Consultation... Waste Strategy 2018


Residents in Oxfordshire have been amongst the best at recycling and composting for a few years now, and our countywide recycling rate is around 60%, one of the best in the country.

We can do better though; we are now noticing waste levels rising and recycling rates have dropped over the last few years despite residents being able to recycle more things at the kerbside. Reducing the amount that we throw away puts more money in our pockets – it is estimated that a family of 4 throws away around £60 of food each month. Around 60% of the materials placed in the bin could be recycled using our current systems, if this was all placed in the correct bin it would save the council around £1.7 million a year which could then be used to improve services.

All the councils in Oxfordshire are working together to seek your views on how we can help you to reduce the amount you throw away, and recycle more.


Please read the information provided on this consultation. Your views and opinions matter. Please take the time to respond.


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