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Minutes of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 19th August 2019

PRESENT: Cllr Wright (Chair), Williams, Ridgley, Oliver and Archer

Staff: Jo Wills


Apologies for absence: Cllr Ashdown, D/Cllr White

Absent without apologies: Cllr Rowton-Lee


Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed:

Cllr Wright proposed Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Williams – all in favour.


Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: No public were present.



Current situations

Bovis Homes – Pavement needs repair following BT connections – chasing OCC.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes – Residents moving in now. New roundabout and associated road works under investigation for quality control. Allotment area – The Clerk has been in contact with A2 Dominion regarding the proposal at Full Council for the land to be gifted to CPC for use as green space – this has now been agreed by A2 Dominion – more details to follow on ownership status.

Traffic lights will be on Estover Way from 9th September to 17th September for road surface improvements

Bloor Homes – Road closure dates now confirmed as follows:

Mill Lane closure – from 13 Mill Lane to Junction of Thame Road – 2 Sept to 6 Sept

Thame Road closure – B4445 junction of Station Road – 9 Sept to 13 Sept

Station Road / Lower Road junction area – 16 Sept to 19 Sept

Bellway Homes – Concerns over right of way being blocked – under investigation.

Taylor Wimpey – The Carriages – all sold and occupied. Issues with regular bin emptying at play area being dealt with by TW.

Taylor Wimpey – OKL – CPC waiting on paperwork for land ownership agreements before the turning circle roadworks can be completed. Solicitors now appointed to finalise hand over (TW paying legal fees) Issues over grass cutting maintenance and flooding along main road ongoing!

Persimmon Homes – Planning application to be submitted to SODC.


Planning applications were considered:

Application Ref: P19/S2185/HH

Proposal: Demolish pitched tiled rear summer room, proposed rear extension with flat roof, and internal alterations with the addition of a window to east elevation ground floor.

Address: 66 Lower Icknield Way

CPC recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P19/S2366/O

Proposal: Outline planning application for erection of two semi-detached houses, incorporating access, layout and scale and all other matters reserved.

Address: 63 Lower Icknield Way

CPC recommendation: Objection

Overcrowded form of development.

Semi-detached houses are not in keeping with the surrounding development.

Inadequate supply of visitor parking as this would cause overflow onto already congested B4009. There is already too much traffic exiting onto the B4009 from previous developments in this area.

There is no provision for the refuse vehicle to make a forward entry & exit to this site so the refuse bins would be added to the on-street obstructions.

It also fails to meet CNP Policy: CHH1 – although it is infill it does not have suitable parking and turning arrangements and does impact the local highway network.


Application Ref: P19/S2205/HH

Proposal: Rear conservatory

Address: 43 Hedgerley

CPC recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P19/S2465/HH

Proposal: Single storey rear extension and roof light to front elevation over stairwell

Address: 42 Oakley Lane

CPC recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P19/S1634/FUL

Proposal: Erection of single storey 2-bedroom dwelling (revised access and parking layout and vehicle tracking details as shown on amended plans received 9th August 2019).

Address: 22 Oakley Lane

CPC recommendation: Objection

The amendments do not address the concerns expressed previously. As below:

Estover Way was designed as a through route and no entrances / exits to be on the road.

The adjacent bus stop is a very busy stop with school buses twice a day with approx. 30 children each time. Plus, the train link bus also using this stop daily.

The Independent Safety Review is not accurate in its detail on the above points.

CPC feel the application causes a dangerous exit onto a very busy road with a turning into Cowleaze very close.


Planning Application Withdrawn

Application Ref: P19/S1392/FUL

Proposal: Development of area originally set as allotments under planning permission P17/S3916/FUL for 2 x 3 bed semidetached houses and 15 parking spaces to serve adjacent primary school

Address: Land adjacent to Mill Lane CP School, Mill Lane


7. Planning Decisions: Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P19/S1754/HH

Proposal: Install solar panels to new and existing roof slopes as amendment to previous planning permission P19/S0030/HH for: Remove existing conservatory and construct 2 storey rear extension. Construct single storey front and side extensions. Demolish existing pre-fabricated detached garage.

