Winter Preparations 2019


Getting Ready for Winter

CPC has worked hard over the past months to get ready for the forthcoming wintry conditions!

We have more salt bins located in the parish for use during these bad weather conditions and 5 more on order (see list below), plus extra stock of salt and grit if needed to refill bins.

Please remember the salt in the bins is intended for use on the public highway and pavements only, and that bins have been sighted in their locations for a specific reason.

There is no law against people clearing pavements or public spaces. Ministers have repeatedly welcomed "public-spiritedness" and said "common sense" and "benefit of the doubt" should always prevail when considering litigation.

Please help your neighbours and the elderly during icy conditions. Thank you

If you know of someone in need during these poor weather conditions, please contact CPC by email or phone (answer machine when closed) as we can arrange some assistance.

Alternatively, please call the Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme on 01844 353500.

In severe conditions OCC Winter Services will grit the main bus routes only (B4009, B4445).


Please see below locations of the community salt bins ...

Henton –
1 at top by layby
1 at bottom of road by Peacock entrance

Emmington –
1 by the entrance layby

Chinnor Hill –
1 at Hill Top Lane entrance

1 by gooseneck area

Chinnor –
Golden Hills - entrance
Old Kiln lakes - entrance
OKL noticeboard area
OKL Kiln area
The Avenue – by the Jubilee gardens
Mill lane – by car park entrance
Pavilion – 2 x behind bike shed
Estover Way – by roundabout
Greenwood Ave / Meadow – on grass verge
Church Road junction - by church wall
Doveleat / High Street junction

Hailey Croft – on the green *** On order now ***

Van Diemens – on the green *** On order now ***

Mill Lane – grass area by the new junction *** On order now ***

Station Road – by the Church Lane junction *** On order now ***

Mill Lane – entrance to the NK Homes development *** On order now ***


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