F&GP Agenda 101218

SUMMONED TO BE PRESENT: Cllr Edwards, Flint, Minter, Young, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright, Williams.

Staff: Liz Folley

Meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee to be held in the PARISH CHAMBER, COMMUNITY PAVILION on Monday 10th December 2018 at 7.30pm


Apologies for absence:

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:


Public Question time: (15 minutes maximum) To consider questions from public


Invoices for payment to be agreed:

Blk Pay – Salaries 6757.02

HMRC – Tax & NI 2376.55

OCC Pensions – Contributions 2418.60

Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00

Clarity Copiers 74.08

Grundon – waste wheeler empty 106.61

R Pickard – WFCH cleaning October 80.00

Chinnor Turf and Paving – repairs to WF 23.10

Dogs Trust – dog waste bags 60.00

Helpful Hirings – hedge trimmer 32.40

Blanchfords – chimney hood for WFCH 109.20

Royal British Legion – CPC poppy wreath 50.00

The Tree Barn – Christmas tree 510.00

E Folley – expenses 72.90


Payments by Direct Debit:

Allstar – Fuel 135.80

Allstar – Fuel 65.73

BT phone and broadband 294.81


5. Quotes received:

5.1 DRB Groundworks – quote for PF manhole cover replacement - £2664.00

5.2 To review quotes for felling / work required on large tree by Kynama, Henton


6. Other Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

6.1 Utility costs to CCP to be agreed – Cllr Young to report

6.2 To confirm cheque received from Bovis and Bellway for RBL Tommy figures

6.3 To agree purchase of new defib pads – as needed in units x 3 – unless donated

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