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Planning Agenda 191118


SUMMONED TO BE PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Rowton-Lee, Haywood, Ashdown, Higgs

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Planning Committee to be held in the PARISH CHAMBER, COMMUNITY PAVILION, STATION ROAD, CHINNOR on Monday 19th November 2018 at 7.30pm, for the transaction of the following business:-


Apologies for absence: Cllr Ashdown

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed:

Declarations of Interest – Members are asked to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest in items on the agenda, and the nature of the interest, that has not already been recorded in the Member's Register of Interest.


Public Question Time – (15 minutes maximum) To consider questions from members of the public (who live, work or run a business in the Parish)



Current situations

Bovis Homes – Agreed to install 2 salt bins on site. View play area plans (for info only)

A2 Dominion – Agreed to install 4 salt bins on site. Height of dwelling question sent to enforcement from member of public. Traffic chaos with recent lights – Cllr Williams met OCC on site. Footpath works continues – lots of shrubs / trees removed.

Bloor Homes – New road layout due to be rescheduled Jan / Feb 2019

Bellway Homes – New pavement works continue. Resident concerned that dropped kerb has been omitted and new lamp post within 12" of original lamp post

Taylor Wimpey – Play area now open for all to enjoy

Claremont House - No update on selling to date

Dimbles Gate – New occupants moved / moving in – 1 remaining to sell


Please see two master lists for information:

Occupied dwellings as at 26-10-18

Master planning list as at 13-11-18


Planning applications to be considered:

Application Ref: P18/S3046/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Demolition of the existing garage and the erection of a pair of single storey two-bedroom semi-detached dwellings with access, parking and amenity space.

Address: 46 Elderdene



Application Ref: P18/S3395/HH

Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension and first floor extension above existing garage.

Address: 8 Druids Walk



Application Ref: P18/S3375/HH

Proposal: Single storey side and rear extension. Garage conversion. Alterations

Address: 8 Leyburne Gardens



Application Ref: P18/S3441/HH

Proposal: Proposed building of a garden store to the rear of the property

Address: 9 Church Lane



Application Ref: P18/S3564/HH

Proposal: Erection of two storey front extension and external alterations at the side and rear

Address: 30 Thame Road



Application Ref: P18/S2851/FUL Amended Details

Proposal: Change of use of existing barn and modifications to create a dwelling (structural survey and visibility splay plan dated 30-10-18)

Address: Doves, Sprigs Holly Lane



Application Ref: P18/S3201/HH Retrospective

Proposal: Retrospective application for the erection of 1.8 meter timber close board fences and gates to the front and rear of the dwelling.

Address: 24 Ravensmead



Certificate of Lawful Development

Application Ref: P18/S3658/LDP

Proposal: Convert rear section of integral garage to enlarge living room accommodation / form cloakroom. Address: 32 Middle Way



7. Planning Permission Granted by SODC

Application Ref: P18/S2618/FUL

Proposal: Two temporary dwellings in the form of mobiles homes on site at Manor Farm Barns, Emmington. The buildings are being used to house builders and security staff undertaking the building works on site under planning P06/E0525/LB

Address: Conker Corner, Emmington


Application Ref: P18/S2042/HH Amended Details

Proposal: Single storey side extension (as amended by drawings received 28 June 2018). Now going back to original drawings.

Address: 7 Chiltern View


Application Ref: P18/S2850/HH

Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension and single storey front porch extension, with fenestration alterations to the side elevation

Address: 3 Elm Drive


Application Ref: P18/S2934/A

Proposal: 1 x 1 fascia sign; 6 x stand alone signs; 4 x hoarding signs

Address: Land north of Icknield Way


Application Ref: P18/S2986/HH

Proposal: Single storey side and rear extensions

Address: 32 Rectory Meadow


Application Ref: P18/S1898/HH Amended Details

Proposal: Erection of part two storey, part single storey side and rear extension, incorporating attached garage and front porch (single storey rear extension repositioned 10th September 2018).

Address: 22 Oakley Lane


9. Appeal decision and current appeal details

9.1 Appeal Hearings for Cala Management Ltd for erection of 54 dwellings at land off Crowell Road and also Persimmon Homes for demolition of two dwellings (17-19 Greenwood Ave) and erection of up to 140 dwellings at land south of Greenwood Avenue.

Appeal concluded – now waiting for Inspectors decision.


9.2 APP/Q3115/W/18/3201940 – land south east of Doveleat – erection of up to 51 dwellings

Appeal withdrawn by applicant.


10. Planning Matters

10.1 Letter from Garsington resident regarding new houses, Oxfordshire growth and concerns.

10.2 Email regarding proposed S106 funded bus service and timetable for first consideration.

10.3 Chinnor Allotment Society – proposed to replace allotment shed with similar, same footprint.

10.4 Road works planned for the Parish:

1. 2 way traffic lights on Crowell Road (outside Bellway development) new pavement and road improvements have already begun and will continue until 7th December

2. Notice of traffic lights Mill Lane / Estover Way - 3 way 24 hour temporary traffic signals from 12/11 to 05/12 to install new footpaths outside NK Homes development and to install riser main.

