Update on current roadworks in Chinnor



Traffic lights are planned for Mill Lane / Station Road / Lower Road junction from 19.03.18 to 30.03.18.
For power connection to new homes.


Traffic lights from 02.04.18 on Mill Lane / Station Road  for the new road layout to commence. Plans for the new road layout can be viewed on our Facebook page or can be seen at the CPC office during office opening hours.


The traffic lights on B4445 are due to finish on 23.03.18
Thames Water and BT infrastructure improvements.


The traffic light on Hill Road / over the railway bridge are to allow pedestrian safe access until the bridge has been repaired and made safe for pedestrians again. These will be in action until 30.04.18


All of the relevant bodies involved are responsible for contacting the bus companies affected.
These dates are subject to change i.e weather conditions.
Any questions please call OCC Highways: 0345 310 1111


Chinnor Annual Assembly 2018



Monday 26th March 2018

Chinnor Community Pavilion

8pm start



This meeting is for the public to come along and meet Councillors.


Please come along to the Annual Assembly to hear from the Chinnor Parish Council Chairman about CPC and events over the year.

Collect an annual reports booklet detailing the past year from each committee, SODC and OCC plus lots more.

Meet all of the Chinnor Parish Councillors - available for questions and comments.

Also speaking on the night about their roles and the year gone by is Cllr Lynn Lloyd and Cllr Ian White from SODC and Cllr Jeannette Matelot from OCC - please come along and listen to what they have to say and ask questions if required.

Our new PCSO will be in attendance during the evening so please come and meet Graham Davey.

During the evening we will also be launching the Chinnor Volunteer awards for 2018 - collect some nominations sheets and hear about what categories you can nominate in for each voluntary person or group. Nominations end on 22nd June.

The Chinnor Volunteer Awards are kindly being sponsored by a number of local businesses - they will all be present on 26th March to give out leaflets and let you know what services you can use right on your doorstep. Please make a point of meeting them and discussing any requirements you have.

Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits will be served throughout the evening.





Warning - Road works from 02-04 to 11-05



NOTICE - Mill Lane / Thame Road

New Road layout in 3 phases - maps available for viewing from the CPC office or on the CPC Facebook page.

2 way 24 hour temporary traffic signals from 02/04 to 11/05
Lights are to be manually controlled every day at peak times 07.00-09.30 and 15.30-18.30 and at all other times if traffic builds up.

With regard to the bus stops within the works, all relevant bus companies have been contacted by the Construction Company.

Advance Warning boards are to be placed on the roadsides a minimum of 5 working days before work starts.

Any questions regarding to the offical notice of works please call OCC Highways on 0345 310 1111


August Marquee 2018... applications available



Application forms to organise an event are now available from the CPC office or email

If your local community club or organisation wishes to hold an event in the marquee please complete an application form and return to the Parish Council offices no later than: 1st March 2018

The Parish Council can only consider a request with the form returned by 1st March 2018.

The marquee will again be located in White's Field, Mill Lane, for the week leading up to the Bank Holiday.

It is not "first come first serve" basis - the Council will review all applications together. The aim is to have a variety of events over the week which caters for all age groups in the village.

This year we have 3 daytime slots available as Pulse has been cancelled... please look at all available dates and times.

UK Government Smart Meters Rollout 2020


As I'm sure you're aware, the Government is rolling out smart meters into all homes and businesses before 2020. However, research shows that a huge percentage of the population are still not aware of the options available.

Working in conjunction with the smart meter authorities nationwide, we are ensuring that all local councils have the up to date, correct information on their websites to ensure we are fully prepared as a nation for this switch. Provided below are links to full guides domestic and non-domestic smart meters handed to us by the Government.

Non-domestic -

Domestic -

Advance Warning - Chinnor Road Works


High Street / Grafton Orchard...

Following on from UK Power Networks electrical installation works in Station Road and Lower Road, the next phase from Grafton Orchard, High Street and Lower Icknield Way will begin from 4th February 2018.


There are also other works planned for the next few months.

30 Jan - 5 Feb. Thames Water and Southern Gas Networks have agreed to work simultaneously under traffic lights to carry out service connections at the small development at 20 Thame Road.

5 Feb - 16 Feb Kearns Contractors are carrying out works to the footway and gullies outside the old garden centre site in Thame Road.

From March onwards, ECL Contractors will be carrying out works outside their site on the corner of Thame Road/Mill Lane.

The above dates are subject to change, depending on ground conditions and the weather.


Any questions please call 0345 310 1111

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