Official Statement from CPC dated 10-01-19




Road closure on Thame Road (from Chinnor to Emmington)

Mill Lane (from Station Road junction to Cherry Tree Road)


Following numerous interactions today with both OCC and the contractors.

CPC can now confirm the following (which is correct details at time of typing):

All proposed road works, which were only notified by road signage yesterday (with signage that was incorrect!) has now been CANCELLED.

CPC has stated that not enough notice was given for this long closure, plus a differing of details in all official notices received today was highly confusing for everyone.

CPC can understand that there is much confusion for locals regarding these work which was totally unacceptable.

After discussion with OCC, we can now confirm that these works are postponed to a later date, and will not begin on the 14 January.

We shall confirm new dates when once approved by OCC and CPC are notified. It will be a road closure at some point (be warned!) and this will be for completion of all S278 agreed works, which include the closure of Mill Lane at the junction, and open the new road through the Bloor Development plus installation of the new zebra crossing on Thame Road.

All road signage is now being / been removed to save any more confusion and once new dates agreed it will be back to advise everyone, hopefully with more notice next time.

Thank you so much for your patience in this matter.

CPC will continue to advise of any information as and when we receive it – please be assured we will continue to do all we can for the community given the information we are sent.

All details correct at time of going to print – subject to change if a higher authority deem necessary.

Bledlow Waste Centre confirmed as closing



Bucks County Council has now announced that due to finances Bledlow Waste Site will close at the end of March 2019.

Our community has a few options going forward...


These are the waste sites in Oxfordshire we can use:


Order a garden waste bin (emptied fortnghtly on recycle week) - this has an extra annual cost. More details can be obtained via:

Call Biffa on 03000 610610 or email


Plus here are details of the general waste centre...

Where does your waste from the Black bin (general waste) go to?



Where then I hear you ask...

Ardley - a State of the Art Recycling Centre for our black bins (general waste)

Our waste is taken to this centre from holding depots around the area and burnt in an enormous furnace.

The energy created is pushed into the National Grid and services thousands of homes with their electrical power.

The residue from this furnace is used as aggregate to build roads.

All impurities given off such as heavy metals are collected through a series of filters and mixed with a carbon material also collected and created from waist products and made into building materials to build our houses. These blocks actually absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere which cleans the air we breath.

Only clean steam is given off by this huge recycling machine.

The whole site is ultra clean and health and safety is top of the agenda

Any thing in our black bins gets used at Ardley but if you put incorrect items in our Green recycling bin it ends up in LAND FILL it does not then go to Ardley and used.

If in doubt and if you are unsure if its a recycle item... pop it in your General waste bin to avoid excessive landfill deposits.

Appeal Decisions



Appeal A: APP/Q3115/W/17/3187058
Land south of Greenwood Avenue, Chinnor
Persimmon Homes
The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for the construction of up to 140 dwellings


Appeal B: APP/Q3115/W/17/3187059
17 and 19 Greenwood Avenue, Chinnor
Persimmon Homes
The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for the demolition of 2 no dwellings and the construction of a new access road at 17 and 19 Greenwood Avenue


Appeal C: APP/Q3115/W/17/3188694
Land at Crowell Road, Chinnor
CALA Management Limited
The proposal was for residential redevelopment comprising 54 no dwellings
The appeal is dismissed so planning permission not granted.


Christmas Tree Recycling Service



Return your old, real Christmas tree to the designated coned off area in Mill Lane Car park before Saturday 12th January

This is a FREE Christmas Tree Collection service.

Chinnor Speedwatch



Attempting to slow our traffic down!

Some members of our volunteer team are out and about in the Parish, along with our PCSO Graham Davey, with the speedwatch equipment.
Please be aware that if you are caught speeding your vehicle details are recorded and passed to TVP.

If you wish to add your name to our list of volunteers please call 01844 353267 to register your interest.
The more volunteers we can get the more often this equipment can be used in our Parish in numerous locations.

Chinnor slowing the traffic down!


Concessionary Bus Pass



How to apply for concessionary travel if you are eligible by age....
An older persons bus pass gives free off-peak (9am to midnight within Oxfordshire) travel on local buses.

The age of eligibility for an older person's bus pass is now equal to the pensionable age for women, whether you are male or female. Between April 2010 and November 2018 this will increase from 60 to 65. Please check your eligibility before you apply.

If you already have a bus pass with Oxfordshire County Council, you do not need to complete another application form to renew this. The only time you need to complete another application is when your pass has been lost or stolen.


To apply please long onto OCC website or cut and past this link:




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