Bledlow Waste Centre confirmed as closing


Bucks County Council has now announced that due to finances Bledlow Waste Site will close at the end of March 2019.

Our community has a few options going forward...


These are the waste sites in Oxfordshire we can use:


Order a garden waste bin (emptied fortnghtly on recycle week) - this has an extra annual cost. More details can be obtained via:

Call Biffa on 03000 610610 or email


Plus here are details of the general waste centre...

Where does your waste from the Black bin (general waste) go to?



Where then I hear you ask...

Ardley - a State of the Art Recycling Centre for our black bins (general waste)

Our waste is taken to this centre from holding depots around the area and burnt in an enormous furnace.

The energy created is pushed into the National Grid and services thousands of homes with their electrical power.

The residue from this furnace is used as aggregate to build roads.

All impurities given off such as heavy metals are collected through a series of filters and mixed with a carbon material also collected and created from waist products and made into building materials to build our houses. These blocks actually absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere which cleans the air we breath.

Only clean steam is given off by this huge recycling machine.

The whole site is ultra clean and health and safety is top of the agenda

Any thing in our black bins gets used at Ardley but if you put incorrect items in our Green recycling bin it ends up in LAND FILL it does not then go to Ardley and used.

If in doubt and if you are unsure if its a recycle item... pop it in your General waste bin to avoid excessive landfill deposits.

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