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MINUTES of the Meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 21st May 2018

PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Ashdown, Higgs

Staff: Jo Wills

Also Present: D/Cllr White


Apologies for absence: Cllr Haywood

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Declarations of Interest – None


Public Question Time – 5 members of the public were present.


Planning applications considered:

Application Ref: P18/S1553/O

Proposal: Outline application (with all matters except for access reserved) for the erection of eight dwellings following demolition of all built form on site.

Address: Manor Farm, Henton

Recommendation: Objection

Overly urban development in a rural area

Extending the boundary too far

Overdevelopment of site

Not in the Chinnor Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Inappropriate development of agricultural site

Loss of local employment a major concern.


Application Ref: P18/S1356/FUL

Proposal: Re-submission of approved P15/S2120/FUL. Conversion of ground floor retail units to two 2 x bed flats.

Address: 38 Station Road

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P18/S1373/HH

Proposal: Amendments to previous planning permission (P17/S3219/HH) to include addition of bay window to front, alterations to windows, remove chimney, garage extension, insulation to front elevation between existing piers to create flush finish, change to roof tiles.

Address: Kynama, Henton

Recommendation: No Objection


Application Ref: P18/S1516/FUL

Proposal: Erection of a replacement barn to create new single storey family home

Address: Doves, Spriggs Alley

Recommendation: No Objection

Certificate of Lawful Development was noted.


Application Ref: P18/S1556/LDP

Proposal: Loft conversion and rear roof extension

Address: 3 Hillside View


6. Planning Permission Granted by SODC was noted.

Application Ref: P18/S0496/HH

Proposal: Single storey flat roof extension at the rear of the property and a new porch to the existing front entrance on the side of the property

Address: 11 Malyns Close


Application Ref: P18/S0738/HH

Proposal: Garage conversion and single storey rear/side extension, new vehicle driveway and new garden shed

Address: 27 Lower Icknield Way


8. Planning Matters

8.1 Transport – Email regarding community bus service – a meeting has been arranged.

8.2 Report from Fiona Mantle with regard to possibility of BOVIS providing a Public Access Defibrillator on site was noted.

8.3 D/Cllr White reported that SODC has now announced a 5.4 year land supply. Also a new leader has been appointed at SODC. New local plan policy has been agreed and options for developments are included.

8.4 A2 Dominion site on Mill Lane has had hedge cutting works commence today. CPC has advised the TVP Wildlife Officer. The Clerk to write a letter of complaint.

8.5 The Clerk to write to Bovis Homes development on Lower Icknield Way and request the fencing be removed and made safe with alternative fencing instead.

8.6 The Clerk to contact Bloor Homes development on Mill lane and ask for information about any hedge works planned on the Thame Road edge.

8.7 Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Williams to study the A2 Dominion proposal carefully and look at all conditions relating to site.

8.8 Bloor Homes has been reported to Enforcement as the conditions stated that the road layout to be complete prior to occupations but CPC have been advised by the sales office that 3 houses are already occupied.

8.9 Cllr Rowton-Lee to draft a paper of what CPC require from all developments going forward.


9. Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan

9.1 NHP review is ongoing – no updates at this present time.



CHAIRMAN__________________________________________________ DATED ____________

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