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MINUTES of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 19th June 2017


PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chairman), Williams, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs and Bird

Liz Folley (Clerk) and Jo Wills (Minute taker)


Apologies: Cllr Rowton-Lee

Co-option of temporary Planning Committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: No public were present.


Planning applications to be considered:

Application Ref: P17/S1867/FUL

Proposal: Residential development comprising 58 dwellings, new vehicle access and pedestrian access, internal roads and footpaths, car parking, public open space, landscaping, drainage and other infrastructure.

Address: Land off Crowell Road, Chinnor

Recommendation: Refusal (ref: 111215)

Not in Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

Exceeds SODC allocation of dwellings in the draft Local Plan.

Extends the village boundary to the west reducing the distance to Crowell. The Bellway development opposite does not extend the village boundary because the developed proportion of the site ends in line with the development in Oakley lane.

Adverse impact on the rural nature of the environment and a negative impact on the conservation area.

The layout shown on the outline plan does not provide a sympathetic approach to the village.

We support the housing development officer's comments that the mix of housing is not as required.

2.5 storey buildings are not appropriate for the edges of this site and should not be included at all.

In order to preserve the number of parking spaces in the development there should be car ports rather than garages.

There is no indication of the public open space area on the plan which is mentioned in the written submissions.


Application Ref: P17/S1587/O

Proposal: Development of 79a-83 (and land rear of) to provide up to 60 dwellings, with associated open space, landscaping, access and footpath links.

Address: 79a Lower Icknield Way

Recommendation: Refusal (ref: 111216)

Not in Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

Exceeds SODC allocation of dwellings in the draft Local Plan

Fully support the objections raised by CPRE

Detrimental to the surrounding of the AONB

Yet another dangerous access onto B4009 where we have shown previously that there will be approx. 10 extra development accesses within a length of 0.6 miles which includes a rise that renders some of these accesses blind.


Application Ref: P17/S1915/O

Proposal: Erection of 10 two storey detached and semi detached dwellings with access, parking, landscaping and amenity space. Please note email from Tom Wyatt ref this application.

Address: Land adjoining 54 Lower Icknield Way

Recommendation: Refusal (ref: 111217)

Not in Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

Exceeds SODC allocation of dwellings in the draft Local Plan

Detrimental to the surrounding of the AONB

Yet another dangerous access onto B4009 where we have shown previously that there will be approx. 10 extra development accesses within a length of 0.6 miles which includes a rise that renders some of these accesses blind.

Fully support the refusal from SODC for applications P16/S4027/O and also P16/S2567/O

Overdevelopment providing the appearance of a solid wall of development when seen from AONB and the house on the side of the drive is in a very cramp location.

Poor access and dangerous access to an already very congested B4009


Application Ref: P17/S1980/HH

Proposal: Demolition of existing garage, erection of proposed ground and first floor side extension and single storey front porch.

Address: 12 Flint Hollow

Recommendation: Approval (ref: 111218)


Application Ref: P17/S1116/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Demolition of redundant garages and erection of new dwelling (as amended by revised plans dated 1-6-17), reducing scale of dwelling..

Address: Land adjacent to 64 High Street. Letters from neighbouring property were noted.

Recommendation: Refusal (ref: 111219)

Fully support the Holding Objection from OCC Highways

Visibility splay and car park space sizes a major concern.

The design is not in keeping with the area.

Not sympathetic to the conservation area.


Application Ref: P17/S1999/HH

Proposal: Remove roof light and insert dormer window, purlin to remain

Address: 33a High Street

Recommendation: Approval (ref: 111211)


Application Ref: P17/S1630/HH

Proposal: Erection of a 1.8m fence replacing previous lower fence in same location.

Address: Hill House, Chinnor Hill

Recommendation: Approval – subject to OCC Highways recommendations. (ref: 111222)


Application Ref: P17/S1946/HH

Proposal: Existing storage and plant room to be refurbished and converted to gym/pool house. New external swimming pool. New gate piers to access drive. Erection of new garage with multi use room in roof space.

Address: The Stone House, New Close Farm, Towersey/Chinnor

Recommendation: Approval (ref: 111223)


Application Ref: P17/S1998/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Address: 61a Oakley Road. Letters from neighbouring property were noted.

Recommendation: Refusal (ref: 111224)



Plans do not show surrounding fenestration correctly - Loss of light an issue for neighbouring properties.


