Update for Windmill Chase / Bloor development


Following eventual conversations this week with Bloor Homes. I would like to take a moment to update you on the outstanding issues which CPC has been chasing:


1. End of next week (around about the 22nd October) there will be yet another compound placed at the rear of the new car park. This will house a huge pile of top soil which is being used to level / improve and do a proper job on the landscaping both within the development and around the car park and hopefully the Thame Road verges (if they have enough). They will also be replacing shrub planting and improving all the landscape issues - this should take approx. 1 week to 10 days.

2. New signage is being put along Thame Road to highlight and direct motorists to the new car park for shop users. This will be done whilst OCC are arranging no parking measures along this wide pavement by the shops. ECL are doing this work – no dates advised yet.

3. Along the old Mill Lane junction area the grotty bollards are being replaced with chunky wooden bollards – to fit in with the other end of Mill Lane. ECL are doing this work – no dates advised yet

4. Poor state of new footpath has been investigated and they agree that it is not adequate and is cracking – ECL will be carrying out the repairs / resurface of this pavement soon

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