3. Station Road / Hill Road– Bridge - Bridge being removed and a new bridge installed on 27/11 – Road Closed to vehicles on this day and possibly 28/11 (pedestrian access only)

4. 2 way off peak temporary traffic signals on 12/12 to 13/12 on Chinnor Hill. For hedge cutting works.

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Gift ideas from CPC



Ping pong set = £4
Chinnor in camera = £5
St. Andrews church book = £10

Please pop into CPC office.


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Chinnor Railway Bridge - Latest news



Latest News from OCC Re: Station Road Bridge

As previously indicated, we couldn't remove the old bridge until after the live electricity cable fixed to it had been removed which is the main reason why there has been little activity until now. I believe UK Power Networks have just finished their work to divert the supply and to remove the electricity cable in question from the actual footbridge deck but have still left live spur within one bridge abutment which we can probably still work around but is not particularly ideal.

Things changed since I wrote the email below and we are now intending to remove the existing damaged bridge and to replace it with a new one in one single operation (hopefully in a one-day road closure) rather than diverting pedestrians onto a temporarily improved verge and it is anticipate this bridge replacement work will be able to undertaken in early November after which the lights and all the barriers can be removed.

Charlie Benner, County Bridge Engineer

Contact - 0345 310 1111


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Thought for the week...



Where does your waste from the Black bin (general waste) go to?



Where then I hear you ask...

Ardley - a State of the Art Recycling Centre for our black bins (general waste) 

Our waste is taken to this centre from holding depots around the area and burnt in an enormous furnace.  

The energy created is pushed into the National Grid and services thousands of homes with their electrical power.  

The residue from this furnace is used as aggregate to build roads.  

All impurities given off such as heavy metals are collected through a series of filters and mixed with a carbon material also collected and created from waist products and made into building materials to build our houses. These blocks actually absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere which cleans the air we breath.

Only clean steam is given off by this huge recycling machine. 

The whole site is ultra clean and health and safety is top of the agenda

Any thing in our black bins gets used at Ardley but if you put incorrect items in our Green recycling bin it ends up in LAND FILL it does not then go to Ardley and used.


If in doubt and if you are unsure if its a recycle item... pop it in your General waste bin to avoid excessive landfill deposits.


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Update on road works



Update on road works / traffic lights / road closures planned for our Parish (which CPC have been advised about to date)

Crowell Road / Oakley Road
Current lights for gas replacement works
Only one week remaining - lights due to be removed 24-09-18

2 way traffic lights
Lower Icknield Way
New gas and electric cables being laid
1st October 2018 to 12th October 2018

2 way traffic lights
Lower Icknield Way
Resurfacing, street lighting and lining
22nd October 2018 to 26th October 2018

Temporary road closure
Sprigs Holly Lane
Essential tree trimming works
13th November 2018

Station Road / Hill Road - Bridge
Current traffic lights for pedestrian access due to damaged bridge and pedestrian section damaged.
Lights still in situ for foreseeable future - CPC have been chasing daily for updates and once we hear an update we will post details.


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Chinnor Village Centre


Coffee Shop Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday - 9am to 4pm (last orders 3.45pm)

Saturday - 9.30am to 2pm (last orders 1.45pm)


Coffee shop open daily

Lunches served daily

The Day Centre (Friendship Club)
Stroke Club
Room Hire

Call 01844 353733 for more information and details on future events


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Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme


Do you need a lift to the doctors, hospital or appointment you have?

Do you need help with light gardening or cleaning or to see a friendly face for a chat?

Do you know someone who may need help or could use the Good Neighbour Scheme service?

Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme can help.

Call 01844 353500


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Chinnor Neighbourhood Development Plan – Review



Why Chinnor needs to undertake a Site Allocation review

In the closing stages of the preparation of Chinnor's Neighbourhood Plan - a Ministerial Statement called for Neighbourhood Development Plans to contain nominated development sites so as to strengthen the Plan. No selected sites were included in Chinnor NDP being that the two preferred sites (CHI 7 and CHI 8) plus one reserved site (CHI 20) had already been granted planning permission. As the Plans preparation was nearing completion and rather than delay submission for approval and referendum by adding selected development sites it was decided to complete the plan without allocated sites. The aim then was to review the Plan following adoption with the objective of incorporating allocated sites,  to meet this requirement, thus ensuring that the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan would be amended to keep up to date with changes in the NDP process.  It was then understood that such a review would be a proportional task, requiring an amendment/update and not the production of a new plan.

Several positive meetings with SODC, Chinnor Parish Council and the Steering Group have now taken place, late in 2017 and in early 2018, and work has now commenced on the preparation of the Site Allocation requirement with the aim of meeting the required processes to get the review adopted at the earliest opportunity to gain the maximum control.

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