Application Ref: P17/S2001/O

Proposal: Erection of detached dwelling and associated garage

Address: 1 Manor Farmhouse, Henton

Recommendation: Approval – subject to OCC Highways recommendations. (ref: 111225)


Application Ref: P17/S0883/HH Amended Details

Proposal: Two storey rear extension. As amended by plans attached.

Address: 38A Lower Icknield Way

Recommendation: Approval - subject to Forestry Officer being satisfied with conditions. (ref: 111226)


6.1 Planning Permission granted by SODC

P17/S1572/HH Construction of 2 pitched roof dormer windows to front elevation and rear box dormer to facilitate new loft bedroom at 3 Golden Hills.

P17/S1138/HH Garage conversion and single storey rear/side extension, new vehicle driveway and new garden shed (as amended) at 27 Lower Icknield Way.

P17/S1286/HH Demolish garage. Proposed garage (as amended) at 14 Malyns Close

P17/S0377/HH Single storey rear and two storey side extension at east West Cottage, Wainhill

P17/S1228/FUL Erection of toilet/shower block with chemical disposal point and sewage treatment tank at Copse Farm, Thame Road

P17/S1269/HH Removal of existing open porch and construction of enclosed porch at Chasewater, 87 Lower Icknield Way.

P17/S1179/HH Single storey rear extension at 27 Wykeham Rise

P16/S3823/HH Extensions and alterations at 16 Oakley Road

P16/S3644/HH Extend porch to incorporate a downstairs toilet at 10 Rannal Drive

P17/S1454/HH Replace existing garage with new garden office/studio at 47 Station Road

P17/S0574/RM Approval of Reserved Matters for P14/S1586 120 dwellings at land east of Crowell Road

P16/S1455/MPO Approved. Removal of Section 106 obligation relating to planning consent P94/N0216 (94S34) at The Croft, Venus Wood Barn, Chinnor Hill.

P16/S4085/PDO Change of use from B1(a) offices to form 14 flats – approval granted

P17/S1351/LDP Certificate of Lawful Development. Convert rear section of integral garage to enlarge living accommodation at 26 Middle Way

P17/S1047/LDP Certificate of Lawful Development. Construct of single storey rear extension at 36 Thame Road

P16/S4112/LDP Certificate of Lawful Development. Convert rear section of garage to form shower room at 2 Druids Walk.


6.2 Refusal of Planning Permission

P16/S3471/FUL Erection of two detached dwellings at land at 67 Lower Icknield Way.

P17/S0123/FUL Siting of three pinewood lodges and parking for holiday lets at Upper Farm, Henton.

P16/S3285/FUL Demolition of two dwellings and construction of new access road at 17-19 Greenwood Avenue.

P16/S3284/O Erection of up to 140 dwellings with open space etc. at land south of Greenwood Avenue

P17/S1311/HH Detached garage to be sited at the front of 43 Elderdene


6.3 Withdrawn Applications

P17/S0643/FUL Erection of 10 dwellings at land to the west of Thame Road

P17/S1268/FUL Demolition of two dwellings, kennel block etc. Erection of six dwellings at Forest Glade Kennels, Chinnor Hill


6.4 Planning Matters

6.4.1 Five road names were agreed for the Bellway Development, as listed:

Lingwell Close, Littlemoor Field, Lummas Mead, Moor Close, Newton Close

6.4.2 P17/S0791 – 51 High Street –Simon Kitson is recommending approval under delegated powers. Noted.

6.4.3 Consultation – Mill Lane and B4445– proposed prohibition of motor vehicles and zebra crossing. Noted.

6.4.4 P16/S4025/O – Appeal for two detached dormer houses at 7 Emmington – APP/Q3115/W/17/3173879

CPC to submit written objections as follows:

The site is in a rural location and has poor access to facilities and services.

Not a recommended area for development of any kind.

Contrary to many policies including: CSS1, CSR1, CSEN1 of the SODC Core Strategy and also policies C9, G2, G4 and D1 of the SODC Local Plan 2011.

Protection of the countryside is paramount and this development would harm the area.

6.4.5 SODC Assessment of five year housing supply – dated May 2017 – noted.

6.4.6 Revised Construction Traffic Management Plan for land adjoining Greenwood Avenue dated 5-6-17

6.4.7 P17/S2105/PDO – Conversion of existing first and second floor offices to from 3 self contained residential units at Robert House, 19 Station Road – permitted development rights. To be discussed at the next OCC Highways meeting as CPC are very concerned about the traffic and parked cars along this road especially with no parking allocation for the current business units in Robert House.


CHAIRMAN ____________________________________________________ DATED __________________

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