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Planning Committee Agenda 130720



You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Planning Committee on Monday 13th July 2020 at 7pm via Zoom – please email chinnorpc@btconnect.com for access code to join the meeting.

SUMMONED TO BE PRESENT: Cllr Wright, Williams, Ridgley, Ashdown, Oliver, Archer
Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills.
Also invited to attend: D/Cllr Ian White

1. Apologies for absence:

2. Declarations of Interest – Members are asked to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest in items on the agenda, and the nature of the interest.

3. Public Question Time – (15 minutes maximum) To consider questions from members of the public (who live, work or run a business in the Parish)


4. To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee dated: 8th June 2020


5. Development Updates
Old Kiln Lakes: No change on land transfer and turning circle issue to date.
Grass cutting not regular at this time due to staff shortages.
OCC road adoption – ongoing.

Bellway Development, Crowell Road: The hoggin path around the drainage pond is wet and the ground workers will raise this section.

A2 Dominion / NK Homes, Mill Lane: Signage issue continues – it was replaced and then removed again by developer!! Waiting response from developer as to way forward.
Update from The Clerk regarding the pending open space garden area.

Bovis development, Lower Icknield Way: Open space / play area and pond area will be constructed in September time, all being well.

Bloor Homes, Mill Lane: Ongoing items still waiting an answer...
• Poor state of new pathway being investigated
• New wooden bollards to replace the old back ones in the old junction
• Signage on the main road advising of the new community car park
• Hedgerow needs a tidy up - we are advised that all netting now removed
• General tidy up of open space and removal of stones and level - replace with top soil

Persimmon Homes, Greenwood Avenue: Waiting on SODC decision on amended plans.


6. Planning applications to be considered:

Application Ref: P20/S1584/HH Amended
Proposal: Proposed two-storey and single storey side and rear extensions to existing house (As per amended plans submitted 09 June 2020)
Address: 5 Wykeham Rise

Application Ref: P20/S1992/HH
Proposal: Construction of front porch extension & replacement of existing double glazed windows.
Address: 7 Orchard Way

Application Ref: P20/S2027/HH
Proposal: Construction of double garage
Address: Tall Trees, High Street


7. Planning Approvals made by SODC
Application Ref: P20/S1378/HH Amended
Proposal: Two storey extension (As per arboriculture info submitted 20 May 2020, amended plans submitted 21 May 2020 and amended tree protection plan submitted 27 May 2020).
Address: Duck Cottage, 3 Station Road

Application Ref: P20/S1468/DIS
Proposal: Discharge of condition 4 (materials) and 9 (landscaping) on planning application P19/S1634/FUL. Erection of single storey 2-bedroom dwelling
Address: 22 Oakley Lane

Application Ref: P20/S1472/DIS Amendments
Proposal: Discharge of Conditions 3 - tree protection plan of Planning Permission P19/S3202/HH.(as amended by drawing received 3 June 2020). (Alterations to roof of existing rear extension; single-storey extensions to rear and flank of existing rear extension; associated works to retain raised garden areas).
Address: 5 High Street

Application Ref: P20/S1607/FUL
Proposal: Erection of a wooden store
Address: 38 Station Road

Application Ref: P20/S1351/HH
Proposal: Single storey rear extension.
Address: 65 Hedgerley

Application Ref: P20/S1526/HH
Proposal: Removal of sectional concrete garage and lean to rear canopy. Construction of new rear single storey extension and replacement of conservatory roof with new tiled pitched roof.
Address: 20 Wykeham Rise

Application Ref: P20/S1237/FUL
Proposal: Demolition of garage. Erection of chalet bungalow and formation of parking area.
Address: 29 The Avenue

Application Ref: P20/S1213/HH
Proposal: Single storey front extension, garage conversion, 2 storey rear extension and side extension.
Address: 12 Rannal Drive

Application Ref: P20/S1616/HH
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension to existing annexe
Address: Millweye House, Henton


Other SODC decisions
Application Ref: P19/S4431/N5A
Proposal: Existing mixed use building / site comprises 2 retail and 9 residential units. Proposal to sub-divide 1x retail unit to create 1x additional 1 bed residential unit. Proposed building would comprise a mixed use building / site comprised of 2 retail and 10 residential units. (As per amended plans and supporting information submitted 20 February 2020)
Address: Nicholls House, 4 Thame Road
Decision: The Council hereby determine for the development proposed under the above application, that:  Prior Approval is required, as further information was required, requested and submitted in order to properly asses contamination risks on the site and the transport and highways impacts of the development;  Contamination risk and highways impacts were suitably addressed by the submitted information  Prior Approval is granted based on the approved plan 19-957 01B Important Notes This decision relates solely to the change of use of part of the building shown on the approved plans and is permitted under Schedule 2, Part 3, Class M of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) and does not permit any associated building operations, that would result in material changes to the external appearance of the building, or the construction of any hard-surfaced areas within the curtilage of the building.


