Chinnor Skatepark - update


The Council has agreed that they would like to provide a skatepark facility for the community, and has started to look at options.

The ramp that was at Hill Road Recreation Area was the only affordable option at the time and survived a move from The Playing Fields. It was constructed of wood and its lifetime was short-lived. This facility was deemed to be too far away, hidden, not suitable for younger people to use without an adult and with poor access.

The council has been assessing all Council owned areas and needs to take into consideration the users of this facility and also the potential nuisance to residents. It is therefore believed that the site should meet the following criteria:

  • Easily accessible from pavements
  • Accessible for emergency vehicles
  • Open and viewable
  • 100m from nearest residents

The council believes that the plot of land currently being transferred from Taylor Wimpey to the Parish Council in Old Kiln Lakes may be able to meet the criteria. However, it is likely that this would be subject to:

  • Public Consultation
  • Acoustic Survey
  • Planning Application
  • Funding Sources

A youth engagement day was organised on the 21st August with the main aim being to try and form a youth council in order that we can hear the voice of young people. Also at this event were some designs of what could be provided for a skate park facility, this was not an official public consultation but an opportunity for feedback from young people.

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