Address: 37 Cherry Tree Road


Application Ref: P19/S1659/HH

Proposal: First floor extension and alterations and formation of front entrance porch

Address: Hempton Cottage, Road running through Henton


Application Ref: P19/S1272/HH Amended Details

Proposal: Part 2-storey part single storey rear extension (replacing existing Conservatory), partial garage conversion, new single storey front bay window and fenestration alterations to the existing house (as amended by plans received 21 June 2019)

Address: 9 Mill Lane


Application Ref: P19/S1578/HH

Proposal: Construction of garden shed / store in rear garden of existing house

Address: Allnut House, 25 High Street


Application Ref: P19/S1929/HH

Proposal: Single storey front extension, replace/extend drive, new fence

Address: 5 Hillwerke


Application Ref: P19/S1918/HH

Proposal: Demolish pre-fabricated garage and construct single storey side/rear extension

Address: 37 Beech Road


Application Ref: P19/S1902/HH

Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension and single storey front porch extension, with fenestration alteration to the side elevation.

Address: 3 Elm drive


Application Ref: P19/S1670/HH

Proposal: Erection of a single storey extension

Address: 12 Doveleat


Planning refusal granted by SODC

Application Ref: P19/S1527/FUL

Proposal: Erection of car port to existing garage

Address: 77 Mill Lane


8. Planning Appeals

Planning Appeals: 67 Lower Icknield Way - written representations to be submitted by 20th September for inquiry – it was agreed for CPC not to attend the inquiries but to be kept informed of dates and locations.

APP/Q3115/C/18/3209600 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209599

Alleged Breach: Without planning permission, the material change of use of the land from agriculture to use as a domestic garden

Written Representation sent 30th May 2019

APP/Q3115/C/18/320719 and APP/Q3115/C/18/3209720

Alleged Breach: Without planning permission, the erection of a timber building and timber decking in the approximate position edged green on the plan.

Written Representation sent 30th May 2019

Ongoing Appeals – waiting on Inspector decisions

P18/S3046/FUL – APP/Q3115/W/19/3227208 – 46 Elderdene

Demolition of the existing garage and the erection of a pair of single storey two-bedroom semi-detached dwellings with access, parking and amenity space (amended plans received 10th October and 14th Nov 2018 revising the parking and turning provision within site)

Written Representation sent 30th May 2019

APP/Q3115/W/19/3228497 – Land west of Thame Road

Erection of 9 dwellings and re-siting of employment use on site (as amended by plans received 31 July 2018 proposing wildflower meadow and landscape planting, and plans received 6 August 2018 extending internal access road to enable large vehicles to turn, widened access onto Thame Road and associated revised building layout including relocation of Plot 1 further to the north west, and air quality report received 3 September, and tree removal information received 21 September 2018, as amended by site layout plan 485.10E received 30 January 2019 to address highway concerns / include footways within and to the site).

Written Representation sent 17th June 2019 and 19th June 2019


9. SODC Enforcement cases – under investigation or being monitored

SE19/399 – 67 Lower Icknield Way

1) dwelling not built in accordance with P14/S3303/RM; and 2) without planning permission the change of use of the dwelling to a guest house

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/389 – Land off Thame Road

Breach of condition 20 of P15/S0779/FUL (details approved under P18/S1131/DIS). Road works not implemented prior to occupation of dwellings.

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/374 – Public right of way

Without permission the obstruction of a public right of way contrary to approved plans for P14/S1586 & P14/S0953. (Bellway and TW)

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/346 - Without planning permission the material change of use of land from agriculture to a mixed use of agriculture and residential use at Rowan Farm, Henton.

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/329 - Without planning permission the engineering or other operations to change levels at 6 Lummas Mead.

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/303 - Without planning permission the material change of use of an ancillary dwelling to form a separate planning unit at 5 Emmington

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/226 – Untidy site at 34 Beech Road

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/179 – 40 Oakley Road – breach of condition 4 of permission P16/S4117/FUL – loss of car park spaces due to bin store being built. Enforcement written to occupants 20-5-19

Enforcement Officer monitoring

SE19/167 – 18 Woodgreen Square – without permission the sub division of property to create a separate residential flat.

Under investigation by enforcement officer.

SE19/130 – Land north of Mill Lane – Breach of condition 12 of permission P16/S1468 – hours of construction.

Enforcement Officer monitoring

SE19/91 – 9 Greenwood Meadow – shed in excess of permitted development rights.

Enforcement Officer monitoring

SE19/84 – land adjoining 7 Emmington – Without planning permission the material change of use of land to storage of building materials.

Negotiations ongoing with owner and Enforcement Officer.

SODC Enforcement cases – closed

SE19/205 – Non-compliance of condition 3 of P17/S2394/A at land south of Crowell.

Case Closed. No Breach.


Chairman _______________________________________ Dated ____________________

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