8. Appeal Cases – Update on recent decisions and compliance dates
Retrospective permission for a fence along the boundary of Kiln Avenue.
P19/S1186/FUL. Written representations sent 12th February 2020
Appeal Dismissed by the Independent Inspector on 24th March 2020
Compliance date: There is currently no compliance date as an enforcement notice has not yet been issued following the decision to dismiss the appeal against the refusal of planning application P19/S1186/FUL

The breach of planning control as alleged in the notice is without planning permission, the erection of a timber building and timber decking in the approximate position edged green on the plan.
Rear of Sarsville, 67 Lower Icknield Way
Appeal decision made on 5th February 2020 - The appeals are dismissed and both enforcement notices upheld.
Compliance date: The enforcement notices are due to be complied with on 5 August 2020 (i.e. 6 months following the date of the appeal decision).


9. Correspondence
9.1 Erection of 1 residential dwelling named Davidos Boundary, 36 Estover Way
9.2 Erection of 2 residential dwellings named 1 and 2 Manor Farm Way, Henton.


10. Traffic and Roads
10.1 Lower Road – scaffolding on property – traffic lights will be up for 10 weeks if felt necessary by OCC – at present signage on all roads leading to narrow part is felt sufficient by OCC. Update to be given from Highways Officer.
10.2 Oakley Road – 4-way traffic lights on Oakley Road roundabout area for approx.2 weeks from 13th July 2020.
10.3 Station Road – From Crown pub down to Lower Road - 24-hour closure from 4th August for up to 7 weeks for gas repair works – OCC and TVP aware of required parking restrictions for High Street and Church Road during this closure. The Clerk to report on recent meeting with the contractor to agree parking restrictions.
10.4 Hill Road closed 10-12 August – for Thames Water
10.5 OCC plan the following lining works but no dates yet supplied:
• Refurb Zebra Crossing on Church Road - Pedestrian access to Shops and Church
• Refurb Cycle Lanes on Estover Way - Estover Way
• Refurb Zebra Crossing By School (School Keep Clear and Junction Marks) Station Road
• Refurb Pedestrian Crossing by and to Co-op (on shared use Cycleway) Oakley Road


11. Enforcement cases – update from the officer has been requested on these cases...
SE19/664 – Oak Hill Park, Crowell Road
Breach of condition 15 of planning permission P17/S4376/FUL (implementation of travel plan - cycle parking).
Ongoing: Bellway Homes have ordered the necessary cycle stores. A planning application seeking to revise the location of the stores within each garden is expected. Due to the national emergency work on site has ceased.

SE19/646 – The Old School House, 72 Station Road
Without planning permission, the erection of a skate ramp with a raised platform.

SE19/573 – Land at 67 Lower Icknield Way
Breach of condition 9 of P16/S3471/FUL – road completion
Ongoing, planning application for land at the rear has now been submitted. Paul Lucas is the determining officer.

SE19/486 – 24 Ravensmead – Lost at Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/D/19/3228355

SE19/374 – Public right of way
Without permission the obstruction of a public right of way contrary to approved plans for P14/S1586 & P14/S0953. (Bellway and TW)
Ongoing. Waiting for the Parish Council to confirm the status??

SE19/179 – 40 Oakley Road – breach of condition 4 of permission P16/S4117/FUL – loss of car park spaces due to bin store being built. Enforcement written to occupants

SE19/84 – land adjoining 7 Emmington – Without planning permission the material change of use of land to storage of building materials.
Planning application received. P20/S0534/FUL Victoria Clarke is the determining officer

SE17/35 - Hill House, Chinnor Hill - fence erected along the boundary
The planning enforcement case was closed in June 2018. it is not considered expedient to pursue a reduction in height of the supporting posts.

