outcome of this application. Application still not determined

Officer Julie Perrin


SE19/167 – 18 Woodgreen Square – without permission the sub division of property to create a separate residential flat.

Site visit due – need internal access arranged date and time being organised.

Officer Maddy Palmer. Ongoing


SE19/84 – land adjoining 7 Emmington – Without planning permission the material change of use of land to storage of building materials.

Breach identified. Land to be cleared compliance monitoring ongoing. Officer Jo Cooper served a PCN as more complex that first thought. We are expecting an application to be submitted by the end of the month for temporary permission for storage.

SODC Enforcement cases – closed by enforcement officer


SE19/389 – Land off Thame Road

Breach of condition 20 of P15/S0779/FUL (details approved under P18/S1131/DIS). Road works not implemented prior to occupation of dwellings.

This file has been closed, a later application was submitted to address amended details, P18/S2413/DIS.


SE19/91 – 9 Greenwood Meadow – shed in excess of permitted development rights.

Compliance site visit due. Site visit confirmed that the building was at the correct height and there was no breach of planning control. The case has been closed.


Clerks Report

11.1 Request from resident to consider a speed limit of 10mph at the narrow one-way section of Greenwood Avenue following a meeting with County Councillor Matelot – CPC agreed to look at advisory speed signs of 10mph to be erected as soon as possible.

11.2 Notice of Planning Committee – 27th November regarding 22 Oakley Lane – officer's recommendation is to grant planning permission. If CPC wish to speak regarding our objection we need to register a speaker. Cllr Wright and Cllr Ashdown to attend and speak against the application.



Chairman: ______________________________________ Dated: ____________________

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