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Christmas and New Year - useful info



Christmas Waste

If your wrapping paper can be scrunched and stays scrunched, then it can be recycled - as long as it doesn't have glitter on it. Ribbons and bows can't be recycled.

We take extra recycling all year round - but it's very useful at Christmas. Put extra recycling loose in cardboard boxes or in clear plastic bags next to the green bin.

Too much food waste? Extra can go in a bag on top of the food bin.

80 per cent of household rubbish can be recycled so we don't take extra non-recyclables (things that go in the grey bin)

Not sure what you can recycle - go to Binzone (or download the app on your phone)


Garden waste and Christmas trees

Biffa don't take garden waste over Christmas, but we'll take away your Christmas tree in the New Year for recycling if you are a garden waste customer.

If you're not a garden waste customer we'll take them from a Christmas tree collection point – Whites Field Car Park, Mill Lane (see details over)

To order a garden waste bin for 2020 please log onto and go to the Services and Advice section / Garden waste. Or call 01749 341247


Bad weather

If there's bad weather this might affect the waste collections - look out for messages on Facebook and twitter and updates on Binzone.


Christmas waste collection changes

Waste collection days will change over Christmas and will be:

Thursday 2nd January  (Green bin and food bin but no garden waste)

Wednesday 8th January  (Grey bin and food bin)



Binzone is our great new tool that tells you all about your bins and waste collection services. It's designed to look and work best from your smartphone so you can have your recycling collection dates at your finger tips all day, every day.

Type your postcode in and select your address to find out what day your bin will be emptied, and most importantly which bins are next.

You can tap the handy "locate me" button to find out the collection details for your current location, so if you're at home you don't even need to type in your postcode.

Got a smartphone? Download our Binzone app for your iPhone or Android phone now!

Just search for "Binzone" on the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet, or the Apple Appstore on your iPhone or iPad now.

This should be updated regularly if we get bad weather.


Assisted collections

Help with your rubbish and recycling collections

If you have difficulties putting out your rubbish and recycling for collection due to a disability, illness or infirmity, and there is no one else to put it out, we may be able to provide an assisted collection.

Please contact us:


Phone Number: 01235 422406


Christmas tree recycling

You can drop off your real Christmas tree at White's Field car park from Christmas Eve until the evening of 10th January – in the coned off area only please. This is a FREE service offered to you from SODC.

Trees larger than 6ft MUST be cut down.


Waste Wheel

Collect a FREE waste wheel from the CPC office so you can check what goes in what bin – quick and easy.


Safe Place



Chinnor Community Pavilion is now a SAFE PLACE

A safe place helps vulnerable people if they feel scared or at risk while they are out and about in the community and need support right away.

Play Areas explained!



There has been some confusion of late regarding our play area names! We thought it would be good to list what we have and why it's called what it is! I hope this information helps.

A map of the village with all road names (both old and new) is available to collect from the CPC office.


Conigre play area is located within the Playing Fields, Station Road. This is our largest play area and maintained by CPC. It is called Conigre because originally there were ponds in this area which were known as "Conigre ponds" - hence the play area name! This play area has a mixture of baby and junior equipment, teen equipment and equipment for mixed abilities, picnic tables, benches and litter bins. Signs on each entry gate explain the rules of the play area – no dogs etc. Just outside of the fencing of this play area is the fitness equipment for all to use.


St Andrews play area is located in Upperfields, which is off St Andrews Road. This is a smaller play area with equipment for the younger ages to enjoy, picnic table, benches and bins. This area is managed and maintained by CPC. A sign on the entry gate explains the rules of the play area.


Old Kiln Lakes play area is in Old Kiln lakes! The equipment is for all ages and abilities. This area also has our wooden art structures for the children to climb over and enjoy. Also a picnic table, seating and litter bins are in the area. Alongside the play area is a large playing field. This area is managed and maintained by CPC. A sign on the entry gate explains the rules of the play area.


White's Field does not have a play area but it does have the Multi Use Games Area (known as the MUGA) This area is fenced in and has lighting. It is for use by all ages. It cannot be booked or reserved and the gates are not locked. It has goal posts, basketball hoops etc with a astro turf type base. Also in this area are the two ping pong tables for everyone to use, picnic tables, benches and a youth shelter. This area is managed and maintained by CPC.


Woodgreen Square play area is within the new Taylor Wimpey "Carriages" development. This equipment is for all to use and enjoy. This area is managed and maintained by Taylor Wimpey.  Any new play areas which are planned within the current ongoing developments, are for everyone, and will be maintained and managed by the management companies directly, not CPC.


All of the play areas managed by CPC have a full annual inspection by an independent body, plus CPC run daily, weekly and monthly checks to ensure the equipment is safe to use. When we find an issue, a piece of equipment may be closed off – this is for good reason.

Litter is always an issue in any of these areas – there are adequate and ample litter bins all around – please use them.

Chinnor Library needs your help



Become a friend or volunteer at Chinnor Library

If you would like to get involved and help please contact: or pop into the library for a chat or call 01844 351721

Opening hours are

  • Monday 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2 - 5.30pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2 - 5.30pm
  • Thursday 2 - 7pm
  • Friday 2 - 5.30pm
  • Saturday 9.30am - 1pm
  • Sunday Closed


Bledlow Household Recycling Centre



We're raising £50,000 to Reopen Bledlow Household Recycling Centre as a commercial enterprise with the money raised being used to apply for planning permission

Bledlow Household Recycling Centre (HRC) Action Group has been set up by 11 local parish councils with the aim of reopening the HRC as a commercial enterprise which was closed by Buckinghamshire County Council on 31st March 2019 despite huge opposition from local residents.

How you can help? You can donate by visiting...

Chinnor Parish Council is pleased to be working with our neighbouring communities to support this project.

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