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Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee held in the PARISH CHAMBER, COMMUNITY PAVILION, STATION ROAD, CHINNOR on Monday 19th February 2018.

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

Staff: Jo Wills

Apologies for absence – Cllr Bird


Declarations of Interest – None


Public Question Time – No public were present.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P17/S4376/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 11 – Ecology Report on application P17/S0574/RM

Address: Land at Crowell Road

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S4473/FUL – Change of description of site address Only – to be noted

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (Approved Plans) of planning permission P16/S1486/RM, to replace approved plan 04 Rev A with plan 04 Rev B. Application for Reserved Matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for two detached 5-bedroom dwellings following outline planning permission P15/S0283/O (both dwellings positioned further forward and Plot 2 moved further from boundary with No.51 and reduced in depth as shown on amended plans received 2nd August 2016).

Address: 47 & 49 Oakley Lane



Application Ref: P18/S0144/HH

Proposal: Construction of 3m high – boarded fence along boundary edge

Address: 88 Station Road

Recommendation: Objection:

Not in-keeping

Fully support neighbours concerns


Application Ref: P18/S0231/HH

Proposal: Addition of a two storey side extension with provision for further accommodation, larger dining room and kitchen and associated works. Demolition of existing lean-to.

Address: 37 Oakley Road

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0318/HH

Proposal: Erection of rear extensions following demolition of existing conservatory

Address: 65 Cherry Tree Road

Recommendation: Objection

Overbearing design

Over development of site

Poor design

Not in-keeping

Concerns over identical application also submitted – P18/S0316/PDH – please clarify why two applications are submitted which appear identical.


Application Ref: P18/S0275/FUL

Proposal: Proposed alterations to existing outbuilding to facilitate the provision of bedrooms for purpose ancillary to the occupation and use of Oakleigh House as a single dwelling.

Address: Oakleigh House, Henton

Recommendation: No Strong Views

Concerns raised that a future dwelling maybe planned.


Application Ref: P18/S0299/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension in order to split the current living area into a separate lounge and dining room.

Address: 37 Kiln Avenue

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P17/S4327/HH Amended Details

Proposal: New second storey over garage extension for additional bedroom, walk in wardrobe and en-suite. (as per additional plans 16-01-18 and 08-02-18)

Address: 42 The Avenue

Recommendation: Approval


Application Ref: P18/S0386/HH

Proposal: Conversion of rear end of integral garage to dining room with door to existing lounge area (retrospective)

Address: 5 Siareys Close

Recommendation: Approval


5. Certificate of Lawful Development / Permitted Development Rights. Noted.

Application Ref: P18/S0126/LDE

Proposal: Lawful occupation of The Cottage (labelled B on PL-09) as a residential dwelling

Address: Sunley Bank, Red Lane


Application Ref: P18/S0125/LDE

Proposal: Lawful existing operational development as shown on plans PL-01, PL-02, PL-03, PL-04, PL-05, PL-06, PL-07 and PL-09. To achieve lawful certificate for the erection of extensions to the main house, garage/workshop erection or alterations, erection of tool shed and kennels, erection of log store, pool house, green house and shed, creation of a swimming pool, and creation of a tennis court.

Address: Sunley Bank, Red Lane


Application Ref: P18/S0316/PDH

Proposal: Erection of 7m single storey rear extension from rear of original dwelling and original garage Depth: 7m Height: 3.73m Height to eaves: 2.57m

Address: 65 Cherry Tree Road

The Clerk to contact SODC Planning Officers regarding confusion over identical application – P18/S0318/HH


6. Planning Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P17/S4261/HH

Proposal: Extend the existing dropped kerb at the front of the property by 1 metre at the right hand side (as viewed from the drive) i.e. the side furthest from the adjoining property at no 35.

Address: 33 Mill Lane


Application Ref: P17/S4344/HH

Proposal: Replace existing garage with new home office/studio

Address: 47 Station Road


Application Ref: P17/S2915/RM Amended Plans

Proposal: Approval for Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscape) pursuant to Outline application (P15/S0154/O) for the erection of up to 89 dwellings with public open space, landscaping, vehicle access and footpath links at Land off of Lower Icknield Way and consent sought for discharge of conditions 1, 6, 9, 14 and 15. (As amended by drawings and accompanying information received 03/11/17 and 17/11/17 and clarified by amended drainage details received 04/12/17).

Address: Land north of Icknield Way Chinnor


7. Appeal Decision

Application Ref: P17/S1630/HH

Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/D/17/3188756

Proposal: Erection of 1.8m fence at Hill House, Chinnor Hill

The Planning Inspectorate Decision: The Appeal is Dismissed.


Application Ref: P17/S0187/FUL

Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/W/17/3177445

Proposal: Replacement and re-siting of existing dwelling at The Tabernacle.

The Planning Inspectorate Decision: The Appeal is Dismissed


8. Planning Matters

8.1 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Natural Environment and Communities Act 2006 (NERC)

Consultation on evidence of exemption under the NERC Act Section 67(2). Noted.

8.2 Local List of Information Requirements for validation of planning and related applications – Consultation – ref LL.0088/17. Noted.

8.3 SODC Statement of case – Appeal Persimmon Homes – P16/S3284 and P16/S3285. Noted

8.4 Confirmation that Bovis Homes are providing a new bus shelter on Lower Icknield Way – A new design was agreed being a wooden frame with perspex window panels and perch bench. All in favour.

8.5 OCC consultation for prohibition and restriction of waiting and permitted parking – The Clerk to request a meeting with OCC (Jason Sherwood), Jeannette Matelot and responsible OCC officers to discuss the double yellow lines consultation for Station Road – a new consultation would be requested stating double yellow lines on both sides of the road and then leading into staggered parking areas to reduce speeding but still allow some parking. Visibility a key issue and the CPC recommendations allow for full safety aspects.

It was requested to remove the double yellow lines on Church Road and Church Lane as not at all needed or requested.



CHAIRMAN ________________________________________________ DATED _____________

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