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Latest News from OCC Re: Station Road Bridge

As previously indicated, we couldn't remove the old bridge until after the live electricity cable fixed to it had been removed which is the main reason why there has been little activity until now. I believe UK Power Networks have just finished their work to divert the supply and to remove the electricity cable in question from the actual footbridge deck but have still left live spur within one bridge abutment which we can probably still work around but is not particularly ideal.

Things changed since I wrote the email below and we are now intending to remove the existing damaged bridge and to replace it with a new one in one single operation (hopefully in a one-day road closure) rather than diverting pedestrians onto a temporarily improved verge and it is anticipate this bridge replacement work will be able to undertaken in early November after which the lights and all the barriers can be removed.

Charlie Benner, County Bridge Engineer

Contact - 0345 310 1111


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