Chinnor's first Pop Up Refill Shop



Saturday 5th October, 10am - 1pm at, Council Chamber, Chinnor Community Pavillion, (near the library).

So Sustainable, Chinnor's first monthly pop-up refill shop, for eco friendly household cleaners, laundry detergents, shampoo and conditioners, wholefoods, loose-leaf teas, sustainable health and beauty products and much more.

Bring your own containers or get a reusable container on the day.

Chinnor Library needs your help



Become a friend or volunteer at Chinnor Library

If you would like to get involved and help please contact: or pop into the library for a chat or call 01844 351721

Opening hours are

  • Monday 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2 - 5.30pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2 - 5.30pm
  • Thursday 2 - 7pm
  • Friday 2 - 5.30pm
  • Saturday 9.30am - 1pm
  • Sunday Closed


Chinnor Skatepark - update



The Council has agreed that they would like to provide a skatepark facility for the community, and has started to look at options.

The ramp that was at Hill Road Recreation Area was the only affordable option at the time and survived a move from The Playing Fields. It was constructed of wood and its lifetime was short-lived. This facility was deemed to be too far away, hidden, not suitable for younger people to use without an adult and with poor access.

The council has been assessing all Council owned areas and needs to take into consideration the users of this facility and also the potential nuisance to residents. It is therefore believed that the site should meet the following criteria:

  • Easily accessible from pavements
  • Accessible for emergency vehicles
  • Open and viewable
  • 100m from nearest residents

The council believes that the plot of land currently being transferred from Taylor Wimpey to the Parish Council in Old Kiln Lakes may be able to meet the criteria. However, it is likely that this would be subject to:

  • Public Consultation
  • Acoustic Survey
  • Planning Application
  • Funding Sources

A youth engagement day was organised on the 21st August with the main aim being to try and form a youth council in order that we can hear the voice of young people. Also at this event were some designs of what could be provided for a skate park facility, this was not an official public consultation but an opportunity for feedback from young people.

Bledlow Household Recycling Centre



We're raising £50,000 to Reopen Bledlow Household Recycling Centre as a commercial enterprise with the money raised being used to apply for planning permission

Bledlow Household Recycling Centre (HRC) Action Group has been set up by 11 local parish councils with the aim of reopening the HRC as a commercial enterprise which was closed by Buckinghamshire County Council on 31st March 2019 despite huge opposition from local residents.

How you can help? You can donate by visiting...

Chinnor Parish Council is pleased to be working with our neighbouring communities to support this project.

Play Areas explained!



There has been some confusion of late regarding our play area names! We thought it would be good to list what we have and why it's called what it is! I hope this information helps.

A map of the village with all road names (both old and new) is available to collect from the CPC office.


Conigre play area is located within the Playing Fields, Station Road. This is our largest play area and maintained by CPC. It is called Conigre because originally there were ponds in this area which were known as "Conigre ponds" - hence the play area name! This play area has a mixture of baby and junior equipment, teen equipment and equipment for mixed abilities, picnic tables, benches and litter bins. Signs on each entry gate explain the rules of the play area – no dogs etc. Just outside of the fencing of this play area is the fitness equipment for all to use.


St Andrews play area is located in Upperfields, which is off St Andrews Road. This is a smaller play area with equipment for the younger ages to enjoy, picnic table, benches and bins. This area is managed and maintained by CPC. A sign on the entry gate explains the rules of the play area.


Old Kiln Lakes play area is in Old Kiln lakes! The equipment is for all ages and abilities. This area also has our wooden art structures for the children to climb over and enjoy. Also a picnic table, seating and litter bins are in the area. Alongside the play area is a large playing field. This area is managed and maintained by CPC. A sign on the entry gate explains the rules of the play area.


White's Field does not have a play area but it does have the Multi Use Games Area (known as the MUGA) This area is fenced in and has lighting. It is for use by all ages. It cannot be booked or reserved and the gates are not locked. It has goal posts, basketball hoops etc with a astro turf type base. Also in this area are the two ping pong tables for everyone to use, picnic tables, benches and a youth shelter. This area is managed and maintained by CPC.


Woodgreen Square play area is within the new Taylor Wimpey "Carriages" development. This equipment is for all to use and enjoy. This area is managed and maintained by Taylor Wimpey.  Any new play areas which are planned within the current ongoing developments, are for everyone, and will be maintained and managed by the management companies directly, not CPC.


All of the play areas managed by CPC have a full annual inspection by an independent body, plus CPC run daily, weekly and monthly checks to ensure the equipment is safe to use. When we find an issue, a piece of equipment may be closed off – this is for good reason.

Litter is always an issue in any of these areas – there are adequate and ample litter bins all around – please use them.

Concessionary Bus Pass



How to apply for concessionary travel if you are eligible by age....
An older persons bus pass gives free off-peak (9am to midnight within Oxfordshire) travel on local buses.

The age of eligibility for an older person's bus pass is now equal to the pensionable age for women, whether you are male or female. Between April 2010 and November 2018 this will increase from 60 to 65. Please check your eligibility before you apply.

If you already have a bus pass with Oxfordshire County Council, you do not need to complete another application form to renew this. The only time you need to complete another application is when your pass has been lost or stolen.


To apply please long onto OCC website or cut and past this link:




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