SE20/33 – Land to rear of 20 Church Road
Without planning permission, the material change of use of land from parking to a mixed use of parking and storage.
Investigation underway.

SE20/25 – Henton Lodge Farm, Henton
Without planning permission, the siting of outbuildings for residential and business purposes.
Investigation underway.

SE20/24 – 29 Greenwood Meadow
Without planning permission, the material change of use of land from residential to a mixed use of residential and car repairs/scrap merchant.
Investigation underway.

OCC Enforcement EN.0011/17
Mound of spoil and rubble at land rear of Lower Icknield Way
Site visit was on 20 March 2020 – awaiting now to hear of actions as resident has failed to respond to letters.


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SODC Report - July 2020



Please find a PDF report from our Distrcit COuncillors: Lynn Lloyd and Ian White



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August Marquee 2020 – Cancelled



Chinnor PC Full Council met Monday night.
As a Council we have now had many conversations about the August marquee.
After much careful consideration and discussion it was agreed by Council, with saddened hearts, to cancel the marquee this year.
This decision was a tough one as you can image and it comes with concern over the social distancing requirements required, probably for a long time ahead.
We cannot see how the marquee could be a safe environment and social distancing could be maintained, especially if the weather isn't on our side!
All of the hirers who had requested usage of the marquee have been informed and they have all agreed that this was the best decision in the current climate, although very disappointing for all.
The marquee is set to return in August 2021.

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Chinnor Food Bank



Food Bank and Community Larder
CPC are very aware that during these crisis weeks we will have residents who are finding finances tough.
We have listed below some contacts for you regarding food banks and community larders.
These facilities are to be used so please make contact with them, if you need assistance.
Sharing Life Trust in Thame can help:
Website: www.sharinglifetrust.org
Email: info@sharinglifetrust.org
Phone: 0300 2010212


Food Bank Donations

The Chinnor Village Centre on the High Street will be open every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12 noon for accepting donations to be sent to the Food Bank in Thame. Tinned food, baby items etc - non perishable please. 
This food bank also serves the Chinnor Parish and our residents will benefit from this service.
If you can please donate to help stock levels be maintained.
All donations will be greatly received and appreciated.
Thank you

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Chinnor Emergency Plan



Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice


Chinnor PC has an Emergency Plan. This plan has been actioned. 

The main details (allowed under GDPR) are now available via an app which is now active for Android phones (not Apple compatible yet)

Please download the app from your app store, free of charge, if you use an android phone – search for Chinnor Emergency Contingency Plan.
A copy of this app is also available in PDF version – attached to this email.
This also includes an updated map of Chinnor with all of the new road names.


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Chinnor Street Friend Scheme



1) The Chinnor Emergency Plan has been active for a while now. It's working as planned. It's a professional document, written by professionals for us to follow.
2) The Street Friends (SF) are coordinated from this Plan and all actions are following the Emergency Plan structure.
3) ALL coordination of SF is coordinated by CPC / Emergency Plan committee and must come through CPC – chinnorpc@btconnect.com or call 01844 353267

If you need assistance from your SF please be aware of the following...
• If you call your allocated SF to request ESSENTIAL items – they will tell you the day they plan to shop – this is once a week. Most roads have more than one SF and they are in contact with each other so if one cannot help, then another maybe able too.
• If you need the items quicker try to contact one of the other SF they have had a flyer from, or call Good Neighbour Scheme if very urgent and life essential.
• Lloyds Pharmacist - prescriptions can be collected by a SF but please allow plenty of time and notice for all collections.
• Please remember our SF will only be leaving the house for Essential items / Prescription collections once a week, and not a few times every day for a few bits.
• If you see / hear / know of anyone who is struggling please let GNS know asap - 01844 353500
• All of our SF volunteers are told to follow Gov advice – for our own safety and everyone else's. This includes social distancing which is of high importance.
• Advice is changing quickly as this is fast moving – please always follow the advice given.

• If you do not know who your allocated SF is please email chinnorpc@btconnect.com or call 01844 353267


Important Numbers and contacts to remember:
CPC landline (diverted to our home offices) 01844 353267
Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme – 01844 353500

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Winter Preparations 2020



Getting Ready for Winter

CPC has worked hard over the past months to get ready for the forthcoming wintry conditions!

