Chinnor Quarry



Update on the recent Anti-Social Behaviour at the Chinnor Quarry
Communication between all authorities is now much improved. Two Police Constables met with the CPC Clerk yesterday and confirmed the situation is better controlled.
Graham Davey, our PCSO has also been in touch daily to give an update and thanks to the rain, an expectation of lower numbers today is expected, but they remain on site in case.
Brian Peers from Taylor Wimpey has been to the area with their H&S advisors.
Approx. 20 security guards employed by TW are also on site to keep the area secure.
Again our sincerest thank to all the volunteer litter pickers who continue to do an amazing job in keeping the area clean and tidy. I am sure the wildlife is also much safer for your amazing actions. CPC and Biffa continue to collect all the bags of waste left by the bus shelter, near the train station.
For your health and safety the play area remains closed and is checked daily by the CPC staff.
Taylor Wimpey will be setting up a direct contact number for reporting issues – as soon as we have these details we will let you know.

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