Parish Council Elections – May 2019


Would you be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor for the Chinnor Parish?
Elections will be held on 2nd May 2019

Councillors are elected every four years.

Chinnor Parish has an allocation for 13 Parish Councillors on a voluntary basis. For more information on CPC please look at

CPC meet in the Council Chamber on the first Monday of each month for the Full Council meeting and then other Monday evenings for Committee meetings which are Planning matters, Finance and General purposes and Environment. The District and County Councillors attend CPC meetings when possible.

Application forms will be available from 26th March 2019 to complete and submit directly to SODC before 3rd April 2019 – you will need a proposer and seconder for your application.

All of your details will be published by SODC and will be in the public domain.

To qualify as a candidate a person must, on both the day of nomination and the day of the election, be 18 years of age and a British or Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or a citizen of another Member State of the European Union.

In addition, the candidate must also meet at least one of the following four qualifications, again both on the day they are nominated and on polling day:
(a) be registered as a local government elector within the parish; or
(b) have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises during the previous
twelve months within the parish; or
(c) his/her principal or only place of work during the previous twelve months has been in
the area of the parish1; or
(d) have resided within the parish or within 4.8 kilometres (three miles) thereof during the previous twelve months.

For more details please contact SODC – or call 01235 422422



May 2019 elections – Register to vote
Are you registered to vote in our parish?

Poll cards giving the address of the polling station, the date of the district polls and the hours of the polls, will automatically be issued, including to all electors eligible to vote at a town or parish election. If you are new to the Parish and need to register to vote please call 01235 422407



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