We have more salt bins located in the parish for use during these bad weather conditions and 5 more on order (see list below), plus extra stock of salt and grit if needed to refill bins.

Please remember the salt in the bins is intended for use on the public highway and pavements only, and that bins have been sighted in their locations for a specific reason.

There is no law against people clearing pavements or public spaces. Ministers have repeatedly welcomed "public-spiritedness" and said "common sense" and "benefit of the doubt" should always prevail when considering litigation.

Please help your neighbours and the elderly during icy conditions. Thank you

If you know of someone in need during these poor weather conditions, please contact CPC by email or phone (answer machine when closed) as we can arrange some assistance.

Alternatively, please call the Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme on 01844 353500.

In severe conditions OCC Winter Services will grit the main bus routes only (B4009, B4445).


Please see below locations of the community salt bins ...

Henton –
1 at top by layby
1 at bottom of road by Peacock entrance

Emmington –
1 by the entrance layby

Chinnor Hill –
1 at Hill Top Lane entrance

1 by gooseneck area


Chinnor –

  • Golden Hills – entrance
  • Old Kiln lakes – entrance
  • OKL noticeboard area
    OKL Kiln area
    The Avenue – by the Jubilee gardens
    Mill lane – by car park entrance
    Pavilion – 2 x behind bike shed
    Estover Way – by roundabout
    Greenwood Ave / Meadow – on grass verge
    Church Road junction - by church wall
    Doveleat / High Street junction
  • Hailey Croft – on the green
  • Van Diemens – on the green
  • Mill Lane – grass area by the new junction
  • Station Road – by the Church Lane junction
  • Mill Lane – entrance to the NK Homes development




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Defib Unit – Locations and FAQ’s



Please find below the location of the public accessible 24 hours a day defib units (they are installed on external walls and so available 24 hours a day)
More defib units are in the village (within Chinnor Village Hall, C&PRR, Sanderum House) but the following are the ones CPC maintain and are on an external wall so 24 hour accessible.


Wheatsheaf public house, Oakley Road

White's Field Community Hall, Mill Lane

Chinnor Community Pavilion, Station Road

Chinnor Village Centre, High Street

The Inn at Emmington

Chilterns Conservation Board (90 Station Road)

The Peacock in Henton

Upper Farm in Henton



If you need to use the unit you must ring 999.
If a defib unit is required you do not need to know the exact location of the unit. You call 999 and the emergency services will direct you to the closest unit.
Chinnor Community First Responders run regular training sessions as required, but the emergency services talk you through the entire process so don't worry.
The ambulance service will direct you to the nearest unit, give you the access code to open the cupboard and then instruct you fully on usage instructions.
Contact the Chinnor First Responders through the Parish Council office – 01844 353267
These units are a lifesaver – one unit was deployed in White's Field a few months ago and saved a life – please respect these lifesaving units and be aware of the below FAQ:



FAQ Defibrillators
How do I know where the defibrillators are?
Don't worry, the ambulance service control room knows where they are so you don't need to memorise their locations. Ambulance control will ask you if you are on your own or if there are other people present. Follow their instructions, if you are on your own they will tell you to start CPR If there is another person present and a defibrillator is indicated they will be directed to the nearest one and given the code to open the case. However, the decision to send you will be based on the fact that ambulance control will know your location, the location of the defibrillator and the location of the nearest responding resource such as a Community First Responder (who will have a defibrillator with them) an ambulance or rapid response vehicle. Depending on this information and the time and distances involved, ambulance control may suggest you wait for them to arrive.

How do I know how to work the defibrillator?
You don't need to. Once you have open the defibrillator it will tell you exactly what to do (in a very loud voice which can be quite alarming) Just follow its instructions, remember one of you at the incident will still be on the phone to control who will stay with you and give advice and support until help arrives.

If the patient comes round do we still need the ambulance?
Yes the person will still need to go to hospital so keep on the phone to the ambulance service.

Suppose I make a mistake and hurt the patient?
You will not do any harm to the patient. If their heart has stopped and they are not breathing, it can only get better. It is totally the responsibility of the defibrillator to assess for, and deliver the shock to the patient. When the Community First Responder arrives they will ask what happened and assess the situation. The best plan is to follow their instructions as they have a set protocol to follow but your personal expertise and knowledge will be respected and welcomed.


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